Purple ombré manicure

Hi ladies! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I don't have time at the moment for fancy nail art so ombré manicures to the rescue! Today's is purple using some of my favourite purples in my collection.

Starting from my pinky, I used 2 coats each of China Glaze Light As Air, Barry M Berry Ice-Cream, Color Club Pucci-licious, Barry M Dusky Mauve and Illamasqua Baptiste.

Pucci-licious unfortunately is a blurple so it comes out way more blue in my pics than it is in real life.

Ombré manicures are so quick and easy! It's one of the easiest manicures to do but it's still something different ;) I might do up some colour combos later when I have time!

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. Neat Ombre :D I especially love the Berry Ice Cream!!! such a nice pastel!!

  2. Doing your nails all different colours always cheers me up and makes me smile. I love the Cg and the color club x

  3. Love the colour variations! Esp loving the barry M one :D

  4. This is cute! I really like the shade on your ring finger :)

  5. wow it looks great! i think u have very beautiful hands and nails too!!

  6. love it! what pretty colours. I love colours that are slightly different shades off from each other!!

  7. Oooh, I love the pinky finger colour. I think I need to try this trend, looks so fun and it's a great way of making use of a large polish collection :)

  8. I love Barry M's Dusky Mauve - so so so so pretty *_*

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous! Purple is my favourite colour, so I will have to try this!

    Sharleena xx


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