Models Prefer Beauty to Go nail enamels - Little Black Dress and Star Dust

Hi ladies! I've been neglecting the blog lately unfortunately as I haven't been in the mood to do much blogging. But I'm getting my mojo back slowly don't worry ;) I love a good bargain so I couldn't go past the Models Prefer Beauty to Go sets a while back. They have so many cute sets that are on trend and for such a good price! There are a couple of different colour combos and sets available but I picked up the Little Black Dress and Star Dust combo because I am loving the black and white toppers.

 photo IMG_3682copy_zps2f0a9b11.png

Star Dust and LBD!

 photo IMG_3697copy_zps7104d1b5.png

Little Black Dress is a super opaque black creme that dries to a wax look finish. The formula applies really well and you could get away with 1 coat however I used 2 coats which is pictured.

 photo IMG_5125copy_zps4b2ee570.png

 photo IMG_5119copy_zps48b47f42.png

It has the potential to be a one coater but unfortunately the brush is absolutely terrible! I found it way too thick and the shape is too squoval and it made it impossible to get a clean finish. These swatch pics are my 2nd attempt at trying to apply the polish! Dry time is a little slow too I found.

 photo IMG_3766copy_zpsad154f10.png

Star Dust contains black and white hex and bar glitter in a black base. I didn't know it was in a black base until I swatched it over white! It applies a little sparse but it's not too bad - I found swirling the brush around in the bottle picked up more glitters making it easier to get them on the nail. 2 coats is pictured over 2 coats of Little Black Dress.

 photo IMG_5140copy_zps2ec37c44.png

 photo IMG_5135copy_zpsfce7650f.png

Here it is over a few different bases so you can see clearly what the glitters look like. From L-R: OPI Alpine Snow, Models Prefer Little Black Dress, Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle and Alpine Snow again.

 photo IMG_3727copy_zps2bd231be.png

Overall: I'm a little disappointed but LBD and Star Dust are a cute combination! I wish the brush was better so LBD could apply easily and also that Star Dust was in a clear base so I could apply it over pastel colours without the black tint. But for $5 it's not too bad!

Details: The Models Prefer Beauty to Go set in Little Black Dress and Star Dust are available from Priceline for $5.

 photo IMG_3755copy_zps32e699d1.png

Thanks for looking as always! =)


  1. It's kind of easier to do Instagram isn't it? Makes me wonder If i'd rather do that than blog-but then the world would miss out on my stories! HAHAHA!! Hate when the brush is wonky!

  2. I also prefer glitters to be on a clear base so that I can use them with any polish. These still look great though!

  3. It is a little weird that they would put a black & white glitter in a grey tinted base, and pair it with a black polish to boot... Not going to see much of the awesome black glitter if you use them together and they are marketed... oh well! I think what I would do with stardust is grab one of my empty polish bottles, pour it into that, and add another glitter polish into it! That would give it some sparkle and maybe dilute the grey base enough to make it versatile. It would be super unique then!

  4. Star Dust is very pretty though :D

  5. Oh The LBD looks almost like leather! I haven't tried any of models prefer products and I have a feeling I don't need to...quite yet :P
    x Court

  6. I really like the look of the Stardust :) It works well over pretty much any colour ! I really hate applying black nail polish with a bad brush, it gets so frustrating :( !

  7. I just found your blog and I love it! Who designed your logo?

  8. They look so pretty! Love your blog design too:) <-- if anyone has a moment please check out our blog!<3 xx


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