Cake stand nail polish storage

I'm setting up my new blogging area at the moment and I can't decide how I want to have it! One thing I knew I had to have though was a tiered cake stand to display some of my favourite nail polishes which is also a fantastic way to store nail polishes. If you have a smaller sized collection it's so much better than a box or normal plastic polish display stand!

 photo IMG_25582copy_zpsaa7b1f8d.png

I searched for ages for the perfect cake stand as I wanted something cute (of course!) and I finally settled on the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Aviary three tier cake stand which is soooooooo adorable. I spotted it in David Jones earlier this year and knew I had to have it! I hit the jackpot though because I managed to redeem it using my Qantas frequent flyer points as they had a sale and I JUST had enough points! Very rarely do I actually get to redeem anything using frequent flyer points so it was very satisfying.

 photo IMG_2621copy_zpsb9f9d958.png

It comes with 3 cute plates with birdcages, flowers and birds. I love the colours and it's super easy to screw it all together.

 photo IMG_2644copy_zps1d110ac8.png

 photo IMG_2631copy_zpsd18d7714.png

A random selection of some of my favourite polishes! Yep most of them are glitters LOL.

 photo IMG_2674copy_zpsef9819dd.png

What do you think? How do you store your polishes or display your faves? I came across a 2 tiered cupcake cake stand packaged in a nice pink hat box thingy at Target the other day which would make a perfect display stand if anyone wants a cute one!

Thanks for looking as always! =)


  1. Replies
    1. I think anything to do with cake will always be cute!! =D

  2. So cute! If only I had room for one of these to display my nail polish haha - right now I'm just using an old moon cake box to keep my nail polishes!

    1. LOL nothing wrong with a moon cake box! I had to move out to get enough room haha.

  3. Soooo cute, amazing idea. :)

    my blog:

  4. Really cute idea!
    Am I wrong or in the background I saw a gold polish from L'Oreal called "Amazon Flash"?
    Have a nice day

    1. Thanks Rebenice! Unfortunately I don't own Amazon Flash! The gold polishes I have displayed are Milani Jewel FX in Gold and a-england Holy Grail =)

  5. I've always wanted to get one similar but I've never found an affordable one!


  6. This is so cute! Clever idea! Even better that you got this free haha!

  7. Oh I adore! Such a pretty way to store polishes! If I had the space I would totally get one too! At the moment I have 2 wall racks (which are now full...oops!) & a smallish drawer system which works well but I'm still running out if space! Think it's going to be helmer time soon... ;)

    Aysh xox

  8. It's really cute and you were quite lucky!


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