Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 13 Milky Strawberry swatches and review

When I went to Hong Kong last year I FINALLLY picked up a beautiful Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact with help from lovely Jen from Life and Lens of Beauty. Because I'm so indecisive she helped me pick out a colour! We swatched a couple before I finally chose the gorgeous 13 Milky Strawberry. All of the compacts are beautiful but I'm such a sucker for a pretty pink blush! I didn't blog about it sooner because I didn't actually use it for quite some time haha. I just opened it from time to time to admire! x) This post is intended for my awesome friend Tammie who enables me CRAZILY without even trying so it's about time I enabled her back! *YOU NEED A JILL STUART BLUSH TAMMIE...*

What they say:

"Brings a finish to your cheeks to rival that of the greatest of muses. Cheek colour that allows you to enjoy freely mixing four different colours and textures. A quad powder blush with pure luster that blends smoothly and adds a touch of soft colour to your cheeks."

13 Milky Strawberry consists of four shades - a highlighter shade, a light mauve, a bright pink and a light tangerine. The beauty of the Mix Blush Compact is that you can use the shades separately or buff them together. The pigment is quite sheer though so I'd say it's best to wear the colours buffed together. Because it's sheer though you can build up the intensity which is great. You can't go overboard that way! It just gives a beautiful soft glow to your cheeks and lasts all day.

My swatches aren't the best sorry! Below I've swatched the colours individually.

And here buffed together:

It's packaged in the stunning signature Jill Stuart style with a special retractable brush made from 100% natural goat hair that's attached to the compact for ease of use.

It's so darn BEYOOTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x)

Overall: It's Jill Stuart. It's blush. Of course I'm crazy in love with it!!!!! 13 Milky Strawberry is perfect if you're looking for a lovely soft blush. Unfortunately Jill Stuart beauty products are hard to get your hands on so if you have a friend who's traveling to Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan I'd suggest you give them your wishlist ;)

Details: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts are available in 9 core variations with limited edition releases from Jill Stuart counters in Hong Kong for $370HK; in Taiwan for $1300NT and in Japan for 4500¥.

Aussie ladies, you can actually purchase this from Yesstyle.com.au for $62. Thank you to Melissa for this info!

I am DYING to try more Jill Stuart products! Have you tried her beauty products before? What would you suggest?

Thanks for looking as always ladies!


  1. That is adorable! I'm not much of a blush person, but I would get that just cause it's so pretty!

  2. Jill Stuart has such gorgeous packaging, and that brush looks oh so soft. Will one day get my hands on something like this!

  3. you haven't used it fot his long? wow :D
    but can imagine, mine was in the package long too. but once you try you never stop!

    and very nice color choice :)!!

  4. Gotta love how beautiful Asian cosmetics are!

    What a gorgeous looking blush.

  5. I've got a few pieces from Jill Stuart I bought in Japan a few years ago. I'm so in love with Jill Stuart's packaging. I want this blush! I want, I want, I want...

  6. it's a jewel... adorable! *__*

  7. this is so incredibly pretty omg! i want it so much now haha :)

  8. Gone. On. To. The. Wishlist. Immediately! ;) Love the pretty compact & cute brush with it hun!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. Jill Stuart has the most GORGEOUS packaging ever! It's so super expensive though, but i think her blushes are definitely worth the splurge (compared to her glitter shadows which I've heard bad things about) so yeah. Haven't tried them yet, but seeing so many posts (including yours) makes me really want to try it :D

  10. Aw it's so beautiful! I'd be too scared to touch it hehe. The colours look lovely on you!


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