Barry M Textured Nail Paint Station Road + a care package!

Happy Sunday all! Last week I received a wonderful surprise package from gorgeous Aysh. This girl knows exactly how to make my week!! ♥ One of the pretty polishes she sent me was Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Station Road and I have some quick swatches for you today.

 photo IMG_3297copy_zps17772339.png

Station Road is a bright yellow textured polish with a grainy matte textured finish. It has a gorgeous shimmer through it which isn't that noticeable on the nail. I've been really undecided about the whole textured/liquid sand finish but I'm really liking the Barry M ones! The texture is really fine unlike the OPI ones and doesn't feel gritty on the nail. I couldn't stop touching my nails all day actually haha, it's a very unusual texture. It applied a tiny bit thick but dried very quickly. 2 coats is pictured with no top coat.

 photo IMG_3329copy_zpsf1c15eb8.png

Close up:

 photo IMG_3326copy_zps1d8b397a.png

 photo IMG_3334copy_zpscff3542c.png

The package! A sweet card, polishes and mini eggs which were sooooooo delish xD I wish we got them in Aus!

 photo IMG_3211copy_zps8eba8849.png

The gorgeous polishes! I love Barry M polishes and I'm excited to try the Bad Apple duochrome.

 photo IMG_3282copy_zps7ee7b2a7.png
From L-R: Barry M Textured Nail Paints in Station Road and Atlantic Road, Bad Apple Cosmetics Arkansas and Collection 2000 Bedazzled Nail Effects Love Jewel

Thank you so much lovely Aysh for my surprise package! I love everything =) What do you guys think of the textured trend?

Thanks for looking as always!!


  1. Not a fan of textures, but they do look good on your lovely nails as always! You're always loaded with chocolate eggs lol! :P

    1. You are always so sweet Ash! I'm not a huge fan of the textured finish either but there is something about these Barry M ones!!

      LOL yep me and chocolate haha

  2. OMG! Gorgeousness! This polish can't be prettier! I love it!


  3. This is a really cute color for the summer. The texture is very interesting too :)

    1. I agree Rinny! It's the perfect shade of yellow to brighten up the day =) It feels very interesting too!

  4. That nail polish looks amazing! I usually don't like yellow polish but the texture is so interesting! Can't wait to see the blue :)

    1. Yellow polish takes some getting used to I think! Also depends on the shade of yellow too.. some yellows just don't work well with some skintones!

      The blue is even prettier Stacey! I used it on my friend and it's awesome!

  5. Awww I'm so happy you liked your package my lovely! What did you think of those mini eggs?! ;) Dangerous non?! This looks absolutely divine on you Hun, I knew it would! Barry M is defo up there as one of my fav brands!

    Aysh xox

  6. ah yellow. one of my loves. it looks great. and so vibrant.

    *writing down on the list* I'm gonna blame you for my next london shopping! :P

  7. Be sure to keep an eye out next Easter as we do get the Cadbury mini eggs in Aus!


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