Cosmetic Cupcake Nails NOW HAS A HOME!!

It's been so hard to keep this under wraps but since launching my own nail art business Cosmetic Cupcake Nails earlier this year I've been slowly making developments in my business. I'm also completing my nail tech certificate to broaden my skills to offer a full range of services.

Today I am SO thrilled to announce that Cosmetic Cupcake Nails now has a home!! I've taken the plunge and I'm opening up a space within Escape Hair + Aesthetics (484 King St Newtown) here in Sydney!

 photo EscapeandCCNcopy_zpsf581be1a.png

I'll be opening in early October and more details to come shortly while I set up! I'll be offering manicures, nail art, CND Shellac and pedicures and gel down the track as well. I'll also be holding nail art workshops from time to time and I can host parties from the salon too woohoo! I'm going to start off with appointments only and they'll be made online or via phone. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited but nervous!! A huge thank you to my awesome hubby and everyone who helped me make the decision to take the plunge. I'll be working there part time and then hopefully gradually increasing my hours.

Here are some teaser shots of my little salon!

 photo Teasershotcopy_zps519abbda.png

What started 4 years ago as a simple blog has become so much more and hopefully it will continue to grow! Some highlights for me have been:

I really hope you'll all come to Newtown and get your nails done by me! Keep an eye on my social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for updates! Thanks for all your support guys!


  1. Congratulations Chelle!!! I remember seeing you featured in Girlfriend a while ago :p the store looks really cute and you've achieved so much in a mere 4 years XD Looking forward to seeing how it goes! Good Luck!

  2. Congrats Michelle!!! :) Mel told me about this not long ago and it's cool to see it all coming together for you. I shall have to make an appointment and get my nails done some time!

  3. Congratulation Michelle, I'm so so happy for you and if I'm ever in Sidney I' will stop by for some beautification for sure ;)

  4. Congratulations Michelle! I hope it is everything you wished for an more! Don't worry about the nerves, your first few clients will be nerve racking but from then on you will be so confident and smooth! I opened my nail art bar about 2 months ago and have been absolutely loving it, it is seriousy rewarded and plus, we are MINI ARTISTS! :) it's more skilled I personally think ;)

    Good luck with it all and if i'm ever in Sydney I will be sure to come see you! Vice versa if you are ever in Brisbane!! xx

  5. Oh my what an amazing achievement! Congratulations, and I hope your business goes well! x

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will definitely make an appointment next year when we head up to Sydney, that is super cool and your beauty room looks cute as already :)


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