My Hong Kong October 2012 hauls

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back from my trip! I hope you've all been fab =D 2 weeks seriously is not enough time for a decent holiday, it just went by way too quickly! I spent time with my grandparents and also doing wedding stuff (got so much stuff ordered and organised!) which didn't leave too much time for shopping so my wallet is happy haha. I went over with a specific wishlist as I'm on a tight budget so my haul this time is far less than my usual ones! I have way too many products and I still need to get off my butt and do a blog sale! I bought quite a bit of clothing though this time and also shoes but I can't be bothered taking pics of those oops. Here's my haul!

Polishes!! 3 of the Essie Mirror Metallics, China Glaze Wicked collection and one from the Bohemian collection, innisfree glitters, Deborah Lippmanns, a Jessica and a peripera.

I met up with the lovely Jen as always and she very very kindly gave me a $50 Make Up For Ever voucher! I was only going to get one polish from the Black Tango collection but they were buy 2 get 1 free so of course I couldn't resist and ended up with the whole collection! I also picked up a Aqua Eyes Liner. They are the BEST liners!

Some nail art stuff of course! Fauxnad plates, nail art brushes, nail decals and stickers, fimo, palette and some cabochons.

Yes I indeed did lug home a 1L bottle of Zoya Remove lol. It was on sale and it's so hard to get here! The downfall to polishing my nails all the time is staining so I let myself get talked into getting the Cuccio Sicilian nail whitening paste. Here's hoping it works!

The shu uemura eyelash curler is my HG and I was tossing up between getting the gold or the mon shu girl curler and ended up going with mon shu girl. Karl Lagerfield rocks and I'm a sucker for a charm.

A few misc items! A refill for my Clinique powder, YSL glossy stain, MAC Select Moisturecover concealer, Kiehl's Cryste Marine eye cream and one of the new Clinique Chubby Stick shades.

I've heard so much stuff about the Bioderma I had to try it out. It's so much cheaper in HK!

Of course I got some face masks! I'm kind of obsessed with them lol. I actually bought 4 more boxes but had to leave them behind because my luggage was too heavy. The darn Zoya Remove!

Kracie poppin' cookin' is the bomb so I got a few more kits. If you haven't heard of them I HIGHLY recommend you check out RRcherrypie's blog and YouTube channel! You will be addicted!

My sister got an iphone 4S a while back and nicked some of the cases I got last time so I had to restock my supply haha. The MJ and Kate Spades I got for a bargain at Ladies Market so they're obviously not real xp

So that's my haul! I haven't done a haul post in a while because I've been on no buys. I hope you enjoyed my post!

Thanks for looking as always =)


  1. ooooh massive haul all the goodies :)

  2. You're post made me so excited to go to Hong Kong! I'm going there in December for a wedding as well haha....... I cant wait! I love it there, everything's so much cheaper than Australia! :P
    Just a question- where did you manage to grab the Essie, innisfree and China Glaze polishes?

  3. Wooow great haul!
    Those phone cases are so cute!!

  4. I want that eyelash curler! Awesome haul.

  5. Welcome home! :) Very nice haul. Thanks for sharing :)Can't wait to see swatches of all the pretty polishes you bought.

  6. Brilliant hauling, I am envious of the 500ml Bioderma (it is much easier to find the 250 in Melbs so I am stuck buying that for now!) Sucks you had to leave behind some face masks, but I think you brought back the best stuff anyways =)

  7. Great haul!
    I love all the polish and the Kate Spades case with the strawberries is so cute. where did you buy it? :)

  8. ah i love these posts! what a fun haul c:
    may i ask where you purchase your essie and china glaze nail polishes in HK?

  9. Great haul completely jealous of you right now. Loving it all. Nice work hun x

  10. Is the nail polish significantly cheaper over in HK ?
    I'm heading there in February :D

  11. Awesome haul!!!
    Can you please tell me where you got the Kracie poppin' cookin'??
    Thank you :)

  12. Big haul really...
    Would love to see the nail polishes...


  13. welcome back! hope you had an awesome time. loved all the goodies you brought home - i didn't even know there was such a thing as whitening gel .. for nails!! awesome

  14. Excellent haul--hose DIY snacks look so adorable! I know you're getting flooded with these questions, but could you please tell me where you found the innisfree polishes? I live here in HK and would *love* to get some of them!

  15. What a huge haul! This all looks so great.

    <3 Melissa

  16. Jealousssss!
    That bioderma make up remover is GOLDEN, it will become your HG makeup remover :) Enjoy it!

  17. HOLY MOLY CHELLE! That is one incredible haulin lady! Oooooh those Lippmanns!! Very jel ;) Haha I'm SO intrigued by those Kracie kits! Next time my sis in law goes to HK I'm so gonna ask for a coupla those! :D

    Aysh xoxo

  18. Please please could you tell where you got Innisfree polishes?)


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