Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Last year I splurged and finally bought myself the beautiful Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie created by one of my favourite nail bloggers Scrangie. I was so disapppointed that it was discontinued but I nearly passed out when it was brought back!! xD

Scrangie is described as a "medium blue-based purple with green iridescence and green microshimmer". Scrangie combined her two favourite polish colours purple and green to create a colour that mimics the colours of a beetles wing. It is SO beautiful! The shimmer is just amazing!

The formula is on the sheer side so I use 3 coats for opacity. It applies a little unevenly so I get some balding but a thicker final coat usually does the trick. I'm not huge fan of the Rescue Beauty Lounge brushes as they're a little too flexible for me. I prefer my brushes to be firmer to give me better control of the polish but that's just my personal preference ;) It still applies OK but I find I always have to do some cleanup.

I've worn it a quite a few times now but I'm not sure the colour really suits me sadly.. but it's a must have so I'm still going to rock it haha. You can actually purchase Scrangie now as part of Rescue Beauty Lounges Bring It Back colours! It sells for $18US which is on the pricey end of the polish scale but oh so worth it!

Have a great weekend ladies!


  1. soo pretty!! the shimmer is indeed ammazing!!

  2. such a unique nail polish :)

  3. I love this polish - I have two bottles of it. It's probably my favorite purple in my collection. It's just so beautiful. It looks great on you!

  4. Such a pretty colour :O It realy does represent the colours of a beetle's wings!

  5. Beautiful and on my wish list for sure!

  6. Pretty colour! If only I could apply my polish as neat and good as you...!

  7. the colour is so gorgeous! i could stare at it all day! it's got that something extra to it.

  8. Wow this is an amazing color! I had no idea Scrangie had her own color, that's amazing!


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