Girlfriend Magazine Social Network collaboration!

As a teen I was obsessed with 2 things - boys and makeup because I was never allowed to date or use makeup! I loved pop music and teen heartthrobs like Leonardo Dicaprio and would collect posters of my favourite actors like no tomorrow. I was never allowed to use makeup or nail polish much to my annoyance though except on the very rare occasion like school formals. It didn't help that I bought Girlfriend magazine religiously each month to get my beauty fix which just made me want to wear makeup more and buy products! For my overseas readers, Girlfriend is an Aussie magazine aimed at 12-17 year old teenage girls and I loved the beauty recommendations, hair how tos, fashion tips and of course the handy advice on dealing with boys ;) I'm pretty sure the mag set off my beauty addiction! I would sneakily buy makeup to wear (hello Bonnebell and Red Earth products!) when going out with friends and then I'd remove it before I got home - oh the rebellious teen I was ha.

So I am very very excited today to share the news that I'm collaborating with Girlfriend Magazine for 3 upcoming issues in their Social Network series! It's kicking off in May's issue which goes on sale this Thursday 24th 2014 with an introduction to myself and other bloggers also collaborating in the series. I'll be sharing exclusive nail related content like nail art tutorials, nail care tips and what I'm loving each month!

 photo Girlfriendintro_zpsb532fc61.png

I am so crazy thankful for this amazing opportunity so please make sure to check me out in the magazine! Keep an eye out on my social media - Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. - for sneak peeks at what I'm working on for the magazine!

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