Learn beginner nail art with me at The Work-Shop!

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I'm super excited to tell you guys today that I'll be teaching a beginners nail art class next week! The class will be held at The Work-Shop and I'll be teaching some beginners nail art such as glitter gradient nails, polka dots and ombre nails and sharing my nail art tips and tricks.

The awesome folks at The Work-Shop are based in Broadway, Sydney and run affordable fun short courses in arts and crafts and life skills. They are community driven and their aim is to inspire people to put down their technology and to get creative! They have classes on flower crowns, gardening, to tattoo illustration and street art.

For full details about the class, check out the class details on their site here. Nail polishes will be provided thanks to one of my fave Aussie brands Face of Australia and other tools will be provided too! There are limited tickets available so make sure you book soon!

I'm terribly nervous about it all but I hope to see you there ;)


  1. How exciting!!! If I were in Sydney I'd go for sure!

  2. You'll do great i'm sure! Wish I could be there!

  3. Oh how exciting! I'm still overseas when the class runs :( Do you have other days? I would have loved to attend.

    1. If the class goes well I hope to teach the classes regularly!! I'll tweet, IG and post about the classes so you can know when they are.

      Hope you're having fun overseas! x


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