Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle

Hellooooooo ladies! I haven't been in the mood to blog lately so it was nice to take a little break. I have WAY too much stuff on my plate at the moment and my time management after work is just not happening! But I'm starting to get my mojo back slowly so I have some quick swatches for you of an oldie but a goodie - Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle. It's my absolute favourite grey!!!! Unfortunately it's no longer available and I don't think it's ever been brought back sadly =(

 photo IMG_1526copy_zps3e5a7bba.png

Concrete Jungle is a soft dove grey creme. It's so versatile and like other RBL's the formula is just perfection even after owning it for so many years. 2 coats is pictured.

 photo IMG_7526copy_zps7a45de9d.png

Close up:

 photo IMG_7521copy_zpse3753919.png

 photo IMG_7524copy_zps29ae877e.png

I seriously need to add to my RBL collection! I hope you've all been well and thanks for looking as always =)


  1. Replies
    1. It is right!! And it applies soooooo smoothly too which is a bonus!

  2. how pretty that is! lovely swatches

  3. It's no surprise it's your favourite grey shade, it's the perfect concrete-colour grey!



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