Cosmetic Cupcake Nails NOW HAS A HOME!!

It's been so hard to keep this under wraps but since launching my own nail art business Cosmetic Cupcake Nails earlier this year I've been slowly making developments in my business. I'm also completing my nail tech certificate to broaden my skills to offer a full range of services.

Today I am SO thrilled to announce that Cosmetic Cupcake Nails now has a home!! I've taken the plunge and I'm opening up a space within Escape Hair + Aesthetics (484 King St Newtown) here in Sydney!

 photo EscapeandCCNcopy_zpsf581be1a.png

I'll be opening in early October and more details to come shortly while I set up! I'll be offering manicures, nail art, CND Shellac and pedicures and gel down the track as well. I'll also be holding nail art workshops from time to time and I can host parties from the salon too woohoo! I'm going to start off with appointments only and they'll be made online or via phone. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited but nervous!! A huge thank you to my awesome hubby and everyone who helped me make the decision to take the plunge. I'll be working there part time and then hopefully gradually increasing my hours.

Here are some teaser shots of my little salon!

 photo Teasershotcopy_zps519abbda.png

What started 4 years ago as a simple blog has become so much more and hopefully it will continue to grow! Some highlights for me have been:

I really hope you'll all come to Newtown and get your nails done by me! Keep an eye on my social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for updates! Thanks for all your support guys!

LCN summer in the city, fiery cumin and light denim swatches and review

Happy hump day ladies! I'm nearing the end of semester 1 of my nail tech course so I finally have a bit of time to catch up on things and one of those things is my poor neglected blog!! I feel so bad but life always seems to get in the way and I'm working on something special with my business which is taking up so much time! Today I have a few quick swatches of 3 LCN shades to share. I'm determined to stop always going for the same shades these days so when LCN Australia asked if I'd like to choose 2 polishes to try from their range I stayed away from the usual pinks and purples that I gravitate towards and went for shades I don't normally reach for.

 photo IMG_8447copy_zpsb573d9df.png

fiery cumin* is a deep carrot orange creme. That's my best description of the shade haha! It is definitely unique in my stash and my favourite of the 3 I have to show you. 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8451copy_zpscc38e48c.png
 photo IMG_8510copy_zpsa233b615.png
 photo IMG_8514copy_zpsc2c9c4ed.png

summer in the city* is a dark camel creme and it's a great safe for work polish. It's not a ground breaking shade but one that's lacking in my stash! 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8479copy_zps8a3270d4.png
 photo IMG_8488copy_zpsead74ed3.png
 photo IMG_8490copy_zps9fa86561.png

I purchased light denim last year at Spa & Beauty expo and I never got around to trying it oops so I thought it was about time I tried it out! It's an azure blue creme and isn't it gorgeous?!! It's the perfect sky blue and I'm itching to do a cloud mani with it. 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_8453copy_zpsaae15944.png
 photo IMG_8517copy_zps2789615f.png
 photo IMG_8519copy_zps26f6543f.png

Overall: I am loving these LCN shades and I'm definitely going to be adding more to my stash! The formula was fantastic and consistent for all 3 shades. They're super opaque, self leveling and you can get away with 1 coat but I did 2 coats out of habit. The bottles are on the small size though with only 8mls of product which is about half the size of most polishes but the brush is easy to use and I only had minimal clean up.

Details: LCN polishes are available from the LCN Australia online store for $4.95. Their site is down at the moment but you can catch them on Facebook too!

 photo LCNswatchesoverallcopy_zps505eaaa8.png

Thanks for looking as always!

* Product(s) provided to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.

Romantique paisley CND Shellac manicure

I picked up a CND Shellac lamp and trial pack when I was at the Spa & Beauty Expo a few weeks ago and I finally got the chance to try it out over the weekend. The trial pack included all prep products for a CND Shellac mani and also some of CND's best selling shades including Romantique which is a gorgeous soft pink shade. It's been a while since I've done a palette cleanser mani so I thought I would go back to basics! I was going to leave it as is but I didn't like the shade on it's own on me as it shows VNL (visible nail line!) so I decided to stamp over it. Last week in class my teacher put on this great CND Shellac paisley stamping tutorial by Sarah R so I thought I'd pull out my paisely plate and create a softer version of the mani.

 photo IMG_8746copy_zps8ca9634a.png

I prepped my nails and applied a thin coat of CND Shellac base coat and cured for 10 seconds before applying 2 coats of Romantique curing for 2 mins on each coat. Then I removed the sticky inhibition layer on all nails with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and stamped full paisley image from Bundle Monster plate BM-315 using Konad stamping polish in white.

 photo IMG_8736copy_zps32a99912.png
 photo IMG_8728copy_zpsc8571c6c.png

I then added a coat of CND Shellac top coat and cured for another 2 mins before pressing CND Additives Glitter in Sizzling Sand over the inhibition layer of each nail with a nail art brush for some gorgeous and subtle holographic sparkle. I finished off with another coat of CND Shellac top coat cured for another 2 mins and then removed the inhibition layer with IPA. PHEW!

 photo IMG_8745copy_zps4d74fbe0.png
 photo IMG_8751copy_zps361cf2e5.png

I absolutely love how this turned out and cannot wait to experiment more with CND Shellac! I'm a bit hooked now and I'm chuffed that my first Shellac mani turned out so well! I think with a lace design or something this would be perfect look for brides. I took the long way with this mani by applying the additives at the end but oh well trial and error.

Hope you're all having a fab start to the week! x

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin swatches and review

 photo IMG_8562copy_zps2fb2b442.png

Way back in 1993, Christian Louboutin was working on a shoe inspired by Warhol's "Flowers" when he thought something was missing. His assistant was nearby painting her nails when he grabbed the bottle from her and painted the sole of the shoe red - and thus began the legend of his signature Red Sole. It's come full circle now with the recent release of Louboutin's nail polish range as part of a new beauty collection.

The full collection consists of 30 nail lacquers divided into 3 categories - Pops, Nudes and Noirs and the signature Rouge. I think my heart pretty much stopped when I woke up to the news a few weeks back and it was pretty much a given that I would stop at nothing to get my hands on a bottle of Rouge Louboutin! Thank you J for helping me bring purchase this!

 photo IMG_8551copy_zps5f5feaba.png
 photo IMG_8680copy_zps6d06dc99.png

What they say:

"Rouge Louboutin… a timeless, vibrant red suited to any skin tone. A true objet d’art of a dramatic 8-inch height inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin ever created- the Ballerina Ultima. The iconic Rouge is encased in a faceted, weighted glass bottle with an unique ombré effect. The tall slender cap, inspired by calligraphy, turns the application into a luxurious experience, inviting women to take their time.

The custom-designed, patented triangular brush picks up the right amount of formula, without air bubbles, to deliver flawless, chip-resistant coverage. A highly pigmented, super glossy formula delivers in just two coats the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer. Enclosed in a patent leather like finish presentation box with a red reveal."

 photo 1a_zps6363eba0.png
Louboutin at work | Source

 photo louboutin-beauty-vogue-4-23jul14-pr_b_646x430_zps95d72601.jpg
Louboutin tests Rouge Louboutin | Source
 photo 2a_zps77b441b8.jpg
Louboutin at work | Source

The bottle is amazing and consists of a heavy red black ombre glass bottle with a tall pointy cap that stands at an impressive 8 inches. It's inspired by the tallest heel Louboutin ever created - The Ballerina Ultima Shoe and is definitely meant to be displayed. Not that it would fit into my helmer!! The cap looks extremely scary but it's surprisingly easy to use and I held it like a pen to apply. The brush is firm but flexible and easy to use.

 photo louboutin-beauty-vogue-2-23jul14-pr_b_426x639_zps2cc05e72.jpg
Rouge Louboutin with the Ballerina Ultima shoe | Source
 photo IMG_8584copy_zps8f75365c.png photo IMG_8669copy_zps80a439a1.png

Rouge Louboutin is a classic blue based red creme. It's highly pigmented, ultra glossy and self leveling and is pretty much perfection. Oh oh what is not to love!! Pictured is just one perfectly opaque coat with no top coat.

 photo IMG_8629copy_zps9c8e9798.png
 photo IMG_8637copy_zpsf37aee03.png
 photo IMG_8653copy_zpsc496fc96.png
 photo IMG_8616copy_zpsb5706589.png
 photo IMG_8597copy_zps3400177b.png
Overall: Rouge Louboutin is hands down the pride and joy of my nail polish collection. At $50 it is damn expensive even for an avid polish collector like me and I'm sure there's a red creme out there that's very similar at a fraction of the cost. The formula is pretty much perfection and the bottle and packaging is amazing but it's what you think is worth it when it comes to polish. Having said that though, for lovers of his signature heels and luxury polish collectors it's a must have splurge item. Plus it's so much more affordable than a pair of his heels! I am completely biased when it comes to items like this though haha!

I'm so glad that the lacquers weren't released when I was in the Saint-Honore boutique in Paris buying my very first pair of Louboutin's earlier this year because I'm PRETTY sure I would have bought most of the collection X)

Details: Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin is available now from Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks, and Louboutin boutiques and online for $50US and in Hong Kong from Lane Crawford IFC for $450HK. Not sure of the Aus release so your best bet is to ask someone to mule it for you!

 photo IMG_8546copy_zps6164771a.png

Nail art book and favourites giveaway winners!

Helloooooo ladies!! Apologies for the delay in announcing the last 2 winners of my belated 4th blogiversary giveaways. I am working on something very very special for Cosmetic Cupcake Nails (which I can't share just yet unfortunately!) while also doing my assignments and stuff. Without further ado..

The winner of my nail art book giveaway is:

Katie S.!

The winner of my favourites giveaway is:

Carmen S.!

Congratulations ladies! I've emailed you and please make sure to contact me in the next 48 hours or I'll have to redraw the winner..

Thank you so much to everyone for entering and for your support for my blog!

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