Kester Black Summer 2014/15 collection swatches and review

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I absolutely adore Kester Black lacquers. It's one of my favourite Aussie brands and I've featured the shades in quite a few of my posts! In August they released 4 new shades for Summer 2014/15 so of course I added them all to my collection. I also picked up some other new shades which I'll share swatches of later.

It's taken me FOREVER to get these swatched but hey life gets in the way unfortunately. These fun bright shades are 5 free as always (meaning no nasty Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formeheldyde Resin and Camphor), carcinogen free and are Australian made and owned and accredited Cruelty-Free.

 photo IMG_8862copy_zpsb401a0ff.png

What they say:

"The new collection is bold and eclectic, failing to represent any singular idea. For this reason the range will be left untitled, left to the interpretation of our audience. From neon yellow and fuschia purple to soft peach and pale blue, this range is designed to offer something for every mood and desire the warmer months might bring."

 photo IMG_8863copy_zps051d7e2f.png

Sky is a soft baby blue creme. It's soooooooo soft and dreamy - doesn't it remind you of clouds? Sky almost looks like a soft grey in some lighting and I love the delicateness of the shade. 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8869copy_zps24bedf6d.png
 photo IMG_9945copy_zps415870e1.png
 photo IMG_9947copy_zps33c33cb8.png

Violet is a bright neon violet. It was hard to capture so I had to tweak the colour a little for accuracy. It dries to a semi matte finish even though my pics make the finish look somewhat glossy. My camera does some funny things sometimes! 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8872copy_zps3c67646e.png
 photo IMG_9994copy_zpsedec04aa.png
 photo IMG_0004copy_zpsba6b009a.png

Acid is a searingly bright acid yellow green. I LOVE this shade as I don't have too many of these in my collection and the formula is fantastic. I thought I would have to use a white base but it looked great on its own. It dries to a matte finish so I suggest adding a top coat to get a glossy finish. 3 thin coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8875copy_zpsa4505c6c.png
 photo IMG_9966copy_zps529e1475.png
 photo IMG_9969copy_zps3d3335ed.png

Blush is a pale peach-orange creme that is spot on for any Spring/Summer collection. Like Sky it's super soft and a great peach as it doesn't make my skin look red like other peach lacquers do at times. 3 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8880copy_zpsfd85bbb4.png
 photo IMG_9948copy_zpsf9f3eaea.png
 photo IMG_9951copy_zps700fda26.png

Overall: I am loving the new Kester Black Summer 2014/15 collection just as I knew I would! The shades are different to what they have already in their collection and there's a shade to suit everyone. The formula on these are just like other collections and are pretty much perfection. I don't think there's a single Kester Black shade that I've been disappointed with which is pretty darn good. Acid and Blush do need a little extra care when applying but are still super easy to apply and they each dry quickly.

The only thing I'm unhappy about is the new brushes. I adore the old style brush on the left which is thin and straight as I find it really easy to get a clean finish and allows just the right amount of polish on the brush. The new brush on the right is curved and a lot thicker and I just can't seem to get the same application using it. It seems to be stiffer and doesn't allow as much "give" as the original brush. It's not a huge deal just a personal preference of mine which will take some getting used to.

 photo IMG_0075copy_zps6dd23a9f.png

Details: The Kester Black Summer 2014 collection is available now from and stockists for $20.

 photo KesterBlackSummersummarycopy_zpse1288dc0.png

What do you think of the new Summer collection? Any shades you'll be picking up?


  1. Violet is so, so, sooooo gorgeous! They all are, but Violet is definitely the standout. x

    1. It's just gorgeous isn't it Ange!! I've used it the most since I bought them xx

  2. I totally agree! It looks like candy. love it :) great post Chelle :)

  3. Holy moly these colours are stunners!

    Amazing swatches as always xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. Just beautiful aren't they! Love how glossy they are. Thanks for your lovely comment hun! xx


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