Kester Black Winter Garden collection swatches and review

Hi ladies! A few weeks back Anna from Aussie brand Kester Black very kindly got in touch to see if I would like to try out her polishes. I've been admiring her polishes for quite some time having come across the brand from seeing the polishes used by Trophy Wife Nail Art so I was super super excited to try them out! Today I'm very excited to (finally!) share with you my swatches and review of the gorgeous Winter Garden collection. It's taken me sooooooo long to swatch all the polishes unfortunately but I'm finally done! The lighting in my pics varies because I had to swatch the collection over quite a few days.

Kester Black polishes are 5 Free which means that they're free of Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formeheldyde Resin and Camphor. They're also carcinogen free so are safe for chemotherapy patients, expectant mothers and children. The polishes are Australian made and owned and is an accredited Cruelty-Free company which is absolutely fantastic!!

WARNING: this post is picture heavy!!

 photo IMG_6181copy_zpsfa0ef499.png
Swatches after the jump!

Black Rose is a glossy black which has an almost jelly finish. It reminds me of China Glaze Liquid Leather but applies better and needs fewer coats.

 photo IMG_5582copy_zps5b81fe67.png
 photo IMG_6104copy_zpsd1cf9ee9.png
 photo IMG_6105copy_zpsec9d4493.png

Periwinkle is a deep navy creme. A good navy creme is a must for every collection! I think the name is a bit odd though because when I think periwinkle I think a pastel blue xp

 photo IMG_5580copy_zps96ec1e63.png
 photo IMG_6063copy_zpsda8ed567.png
 photo IMG_6073copy_zpsaa0623f3.png

Snapdragon is a vampy dark burgundy with gold microglitter through it. My pictures don't do this beautiful polish justice! The glitter is more prominent in the bottle than on the nail.

 photo IMG_5575copy_zpsbe95e9b3.png
 photo IMG_6159copy_zps3f13034f.png
 photo IMG_6155copy_zps0fe1f1a3.png

Poppy is a bright burgundy polish with an almost jelly like finish too. It was hard to capture it properly as my camera just wouldn't cooperate! It's slightly darker than what my pics show and leans more purple.

 photo IMG_5570copy_zps6814598b.png
 photo IMG_5665copy_zpsd6f1c123.png
 photo IMG_5664copy_zpsf2c72f9d.png

Deep Violet is a gorgeous dark purple creme. I love purple cremes and this is pretty darn awesome!!

 photo IMG_5566copy_zpsa51565f6.png
 photo IMG_5627copy_zps82753dbd.png
 photo IMG_5629copy_zps8c4591c6.png

Peony is a beautiful dusty amaranth pink creme. It's perfect for the cooler months and a nice way to wear pink if you aren't a fan of pinks!

 photo IMG_5534copy_zps0984e7fa.png
 photo IMG_5533copy_zps2efec193.png
 photo IMG_5557copy_zps5cbae8b0.png

French Lavender is a medium lavender creme. It's sooooooooooooo pretty!!! I'm a sucker for pastel purples and this is no different!

 photo IMG_5541copy_zps54518925.png
 photo IMG_5214copy_zpsc4f8b35c.png
 photo IMG_5222copy_zpsbf0d53a0.png

Forget Me Not is a dusty baby blue and is so cute!! I'm a sucker for pastel blues too lol.

 photo IMG_6200copy_zps431d46bc.png
 photo IMG_6190copy_zpsfec88c12.png
 photo IMG_6196copy_zpsd3785610.png

Moss is just as the name suggests and is a moss green creme. I don't have too many shades like this so I'm super happy to add it to my collection! It reminds me of OPI On Stranger Tides but brighter and warmer.

 photo IMG_5475copy_zps4103a962.png
 photo IMG_5497copy_zps2e41fa4c.png
 photo IMG_5498copy_zps211c5f65.png

Silver Birch is a warm grey creme. It's just beautiful!! A good grey creme is a must for every collection too ;)

 photo IMG_5474copy_zps18b53c38.png
 photo IMG_5468copy_zps340f367a.png
 photo IMG_5467copy_zps42597e8c.png

Starflower is a cool metallic silver foil. Just utter metallic perfection in a bottle. I think it's well documented on my blog how much I love silver foils!!

 photo IMG_5590copy_zps27aba729.png
 photo IMG_5604copy_zpsfd7b119d.png
 photo IMG_5606copy_zps187c7f38.png

Snowdrop is a pearlescent creme. I'm not a huge fan of shades with a pearl finish but Snowdrop is pretty and elegant.

 photo IMG_5592copy_zps24d623aa.png
 photo IMG_6135copy_zpsaba36f7f.png
 photo IMG_6119copy_zps7379f6ef.png

Overall: I am absolutely in LOVE with Kester Black polishes - it was love at first swatch! The formula is just amazing. Each shade is so highly pigmented which makes them fantastic for doing nail art! They apply like absolute BUTTER and what I found most surprising and pleasing is that the formula is consistent for each and every shade. I find most collections have at least one dud formula but nope, no duds here whatsoever. The formula is self leveling which is fantastic especially when applying the lighter shades.

I used 2 coats for each shade however for some shades you could probably get away with just one if you're careful. The brush is firm but flexible and easy to control so I didn't have much cleanup to do. They dried to a super glossy finish and dry time is very fast. The shades in the Winter Garden collection are spot on for the cooler months I think and each colour is very wearable. The only downside I found is that they chipped after a day or so on me which isn't a problem for me because I change my polish so regularly!!

All the shades are gorgeous so it's hard to choose my favourites but they'd have to be Snapdragon, Deep Violet, Silver Birch, French Lavender and Peony.

Details: The Kester Black Winter Garden collection is available now from the Kester Black online store for $17.

 photo WinterGardensummary530copy_zps5462bf74.png

What are your favourites? Thanks for looking as always!!

The products featured in this post were provided to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.


  1. I especially like the jewel tones in this collection, but Deep Violet is my fave <3 Beautiful swatches!

    1. Yay you love Deep Violet too!! The jewel tones are just perfect for winter =)

  2. Wow this is a gorgeous collection! I can't even pick a favourite, I want them all! xx

    1. It was sooooo hard for me to pick my favourites!!

  3. These colors are so pretty! Love your swatches!

  4. Lovely swatches, so shiny :) Your nails are so nice too!

    1. They are SO super glossy!! Hehe thanks Maddy!

  5. all so pretty! :) really great collection!

    1. I couldn't agree more Jordan!! All the colours are so gorgeous =)

  6. Can I get them all? They are gorgeous! My faves: black and burgundy ones.


    1. LOL it's a bit like that isn't it!! There are some collections you just want to own entirely!

  7. I loveeee Black Rose, Snap Dragon and Starflower - they are soo stunning!

    1. Snapdragon and Starflower are just amazing aren't they!! Even nicer in person too. My pics don't do them justice!

  8. Snapdragon is too pretty! I really like Periwinkle as well, but agree with you that the name is quite strange for the shade!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a bit of a strange name lol. But the shade is gorgeous!!

  9. WOW These look amazing! I love the look of Silver Birch!

    1. They are AMAZING Neet. You would absolutely love Silver Birch!


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