Drippy ice cream nails

My eczema and contact dermatitis have been playing up so badly this winter that I've had to sport naked nails most of the time since coming home from warm Europe and HK unfortunately. But naked nails make for a sad 'chelle so I had to brave some nail art! I've been following a heap of celeb nail artists on Instagram and one of my faves is Steph Stone Nails and I couldn't go past her adorable summer drippy ice cream nails. I absolutely LOVE drippy nails and I've done them quite a few times but it was time for a proper ice cream looking mani! I followed her tutorial to create them but my version doesn't look anywhere near as polished obviously. Please excuse my terribly haggard looking hands and cuticles!

 photo IMG_7843copy_zps7a02994f.png

I started off with 2 coats of Kester Black Butter Cream* as my base for all nails except my accent nails where I used 3 coats of Etude House Dear My Party Nails PPK001 and added criss cross lines using Hello Darling Say No To Cameltoe using a striper brush. For the ice cream drips I decided to go colourful and I used Kester Black Fairy Floss* for my pinky, Hello Darling Ganache for my middle fingers and Cult Nails Tempest for my index fingers.

 photo IMG_7812copy_zps23868eb7.png

For my thumbs I used Hello Darling Mint Slice* for the ice cream drip and I used a large dotting tool and OPI Big Apple Red* to create the cherries. For the sprinkles I used China Glaze Tart-y for the Party, Keep Calm, Paint On and Life is Rosy and Models Own nail art pens in yellow and blue.

 photo IMG_7827copy_zps9b700dcf.png
 photo IMG_7832copy_zpsb3689099.png

I love a bit of summer during winter and who doesn't enjoy ice cream in the cooler months?!! What do you think? Thanks for looking as always!

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  1. these look super cute! love them ^_^

  2. Hello Darling Mint Slice is amaaaazing such a pretty green! I eat way more ice cream in winter than in summer (is that weird...?) and I love this dripping mani!

    1. Haha that's not weird at all!! And I totally agree. Love love love Mint Slice!

  3. First off: LOVE your art!
    I don't often hear nail bloggers lamenting about eczema on their hands, but I thought I'd reach out and say that I struggle with it, too. Sadly mine strikes year-round because it is related to my hyperhydrosis problem. Ugh. I was just wondering, why does yours cause you to go unpolished? Do you find that there is something in the painting process that aggravates your eczema, or do you just not want to take pictures when your fingers are red and irritated? I'd love to know, thanks!

    1. You are so sweet thank you Rochelle!

      I'm sorry to hear you suffer from eczema too. Mine tends to flare up mostly in winter and along with my Reynaud's my hands just die. They get red, raw and dry and when they're like this I just don't want to polish at all sadly. All I want to is slather them in cream and wear cotton gloves! Plus it doesn't look too nice in photos either yep lol.

  4. Ooooh my dear such cute nail art from you once again *hugs*
    I hope the skin issues calm down soon, try not to stress and stay hydrated :)

    1. Awwww thank you my dear!! I hope so too. Bring on summer!

  5. Amazing piece of nail art.So cute.


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