Ladurée Patisserie, Sydney

I am a huge lover of macarons so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that iconic French brand Ladurée was opening in Sydney. Yep I nearly lost my s**t haha! It opened last week in Westfield Sydney and on the weekend I stopped by with Anita and Angela to check it out. I had to snap a few pics of course lol. I didn't bring my camera so iPhone pics will have to suffice ;)

Of course they were DELICOUS and at $3.20 each are slightly pricier than your average macaron but still very very reasonable. I wanted to get 2 dozen but just went for 8 lol. My favourites were salted caramel and the marshmallow filled ones - just so damn good! We went early Saturday morning and the wait time was only about 15-20mins. If you're planning to go definitely the earlier the better!

I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind on posts it's not funny. I fail as a blogger HAHA! I hope you're all doing well =)


  1. The place looks cute and the macaroons delicious! I haven't tried any yet but I feel I should, haha.

  2. SO EXCITING!!! sadly i live in melbourne but i'm crazy about ladurée ever since having them in france. can't wait until the next time i come up to sydney!
    also i heard they're opening in HK at the end of the year so that's accessible to me too :P

  3. Oh what beautiful pictures! Enough to make me hungry ;) x

  4. the macaroons look so deliciously-sweet.. I bet you'll be drooling over Ladurée cosmetic also :))

  5. OMG! The salted caramel was amazing! I left it til last and so glad I did, the strawberry one filled with marshmallow was also very very good!

    Now to bring on Zumbaron Day!!! :)

  6. Eeeeeee I LOVE Laduree! So happy you have one there to enjoy too :D When you come visit me (& this IS going to happen girl ;p) I shall take you ;) Salted Caramel is my favorite too!! :D

    Aysh xoxo

  7. I am in love with this post! So much goodness!

  8. Your food posts tempt me way too much, I blame any impending weight gain on this blog! I think I am visiting Laduree when I come to Sydney- my whole Sydney food adventure is based on your blog, completely. Haha!


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