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Back in March, D and I went to Bali for a week for his friend's wedding (you can peep my post about it here!) and besides organising the usual things like accommodation and flights etc the biggest dilemma was what to wear!  It's not often one gets invited to a destination wedding so I wanted something a bit special and out of my usual colour palette of dark shades.

I looked for ages but I couldn't find anything in my budget of $100-150 that I liked. I'd heard of online dress hire and as a last resort looked into it as our holiday was only a week away and I still didn't have a dress! There are quite a few Sydney based ones and the one I liked the look of the most was Glam Corner. I had a really great experience with them so I thought I would do a review!

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Glam Corner is an online designer dress hire site based in east Sydney and they stock gorgeous dresses from Aussie designers like George, Alex Perry, Camilla, Nicola Finetti and Wayne Cooper. I found their prices very reasonable and the dresses were my style!

So how does it all actually work?

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1. RENT - you can choose up to 3 dresses from their range to be delivered free of charge (standard delivery) to you on the date you choose. If the dress doesn't fit, you can send it back in the included pre-paid return bag within 24hrs for a new size or for a full refund if you don't like the dress.

You can also utilise their "Try On" option where you arrange with them to try 3 dresses for $30 which is then offset once you decide on a dress and they charge you the remainder of the rental fee.

2. WEAR - You keep the dress for 7 days! Included in the price is $100 accidental damage insurance which is SUPER important as I'll explain later!

3. RETURN - just pop your dress into the pre-paid return bag and drop off at your local post office after 7 days. No need to dry clean the dress beforehand as they do it all for you!

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I had a few questions before I went through with the order and the customer service from the word go was just fantastic! I emailed through my questions and they were answered promptly and very friendly. The dresses arrived quickly (and just in time before I flew out!) in this MASSIVE box at my work prompting lots of curious questions from my workmates lol. I opted for their "Try On" option as I was unsure of sizes and also style so inside were the 3 dresses in a garment bag, a pre-paid return bag, 3 large clear plastic bags and a note with care instructions for the dress. They also very kindly included a perfume sample and Glam Eyes false eyelashes for me too!! It was like Christmas opening the box up and seeing the beautiful dresses for me to choose.

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The dresses come dry cleaned, pressed and ready to wear wrapped in plastic in a garment bag. The included garment bag was fantastic to transport the dress in my suitcase!

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I ended up going with the beautiful George Darly gown which has an orange skirt and a stunning shell coloured beaded bodice with a racer style back. It was absolutely stunning and I felt so glamorous wearing it! I don't often wear such bright colours or maxi dresses! I teamed the dress with nude pink Miss Rosie heels from Peeptoe Shoes and a stack of plain gold bangles. I stuck to bangles as my wrist jewellery as I didn't want to snag the delicate netting-like outer layer.

 photo Frontandbackcopy_zpsbe0ab8a6.png
Photo courtesy of Glam Corner

Me in the dress and D! (reposted pic oops!) Now, remember how I told you the accidental damage insurance was super important? WELL. Not long after this pic was snapped I accidentally stepped on the delicate outer layer of the dress and TORE A HEEL SIZED HOLE IN IT. OMG I absolutely freaked out!! Maxi dress, grass and heels DO NOT GO let me tell you.

Straight after the wedding, I emailed Glam Corner to let them know what had happened and they reassured me about the $100 insurance and that they would send the dress off for repairs after I returned it. If the dress cost less than $100 to fix I wouldn't be charged but if it cost more I'd just pay the difference. After I came home I simply popped the dresses into the return envelopes they had provided and let them know I had sent them back. They kept me up to date with the repairs and lucky for me the insurance covered the damage!! Phew =D

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Overall: My experience with Glam Corner was absolutely fantastic and I am SUPER happy that I decided to hire from them! The customer service was wonderful and the whole process was easy as pie. I cannot recommend them enough!!!!! The dresses arrived on time and packaged wonderfully. The dresses themselves were just beautiful and I loved that there are no hidden costs and that delivery and returns are free. There are so many dresses to choose from as well!

When I first heard of dress hire I thought it was a bit pricey to hire a dress for just one week but there was no way I'd be able to buy something as gorgeous as the Darly gown for only $109. Alternatively if I had bought the dress from George it would have set me back $400+ since it was new season and for a statement dress like that I'd really only get 1 or 2 wears out of it max. So hiring a dress was the best option and worth every penny!! Plus there was no dry cleaning or repair costs (since I damaged it!) and it was delivered right to my door! I know that I'll be using them again next time I have a fancy do to go to.

I hope this has been helpful if you live in Sydney and need a dress for your next event!

Thanks for looking as always =)


  1. Ohh, I saw some flyers for this company strewn around my campus library late last year lol - thought it was an interesting idea and totally forgot all about it to study for my finals! Thanks for the post ^_^

    1. Hey Sam no worries!! Lol I didn't realise they advertised at Sydney unis haha. You should have picked one up! I really recommend them =D

  2. The service sounds really nice!
    And the damage insurance is lovely too.
    You look gorgeous :) xx

    1. Thank you so much Sheri! It's a great service and the damage insurance was a lifesaver for me. I shudder to think if I had bought the dress myself - I would have had to shell out even more money to get it fixed!

  3. I had no clue you hired that dress!

    It's soo good to hear about a company that isn't shifty and is going to fuck you up the minute something goes wrong. Plus, WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Whoever thought this up was a bloody genius. lol

    1. I thought I had told you!! No way I'm spending nearly $500 on a dress you know me lol. All that nail polish and food I could buy with the money instead!!! Haha.

      I can't recommend Glam Corner enough - they are DEFINITELY not shifty!! Lol seriously it's such a fantastic idea right. Unless you're loaded no one has the $$ to spend on the latest designer dresses!! This way one can look good and still buy ALL the makeup xp


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