Surprise package from Nikki!

The thing I love most about bloggging is the blogging community. It's very supportive and so much fun to be a part of! One of the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of knowing is the lovely Nikki who I swapped with a while back. A few weeks ago she surprised me with a wonderful package filled with awesome polish and masks!! XD She also very sweetly included a few things for my sis too!

They were all so beautifully wrapped! I didn't want to open them and there were sooooo many of them I spent ages opening them all up!

SO many awesome Asian nail polishes! *squeals* These brands are hard to find even in HK let alone Sydney. I seriously have way too many polishes now LOL.

An army of Etude House. Check out the awesome matte bottles!

Nikki included her favourite Etude House nail polish remover and it smells WONDERFUL. Much better than Zoya Remove! Also some Etude House Dear Darling polishes.

More polishes including the amazing Elianto Racing Green which I'll be showing you tomorrow! The finishes on the polishes Nikki sent are all really interesting - shimmers, duochrome, matte - just the ones I love.

Nail art items!! I enjoy using the Nail Star Two Way Nail Art Pen & Brush and these colours are super fun.

Awesome masks including the Hello Kitty Sexy Look masks eeeeeeeeeek. I've wanted to try these for ages! Plus lipbalms from My Lip Stuff which my sis has laid claim to haha.

Some cute items from Malaysia! The keychain is of a traditional Kadazan dress which is of Nikki's race, hair clips that Nikki made and also cute mini ear caps =)

Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful package Nikki!! You really shouldn't have spoiled me so ♥ I've been trying out a lot of the polishes and they are awesome!


  1. How gorgeous is all of that, you lucky girl! :) xx

  2. Etude polishes are lovely, makes me want some more. <3

  3. hey 'Chelle! just saw your post. :D YAY!! I'm so glad you like them. :D Thanks for being a wonderful friend. XO!

  4. so much love in there x)!!

    do enjoy the etude house matte polishes, they are very neat!

  5. Wow that is so sweet and gave me a great idea for a swap I'm doing ;)

  6. Wooow what a great package with SO MANY POLISHES :D
    lovely and generous friend u have there <3

  7. What a lovely package ^_^ These polishes look so pretty

  8. wow! that is nail polish bananza! now i cannot wait till my trip to the philippines. gonna buy more etude nail polishes haha (i shoulda went nuts last time XD)


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