See you in Hong Kong!

Sooooooo I'm off to Hong Kong again today! Yes for the 2nd time this year X) I'll be away for 2 weeks to help out the family unit and also to recuperate and get my mojo back after an intense, hectic and stressful months at work. Even though I won't be hauling much at all this trip because I'm getting married next year (EEEEEEK!) I'll be stuffing my face full of yummy food, picking up some wedding related stuff and catching up with some blogging friends.

As always you can catch me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (don't forget to "like" me!!) while I'm away. Expect lots of food and beauty pics haha! I hope you're all doing well and see you in HK!



  1. Soooooo Jealous! I LOVE HK, have fun and shop lots :)

  2. Have a great time, I hope to see lots of photos of yummy food when you get back!

  3. Have a nice trip, have fun, and come back with awesome photos to show us! Of places, food, hauls... everything! :)

  4. Ooo, I'm from Hong Kong! You'll have so much fun! :) xx


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