Momofuku Seiōbo 2011

Before I show you the culinary delights from Momofuku Seiōbo, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to you all for all the wonderful, sweet and heartwarming congratulatory messages on our happy news!! We are so so touched ♥ I'm sending you all virtual hugs right now!

Momofuku Seiōbo is David Chang's first Momofuku restaurant outside of New York. It's a 15 course tasting menu ($175 currently, $95 extra with beverage tasting) that is inspired by Australian ingredients. It's located at the newly renovated The Star and with it's discrete entrance marked by the lucky peach is actually a little hard to find and we needed to ask directions! We were so lucky to get a reservation for our anniversary night as the online reservation system is a pain to use. D was all prepared when reservations opened online for that day with four windows open and could only get the 8pm sitting after only a minute. Crazy!

Tables of two get to sit at the counter/bar which for me was the highlight of the night (food wise anyway! Getting engaged was the highlight obviously haha). I absolutely LOVED watching the chefs prep and plate the food in the open kitchen and then have them serve it to you. It was simply fascinating to watch them.

Onto the food!!

It starts off with snacks of shiitake chip, nori, mochi and smoked potato. The shiitake chips were delicious and D and I could literally have polished off a whole plate! The mochi "lollipops" were so yummy too. One each wasn't enough!

David Chang's famous pork bun!! This was D's favourite dish of the night and a close favourite for me. He told the waitress that he wanted another 5 buns LOL. The steamed bun was as soft as a baby's bottom and the pork belly was so tender and delicious. Mmmmmmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! It comes with a small bottle Siracha chilli to add a little kick.

Striped trumpeter raw with blood orange, olive oil and powdered green tea. 3 pieces WAS NOT enough - it was so delicious!

Marron with white asparagus and szechuan pepper. Absolutely delicious!! The marron just melted in your mouth and worked wonderfully with the asparagus.

Wagyu beef with radish, fermented black bean and burnt watermelon oil. Such a gorgeously presented dish! However the flavours were quite unusual to be honest. The sauce was very smokey and quite strong.

Smoked eel with Jerusalem artichoke and pink grapegruit and eel dashi. I'm not a huge fan of eel but I couldn't even tell I was eating eel! It paired wonderfully with the delicious Jerusalem artichokes and the eel dashi was light and warming on a cold night.

2 types of crab with butter, pepper and yorkshire pudding. One of my favourite dishes of the night! The crab was SO flavoursome and fresh. The yorkshire pudding was delicious and great to soak up the crab sauce.

Slow cooked egg with toasted rice and brown butter. The egg was lovely and velvety the pops of toasted rice were a nice contrast.

Hand torn pasta with goats cheese, chilli, pickled cherry tomatoes and mint. Another favourite! I could literally eat this every night. The pasta mixed with the goats cheese was so silky smooth and just melted in your mouth. I've never had such delicious pasta! The cherry tomatoes were a flavour explosion in your mouth and the crispy basil was delicious. Such a wonderful combination!

Striped trumpeter with fennel, wakame and aniseed sauce. I'm not a fan of aniseed at all so I had to eat around the sauce. Striped trumpeter was lovely but was not a fan of this dish.

Lamb neck with daikon and pink turnips. I was getting very full by now and actually had to give D half of my lamb neck as I didn't want to miss out on dessert! The lamb neck was so tender and delicious and the turnips were awesome!

Pecorino cheese with honey licorice, jelly and bee pollen. The pecorino cheese hides small pieces of jelly and it's slightly unusual but very tasty! We had to ponder the taste for a while lol.

Wattle seed meringues with malt ice cream and crispy milk skin. I had to ask the chef to repeat "crispy milk skin" when he described the dish as I thought I was hearing wrong lol. It was super crunchy and added great texture to the dish. The meringues were divine! Little crunchy morsels of goodness x) I could have eaten a tub of the malt ice-cream too!

Miso ice-cream with toasted rice pudding, pickled fruits and mochi. The miso ice-cream was very unusual and we both didn't know what to make of it! Quite a strange combination for ice-cream! I don't really like rice pudding but this one was lovely with the pickled fruits.

The last course of the night is the famed candied pork shoulder. They took it out of the oven and let it rest under the lamps for a good while just sitting there and teasing us! At one point D said to me that if the fire alarm went off that night he would jump the counter and grab the pork shoulder first before evacuting LOL xp Here's Chef Benjamin Greeno carving it!!

Said candied pork shoulder. By this time D and I were full to bursting but IT WAS OH SO DAMN GOOD. The pork was so tender and melt in your mouth. I'd love the whole shoulder thanks!

The service was fantastic and the staff were very attentive and professional. The atmosphere is buzzy and cool (no other way to describe it!) with a soundtrack that includes ACDC and Notorious B.I.G. and the chefs wear baseball caps. What other fine dining place would have this??! All in all it was such an amazing evening. Definitely a dining experience I will never forget! And of course a night I'll never forget either ;)

If you've made it through the 15 courses with me thank you! Thanks for looking as always!


  1. *drools at the photos* gosh, looking and reading your descriptions of the food makes me feel super hungry even though I just had my lunch. *gups*

    And congrats to your engagement!!!

  2. Oh my god, all of this looks soooo good! Minus the burnt watermelon oil, aniseed sauce and the crispy milk skin... Not-so-much liking the sound of those (and I strongly dislike anis/licorice) but everything else sounds divine!

    And I love that they served some of the dishes with Sriracha, I can't get enough of that stuff! ♥

  3. omg food looks so delicious.. drools!!!

  4. omg.. i will definitely put this on my Australia food list :O It looks so goood T____T;;

  5. HUNGRYYYY! And I just ate too. Food looks so delicious!!!

  6. finally caught up on posts and squee congrats again! momofuku looks amazing!

  7. OH MY GOD! lol it all looks so amazing! I wouldn't make it past 3 courses!!! LOL! Glad you had the most amazing night my lovely :) <3

    Love Aysh xoxo


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