Kester Black Sweet Shop collection swatches and review

Today I have swatches of the Kester Black Sweet Shop collection for you! As you can tell from my blog I obviously love sweet things so this collection is right up my alley! I love the names and the shades =)

 photo IMG_6696copy_zps58d47d4c.png

Kester Black polishes are 5 Free which means that they're free of Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formeheldyde Resin and Camphor. They're also carcinogen free so are safe for chemotherapy patients, expectant mothers and children. The polishes are Australian made and owned and is an accredited Cruelty-Free company which is absolutely fantastic!!

WARNING: this post is picture heavy!!

 photo IMG_6722copy_zps6bb7f4a7.png
Full swatches and review after the jump!

Blue Raspberry is a bright royal blue with a creme jelly formula. Being a blue, my camera did not want to capture the shade properly so I've had to tweak the colours to make them colour accurate.

 photo IMG_6505copy_zpscf50d6b5.png

 photo IMG_6552copy_zps68889a0c.png

 photo IMG_6546copy_zps0f0adffc.png

Blueberry Tart is a very sweet baby blue creme. It's slightly darker than your normal baby blue and makes a perfect blue for manis that need a sky backdrop!

 photo IMG_6509copy_zps52c9b28f.png

 photo IMG_6587copy_zps33de06cf.png

 photo IMG_6595copy_zps68271e3d.png

Bubblegum is a yummy cool pastel mint green creme. I love mints but it's not the shade I have in mind when I think Bubblegum though!

 photo IMG_6512copy_zps0470b574.png

 photo IMG_6597copy_zps2c567b2c.png

 photo IMG_6512copy_zps0470b574.png

Buttercream is a pale nude creme that is super flattering. It reminds me of my favourite nude Bloom Toni.

 photo IMG_6513copy_zps550b43cf.png

 photo IMG_6623copy_zpsa00a0161.png

 photo IMG_6614copy_zpsbd35d94f.png

Cherry Pie is a super pigmented cherry red creme that is exactly like the name suggests!! Just gorgeous.

 photo IMG_6518copy_zps2e80501e.png

 photo IMG_6639copy_zps53bee508.png

 photo IMG_6643copy_zps4286c940.png

Fairy Floss is a pale pastel pink creme. Pretty and pink and it makes me feel like eating fairy floss when I wear it!

 photo IMG_6519copy_zps0598d235.png

 photo IMG_6674copy_zpsdfb5eee2.png

 photo IMG_6671copy_zpsb0cb5916.png

Marshmallow is a gorgeous multi-coloured flakie top coat. I LOVE FLAKIES!! It's very similar to Picture Polish Festival.

 photo IMG_6524copy_zps04576115.png

Here I've layered it over over Fairy Floss, Tutti Frutti, Blue Raspberry and Cherry Pie.

 photo IMG_6653copy_zpsbe8de39b.png

 photo IMG_6659copy_zpsd2f525cd.png

Paradise Punch is a fluorescent coral which is much much brighter in real life!! My camera couldn't catch the searing brightness of the shade unfortunately! This dries to a matte finish.

 photo IMG_6528copy_zps67979a73.png

 photo IMG_6688copy_zps901db11d.png

 photo IMG_6680copy_zps945c5f50.png

Peach Melba is a pale peach creme. A must for every collection for Spring!

 photo IMG_6531copy_zpsf2f44ddf.png

 photo IMG_6285copy_zps1b7d893d.png

 photo IMG_6281copy_zpsc4436f5b.png

Tutti Frutti is a fun bright fuschia. My camera just would not capture this properly AT ALL!

 photo IMG_6559copy_zpsee79d2e3.png

 photo IMG_6736copy_zps610d9776.png

 photo IMG_6729copy_zpsb6748888.png

Overall: Again I am super impressed with these beautiful Kester Black polishes!! The formula is AMAZING and consistent for all shades which is fantastic. I used 2 coats for the cremes and with Cherry Pie you can get away with just one careful coat because it's that pigmented. Marshmallow applies a little sparse but evenly so I used 3 coats for fuller coverage.

The Sweet Shop collection is great for the warmer months with a nice mix of brights and more muted shades for those less adventurous. My favourites would have to be Fairy Floss (which I'm wearing currently on my toes!), Cherry Pie, Bubblegum and Tutti Frutti.

Details: The Kester Black Sweet Shop collection is available now from the Kester Black online store for $17 each. For more Kester Black swatches, you can check out my review of the Winter Garden collection here.

 photo SweetShop530copy_zpsffc3c17b.png

Which shades are your favourite? Thanks for looking as always!!

The products featured in this post were provided to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.


  1. I've never seen or heard of this brand but wow! These are stunning!

    1. They're an Aussie brand which started last year so it's still getting it's name out there! They are fantastic quality and I can't recommend them enough!

  2. Wow... beautiful colours... I love the glossy finish too.
    I've never heard of this brand before.


    1. It's an Australian brand which is still pretty young and unfortunately it's not available internationally yet which is such a shame!!


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