Ulta 3 Earl Grey swatches

Happy weekend ladies! A few quick swatches for you today of Ulta 3 Earl Grey which I've been wanting to pick up since it first came out but never picked up because I have a few shades which are similar! I had an earl grey tea today at breaky and on the way home decided to just buy myself a bottle hehe.

 photo IMG_4696copy_zpsec3de255.png

Earl Grey is a pale taupe creme that does remind me of earl grey tea! While I like the shade, application was rather difficult which was disappointing. The formula was thick so it was difficult to get a clean finish and it just wouldn't level. It seemed to thicken before I finished polishing one nail! I used 2 thin coats and 1 thick coat to try and even it out.

 photo IMG_4711copy_zps6682dd21.png

Close up:

 photo IMG_4712copy_zps5f60a23c.png

 photo IMG_4710copy_zpse2cb9820.png

Details: Ulta 3 nail polishes are available from selected pharmacies, Target stores and Woolworths for $2. You can use their Facebook store locator app here.

The formula for Ulta 3's can be a bit hit and miss sometimes unfortunately and for me this is a miss. I'm going to add thinner and hopefully it'll do the trick! But for $2 it's not a huge waste at least x)

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. I actually like this color. My husband would say it looks like mud - like he always does when I wear neutral taupe-y colors, haha. That's too bad the formula sucks. Hopefully your magic hands can fix it and make it more friendly :D

  2. Gorgeous colour! I love grey polish :)

  3. It looks so naturelly, I love this style! :)
    These shades go with everything :)

  4. What a shame about the formula! The colour is quite pretty too! It really reminded me of a cross between OPI You Don't know Jacques and OPI Franc'y.

  5. So pretty!! Loving your new blog layout!

  6. This is such a pretty colour. I hope they have this at my local Terry White. x


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