I'm going on a summer holiday..

Today I'm off to Hong Kong for 3 glorious weeks!!! I'll be spending quality time with my family and doing lots of fun things like eating, shopping and celebrating Chinese New Year XD I absolutely cannot wait! Even though I go every year the thrill never dies down haha. Plus I haven't celebrated CNY there in AGES! I'll also be taking time off blogging with the occasional HK update though. I'm going to be FAR too busy eating and shopping to blog sorry! I do have a few posts in draft so if I have some downtime I might post those up.

You can catch me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as always. Normal blogging will resume early February. Cosmetic Cupcake celebrates its 2 year anniversary in February OMG!!! How time flies when you have fun =)

Take care and see you all soon xx

Aldo Nail Lacquers: Deep Barney and Stardust swatches and review

Aldo shoes recently launched a collection of 9 nail lacquers and today I have two from the collection for you - Deep Barney and Stardust. Keep reading to see swatches and my review!

What they say:

"Like our shoes, ALDO Nail Lacquer is carefully curated to feature the hottest shades and trends of the season. With a range of always-classic nail colours and neon hues fresh off the catwalk to match this season's accessories for a total fashion look.

Made in the USA, the high quality ALDO nail lacquer colour pigments are perfectly calibrated in Germany and assembled in unbreakable bottles, with brushes and caps imported from Italy."

Deep Barney is a beautiful dark royal purple that is almost jelly like in formula. It's somewhere in between a creme and a jelly and dries to a SUPER glossy finish. I LOVE the finish! As it's so glossy, as usual you can see me reflected in my nails haha. Being a purple it was a pain in the you know what to capture on camera so I had to tweak the colours to show you the colour accurately. 2 coats is pictured.

Close up:

Stardust is a sparse silver glitter in a clear base. It contains fine glitter as well as some slightly larger pieces. It dried to a glossy finish also. 2 coats is pictured.

Close up:

Overall: Deep Barney was a little tricky to apply as I experienced some balding. I suggest using a thicker 2nd coat (which I did) or a 3rd thin coat. The finish is just stunning. LOVE.

Stardust is a wonderful glitter topper and I'm going to be reaching for it a lot I predict! It's quite a sparse glitter and I often reach for something like this to give a mani a final glittery touch. It'd also be fantastic for a glitter gradient nail! It applies very smoothly and the glitter applies perfectly evenly on the nail which is fantastic. I'm itching to try out the other glitter in the collection Gold Digger.

These are wonderful lacquers and I really enjoyed using them!! I found the formulas very good ( Deep Barney a bit tricky but still ok) and I love the high shine finish. The brush was great to use and no clean up was required at all. I'm digging the names ie. Gold Digger for a gold glitter, Type O for a dark blood red polish as it sure beats a numbering system that other accessory stores who venture into nail polish seem to do. The price point is very reasonable too which is great news for polish lovers. Aldo you've done a great job with your foray into nail polish!

Details: Aldo nail lacquers are available in 9 shades from Aldo stores for $9.95.

The products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.

Groomy giveaway winners!!

Just a quick post to announce the winners of my Groomy giveaway! I had a fantastic response so thank you guys so much! I didn't expect so many people to enter hehe.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Kristen C

Congratulations ladies! I've just sent you all emails requesting your details and please respond in the next 48 hours or I'll have to redraw the winners.. I'm going away at the end of this week so I'd love to get your packages out on Friday!

A huge thank you to Groomy for the wonderful prizes!

If you didn't win this time don't worry! I have more giveaways planned very soon =)

Thanks for looking as always!

A quick pastel manicure

Ok so I officially suck at naming manis HAHA. However I must say this was a very quick mani! I haven't done a "girlie" mani in a while so I thought I'd break out some pretty pastels and do a skittles =)

Pinky: I used 2 coats of OPI Mermaid's Tears and stamped small bow design from Konad plate m77 using Konad Special polish in white. I then added a silver rhinestone to the centre of the bow!

Ring finger: I used 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow and stamped double rose design from Konad plate m76 using China Glaze Admire.

Middle finger: I used 2 coats of OPI Steady As She Rose as a base and stamped full bow image from Konad plate m76 using Konad Special polish in white. I added a white heart dazzling and some pink rhinestones too.

Index finger: I used 3 coats of OPI Mermaid's Tears and stamped a design from Konad plate m76 using China Glaze Metallic Muse but it didn't show up doh!

Thumb: I used 2 coats of OPI Steady As She Rose as a base and added 1 coat of Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air.

Topped it all off with my favourite glitter topper China Glaze Fairy Dust!!

My pics aren't the best sorry as I only had time for some quick snaps before the sun went down. What do you think?

Thanks for looking as always!! =)

Picture Polish Festival

Flakies are my absolute favourite finish IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I've been obsessed with them forever! I remember when they weren't easily accessible and I had to search high and low for these coveted little bottles of flakie goodness. This season, flakie polishes are being embraced by mainstream companies and are making a splash in a big way. Aussie company piCture pOlish have come out with THREE "flakie covers" and I have Festival for you today. WORD OF WARNING: IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! XD

Festival consists of varying sizes of blue, green, red and orange flakies in a clear base. Here I've layered 3 coats over a black creme (no topcoat) and OMG doesn't it just look fantastic?!!! I absolutely adore the different coloured flakies and the almost duochrome effect it has in different lighting. It makes a nice change from the single coloured flakies. I love them too but a change is always nice!

The flakies apply kind of sparsely so you'll need a few coats for full flakie effect. Because you need a few coats it does take a while to dry but it's so worth it in my opinion. The formula is on the thicker side but very easy to apply and the brush was a pleasure to use too.

Close up:

Overall: You NEED Festival in your life. Get thee onto their website and purchase yourself a bottle. Or 2. Or 3.

Details: piCture pOlish flakie covers can be purchased online from piCturepOlish.com.au for $11.90. They send internationally too!!

For a full list of international stockists you can check it out here.

Are you a fan of flakie polishes? Thanks for looking as always!

The product featured in this post was sent to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.

A Christmas swap with Aysh!

Last month I did a lovely Christmas swap with beautiful Aysh! And boy did she spoil me absolutely rotten *cries* You are so very naughty Aysh! I harp on about it like a broken record but blogging has been one of the best things I've ever done. Not only is it an outlet for my beauty obsession but it's enabled me to "meet" so many beautiful ladies who have become wonderful friends =)

The yummy choccies are obviously all gone now! I think I ate about my weight in choccies over the Xmas break haha.

From L - R: Pinky Brown, Emerald Black, Golden Green, Aqua Violet and Purple Blue.

The ENTIRE Models Own Beetlejuice collection!!!!! OH. MY. GOD. And they are every bit as stunning as I imagined!!! I'm currently wearing Purple Blue and it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Swatches will come later as I always have a really hard time capturing duochromes/multichromes etc doh.

From L - R: Green,, Grey and Lilac.

As if the Beetlejuice polishes weren't enough, Aysh sent me 3 17 Magnetized polishes. WHEN I SAW THEM I JUST ABOUT PASSED OUT. I have wanted to try magnetic polishes FOREVER!!! XDDDDD They are SO awesome!!

From L - R: Baked Cherry, Midnight Sapphire and Lilac Storm.

Some cute 17 polishes!!

Collection 2000 polishes in Fruit Loop and BMX Bandit plus Boots Stay Perfect topcoat. The topcoat is Aysh's new favourite (you can read about it here!) so I'm excited to test it out. I've used it once so far and it does dry super quickly yay. Aysh also included a gorgeous Sleek lipstick in her favourite shade and a 17 liquid eyeliner =D

My dearest Aysh thank you so much for your beautiful Christmas package ♥ ♥ ♥ I can't wait to try everything out!

Thanks for looking ladies =) I hope you're all having a good start to the year!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Last year I splurged and finally bought myself the beautiful Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie created by one of my favourite nail bloggers Scrangie. I was so disapppointed that it was discontinued but I nearly passed out when it was brought back!! xD

Scrangie is described as a "medium blue-based purple with green iridescence and green microshimmer". Scrangie combined her two favourite polish colours purple and green to create a colour that mimics the colours of a beetles wing. It is SO beautiful! The shimmer is just amazing!

The formula is on the sheer side so I use 3 coats for opacity. It applies a little unevenly so I get some balding but a thicker final coat usually does the trick. I'm not huge fan of the Rescue Beauty Lounge brushes as they're a little too flexible for me. I prefer my brushes to be firmer to give me better control of the polish but that's just my personal preference ;) It still applies OK but I find I always have to do some cleanup.

I've worn it a quite a few times now but I'm not sure the colour really suits me sadly.. but it's a must have so I'm still going to rock it haha. You can actually purchase Scrangie now as part of Rescue Beauty Lounges Bring It Back colours! It sells for $18US which is on the pricey end of the polish scale but oh so worth it!

Have a great weekend ladies!

Konad lace manicure

Hi ladies! Today I have a konad lace manicure that I've been wanting to try for AAAAAAAGES and I finally got around to doing it yesterday. I saw this mani on Beautopia a while back and knew I had to try it for myself! I am LOVING rocking this mani and I don't want to take it off x)

I used 2 coats of Bloom Toni* (fully swatched here) and then konaded floral design from Konad plate m71 and fishnet design from Konad plate m57 using Konad Special polish in black. Can I just say that stamping with black is a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE FREAKING BUTT. The clean up is terrible!! I would use it more often to stamp if it wasn't for this. The black just gets everywhere on the stamper and scraper and I spent forever cleaning up my cuticles. But I think it was worth it in the end at least!

Beautopia stamped the fishnet design first and then the floral design which I should have done so the floral would stand out more. Oh well!

I stuffed my thumb up =(

Unfortunately most of my nail art for the near future will probably be more on the conservative side. I'm currently filling in for a position at work that needs a more toned down look as it requires going to some "serious" meetings etc! Work want me to apply for the position on a permanent basis in the coming months and while I'm learning the role I want a more tame look. If I do go for the job eventually and get it then I'll go crazy again haha! So expect more konad and demure and less glitter and brights sadly.

What do you think? Thanks for looking as always!

* Product sent to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 13 Milky Strawberry swatches and review

When I went to Hong Kong last year I FINALLLY picked up a beautiful Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact with help from lovely Jen from Life and Lens of Beauty. Because I'm so indecisive she helped me pick out a colour! We swatched a couple before I finally chose the gorgeous 13 Milky Strawberry. All of the compacts are beautiful but I'm such a sucker for a pretty pink blush! I didn't blog about it sooner because I didn't actually use it for quite some time haha. I just opened it from time to time to admire! x) This post is intended for my awesome friend Tammie who enables me CRAZILY without even trying so it's about time I enabled her back! *YOU NEED A JILL STUART BLUSH TAMMIE...*

What they say:

"Brings a finish to your cheeks to rival that of the greatest of muses. Cheek colour that allows you to enjoy freely mixing four different colours and textures. A quad powder blush with pure luster that blends smoothly and adds a touch of soft colour to your cheeks."

13 Milky Strawberry consists of four shades - a highlighter shade, a light mauve, a bright pink and a light tangerine. The beauty of the Mix Blush Compact is that you can use the shades separately or buff them together. The pigment is quite sheer though so I'd say it's best to wear the colours buffed together. Because it's sheer though you can build up the intensity which is great. You can't go overboard that way! It just gives a beautiful soft glow to your cheeks and lasts all day.

My swatches aren't the best sorry! Below I've swatched the colours individually.

And here buffed together:

It's packaged in the stunning signature Jill Stuart style with a special retractable brush made from 100% natural goat hair that's attached to the compact for ease of use.

It's so darn BEYOOTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x)

Overall: It's Jill Stuart. It's blush. Of course I'm crazy in love with it!!!!! 13 Milky Strawberry is perfect if you're looking for a lovely soft blush. Unfortunately Jill Stuart beauty products are hard to get your hands on so if you have a friend who's traveling to Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan I'd suggest you give them your wishlist ;)

Details: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts are available in 9 core variations with limited edition releases from Jill Stuart counters in Hong Kong for $370HK; in Taiwan for $1300NT and in Japan for 4500¥.

Aussie ladies, you can actually purchase this from Yesstyle.com.au for $62. Thank you to Melissa for this info!

I am DYING to try more Jill Stuart products! Have you tried her beauty products before? What would you suggest?

Thanks for looking as always ladies!

Groomy toiletry bags review + giveaway!


Thank you for entering!

Winner will be announced shortly

Happy 2012 ladies! I hope you all had a fantastic New Year =) I don't know about you but I LOVE toiletry and makeup bags. I love organisational products (hence so many polish storage posts haha!) and I'm always on the lookout for new and improved ways to cart my beauty products around. So I was delighted when the lovely folks at Groomy offered me the chance to review some products. They very kindly sent me the very cute Carousel toiletry bag set to try out.

Groomy travel products range from large makeup bags to tiny makeup pouches and come in three cute designs - Woodland, Carousel and Babushka collections. The designs are just SO ADORABLE!! They are just the type of designs I would be drawn to if I were to come across them in-store. Besides toiletry bags, Groomy also make some lovely handmade items such as hair ties and shower caps.

The Carousel toiletry bag set is a five piece set that contains the travel case toiletry bag, overnight toiletry bag, makeup pouch, mini pouch and beauty tool wallet. The different sized bags are fantastic as you can use them all together if you're travelling or separately for everyday. I keep the overnight toiletry bag at work at the moment as I've been going out a lot after work and need to do my makeup and it's the perfect size for some brushes, blush, highlighter, eyeliner and mascara.

Overnight toiletry bag

The bags are very sturdy and well made and are completely waterproof inside and out which is fantastic. Any spillages can be wiped down very easily! I love that there are so many different sized compartments inside for all your bits and pieces. The zippers are sturdy and the elastics are tight so nothing will move around when you're on the go! The prices are very reasonable starting from just $4.95 for the handmade powder puffs. There's even free shipping within Australia to sweeten the deal! You can purchase Groomy products from groomy.com.au.

When Groomy very kindly sent me over the toiletry bag set to try out they also sent me some products to hold a little giveaway for my lovely readers!! I was hoping to have this as a Christmas giveaway but ran out of time so instead it's a new years giveaway =) What better way to kick off the new year!

There will be THREE lucky winners! Each winner will receive a Carousel beauty tool wallet and Carousel hair tie.

How to enter: Simply be a public follower of Cosmetic Cupcake via GFC and leave me a comment below with your GFC name and email address. You can earn an extra entry by tweeting about my giveaway with link to this post. Don't forget to @cosmeticcupcake and leave the tweet link in your comment!

Giveaway is open internationally and will close on January 11th at 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. (It's a strange closing date because I want to post out the prizes before I leave for HK!!!)


The products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion. The products for the giveaway were also provided by the PR company. My Disclosure Policy can be viewed here.
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