Deborah Lippmann Stronger

Earlier this year Deborah Lippmann created a custom polish for my fave female singer Kelly Clarkson to wear to the 2013 Grammy's - a gorgeous violet glittery concoction. It was absolutely stunning so I pretty much lost my sh*t when I found out it would actually be launching!!! Her polish is named after her hit song "Stronger" and it's a pretty perfect polish for NYE actually! I finally picked it up when I was in HK but I really really wish Deborah Lippmann was available in Aus!!

 photo IMG_0773copy_zpsc62c76a8.png

What they say:

"A shade fit for pop star royalty — Kelly Clarkson, to be exact—this high-impact violet sings off the nails with oversized flecks of holographic glitter. As Kelly commented, “I love the way Stronger sparkles and captures maximum light on stage. It’s like jewelry for the nails!”

 photo kelly-clarkson-grammy-nails_zps6cb465df.jpg

 photo IMG_0781copy_zps8bc4c494.png

Stronger is filled with red, gold, silver hex and holo glitters in a violet jelly base. Isn't it freaking amazing?!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ My pics don't even do it justice because it just shines in the sun. I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I wore it and I got sooooo many compliments. I layered it over a navy creme here because I like to conserve my Lippmann's so I didn't want to use too many coats but next time I'm just going to use it on its own so I can enjoy the pretty violet base.

The formula is quite thick and gloopy unfortunately so dry time was a little slow. The coverage is OK but it's best to use the dabbing method to place the glitter evenly. 2 coats is pictured over LAKA 81 and topped with 2 coats of Seche Vite.

 photo IMG_0790copy_zps8c0aa9b7.png

Close up:

 photo IMG_0792copy_zpse3e916af.png

 photo IMG_0815copy_zpsfa32a6e5.png

Details: Deborah Lippmann Stronger is available from for $19US and from for $21US. I purchased my bottle from Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong for (I think) $230HK.

 photo IMG_0786copy_zpsa7e091ae.png

Even if you aren't a Kelly Clarkson fan I highly recommend purchasing it because it's just gorgeous! Thanks for looking as always!


  1. Replies
    1. Right!!! Just the right amount of glitter!

  2. Ooo, your manicure looks better than hers. Just sayin'. Not being mean. She's a singer, not a polish blogger. ;D

    1. LOL!!! I think because the glitter is quite chunky and she must have used it on it's own. I'm definitely not a singer so I wouldn't even attempt haha!

  3. That's an amazing shade! My favourite thing about DL polishes is that the glitter is very thick, and when I used it, I didn't have to layer it!

    1. I absolutely love her shades too!! I wish I owned all of them xp

  4. Isn't it similar to the Circus Confetti, Essence?


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