Pink for October 2011 giveaway winner

Before I get onto announcing the lucky winner of my Pink for October 2011 giveaway, I'd like to say a few words. I like to keep things nice and lighthearted on my blog but seeing as it's my blog I can darn well say what I like! I really enjoy holding giveaways for you guys to show my thanks for all of the AMAZING support and love you show for me and my blog. I am truly humbled by it. I never expected people to read it and you guys make it extra special for me. I love blogging and sharing my passion for all things beauty with you. Giveaways allow me to say a huge thank you and it feels awesome to be able to send something special out to one of you from time to time!

So I DO NOT appreciate being hassled numerous times about who the winner of my giveaway is via emails, Facebook messages or comments on posts that have NOTHING to do with the giveaway.

I mean seriously???? Some people even did it via TWO different mediums! With this giveaway in particular it's been quite unrelenting and I just couldn't let it pass. I am lucky to be given the opportunity to hold giveaways with products kindly donated by companies however the majority of the time I = me = 'chelle buy all the products myself with my hard earned nursing $$ to give back to you guys. I put a lot of time and thought into choosing the products for my giveaways and I also pay for postage mind you. So again, I REALLY do not appreciate being hassled. Obviously if there is no blog post announcing the giveaway winner then I haven't drawn it yet!! I am hassled enough by my patients and others at work that I do not want it in my creative outlet and escape from work. Clearly these people do not read my blog normally and are only looking for that post that says "giveaway winner".

I'm not sure that some of you are aware just how much work goes into blogging and also holding giveaways. My blog isn't all that I do even though I spend in excess of 32hours per week working on it AFTER I COME HOME FROM WORK. There is swatching, taking photos, editing photos, writing etc. BUT it is a labour of love that I absolutely adore and wouldn't give up for the world.

I work full time and have a life outside of blogging too. I would love to spend more time working on my blog but this isn't possible. I often have a fantastic response to my giveaways and this time I had 558 entries to go through. It does take quite some time to go through entries and I do try and go through them as people enter but real life comes first so it isn't always possible. Therefore of course there is always some delay in drawing the winner for my giveaways. If you don't like to wait, then do not enter my giveaways.

I hate to do this but I am considering null and voiding entries for people who do this for future giveaways. My giveaways therefore my rules. Bear in mind this is only a handful of people. The rest of you lovely readers are FREAKING AWESOME.

So with my little soapbox over, the lucky winner of my giveaway is:

Akuma Kanji!!

Congratulations!! I've just sent you an email requesting your details and please respond within 48hours! If I don't receive a response in that time period I will need to redraw the winner..

I enjoyed reading all your lovely comments ladies and hope you all support Breast Cancer awareness and other great causes throughout the rest of the year. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Thanks for looking and for your support =)


  1. Glad you let it out, 'chelle. Next time, they'll know better. Hopefully...
    Anyway, Congrats to Akuma Kanji!

  2. I couldn't agree more.. I find it very cheeky and rude to ask for the results.. It's you who organise giveaways and you decide! You are the queen in this castle :)
    Good luck hun!

  3. Congratulations Akuma! Pipped me at the post!

  4. I'm always astonished how impudent people can be. Wow...

  5. How rude of some people!!!

    And yeah, totally agree that some people think that beauty blogging is easy and they dont realise the blood, sweat and tears that go into it. AND they think we get "freebies" just like that...for nothing...sighs...and some of us do have a life outside blogging...except for me hahaa :P

    Anyway, congrats to the winner :D

  6. @Ashlynn: Thanks lovely. Just couldn't let it pass. I normally don't rant on here! It's my happy place after all!

    @peniam: I'm so glad you agree. It is isn't it? I don't hold giveaways because I have to and I don't owe anyone anything! LOL woot I am queen of this cupcake castle x)

  7. Hey 'chelle! Long time CC reader here!! I love reading your blog and always have enjoyed the giveaways you have but since I've been a giveaway winner once before I havent entered again so as to give other CC readers a chance to feel like winners as well XD Though being a CC reader I actually feel like I'm a winner already cos your posts are gems which ooze such honesty and passion about nail polish and beauty! haha so stuff those people who are only here for the giveaways and keep up the awesome work! ^^
    Would love to see some summer inspired nails! :)

  8. @Sara-May: It was nearly you!!

    @Kayono: Oh yes unfortunately so. Just getting rather sick of it now. My blog is where I go to escape rude people and have fun!

  9. How rude! I'm sorry they've been hassling you-they obviously don't realize all the hard work you put into your amazing blog-which I for one love! I get so excited every time I see a new post pop up :-)

    congrats to the winner as well!

  10. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the effort you put on the giveaway. Pity some people can't appreciate it and are a PITA.

  11. Thank you so much!!! ^__^ I wish this giveaway would make it all better when it comes to cancer :( But life does go on to those whe won the fight and I'm glad to know at least one of us is a nurse :) you can actually help people! I'm really glad you do. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. In the future I know some people will be more patient and wait peacefully for the winners. I usually know people have a life besides blogging so there is no reason to do such thing and end up ennervating the blog owners. Once again thank you so much and keep up the good work with your blog! ^__^

  12. @Ling: I'm not surprised by much these days but yeah the rudeness gets to me! I'M holding the giveaway - can I do it in my own time please??!! LOL hey I am totally envious you can blog as much as you want! I often wish I didn't have a job and could blog all day hehe.

    @Donna: <<<<<<3 I am so touched by your kind kind words Donna. I don't really know what to say to your comment o_O Readers like you are just amazing and make blogging that much more enjoyable for me!! I'm so over the moon you still enjoy reading my blog seriously!! Thank you *hugs*

    Summer nails coming up very soon as well as some Xmas nails of course =) Anything you want to see in particular??

  13. Aaw I'm sorry that some people are so taktless. Hope you can see past them though. Most of us are partient and instead of looking forward to the "winner" post, we look forward to your mani posts instead (LOVE the one with the bows btw!) :)

  14. Asking about the winner via 2 different mediums? geesh!! I really enjoy your posts 'Chelle, your manicures are so pretty and unique (yeah I'm jealous lol) and there are plenty of people like me, who enjoy your posts too!

    Btw, I used for my last giveaway and it made things REALLY easy and fast, take a look if you want. You sign up and it has a waiting list (I waited for about 2 weeks), but it's totally worth it ;) x

  15. *madly applauding this post* I couldn't agree more with your soapbox speech. I routinely delete any entries by anyone who gives me raggle baggle about who won. I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing to a fellow blogger and I sure don't appreciate it happening to me.

    Congrats to the winner. :D

  16. Congratulation for the winner.
    People are so bad today, you work so hard.
    I love read you're blog so much.

    kisses from paris

  17. I didn't enter the giveaway but I'll chime in with everyone else to say thanks for doing it. It never ceases to amaze me how greedy some people can be. It's your blog and your rules, people should learn to be patient.

  18. Im sorry to hear some people are so rude to you about such a generous thing that you're doing. You should definitely make it a rule in your next giveaway, in no way is it acceptable for ANYONE to hassle you or anyone else that may be holding giveaways/similar. You tell 'em girl!

    OH and congrats to the winner!

  19. So glad you were able to get that off your chest "chelle I don't blame you for feeling the way you do, I can't believe that people were hounding you like that after the amount of hard work you put in every week. People should be thankful that you're having a giveaway at all. You do such an incredible job and your blog brings me so much joy, you don't deserve to have any negativity directed towards you. xoxo

  20. @AmandaDF: Thank you for your very kind words Amanda. I'm so glad you like reading my blog and I'm definitely trying to post more these days so there's always something new on here!

    @marox79: I think PITA describes it very well unfortunately. It sucks though.

  21. @Akuma Kanji: You are most very very welcome lovely! =) We're doing our bit to help find a cure for cancer by supporting and helping fund vital research which is great. I wish I could do more as a nurse!

    My readers are lovely and nearly everyone is always so patient! Unfortunately there are those few that kinda spoil it which is such a shame.

  22. Congratulations to the winner!! And thank you very much for this amazing giveaway :D I agree with you, some people don't apreciate your effort with the blog and with the giveaway, and it's a pitty...

  23. @Litzy: Oh don't be sorry!! I'm glad I got it off my chest and now I'm going to try a slightly different approach with giveaways. Unfortunately not everyone is as patient yes! I'm so glad you enjoy my mani posts =) I haven't had too much time lately though which kinda sucks. I miss my nail art!

    @Stavroula: Awwww you are too kind Stavroula! =) It reminds me that it's only a few people being painful and that my readers are some of the loveliest!

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! Yes I have heard of it and I'll definitely consider using it next time I do a big giveaway. It's great to hear your positive feedback on it.

  24. @Ice Queen: It is so disappointing to hear that you experience this too. What the heck?!!! So disappointing. Bloggers don't hold giveaways because we HAVE to, we do it because we want to and being hassled is so not on. We don't owe anyone anything!

    PS: I've never heard of "raggle baggle" but it's AWESOME =D

    @yume-neko: Thanks for your kind comment. It's quite disappointing when I put so much effort into something I love heaps only to be annoyed by others for something that I have every right to do in my own time.

  25. @Alaina: Ohhh you should have entered Alaina! Please do next time =) Just you guys reading my blog is all the thanks I need seriously so no need for thanks. Just some patience from people!

    @Megan: I really appreciate your comment Megan. I'm so touched you enjoy reading my blog - it makes me so happy!! As you know a blog can be a girls baby and when people start to erode into the happiness of bloging I don't take to it lightly. I didn't want to have to resort to talking about it on my blog but one to many times was enough =(

  26. I am so sorry you had to deal with rude, insensitive people hassling you about a giveaway. Hopefully you can ban them from entering future giveaways so you don't have to put up with that!!

    I just recently discovered your blog, by the way, but I am already loving it. Your nails are so amazing - I can only DREAM of being that talented. I'm very thankful I found this blog, though, and look forward to being a long-time reader :)

  27. Hi 'chelle sorry I couldn't help but giggle at your rant above - its good to let it all out once in a while! hehehe I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that it takes to maintain a blog as wonderful as yours! I was too lazy to even keep up taking snaps of my cat and dog but you continue to write wonderful reviews not to mention all the nail swatches amounting to multiple posts each week while maintaining a full time job and studying! Amazing! :) I also think that you're perfectly entitled to set your own giveaway rules! hehehe (i'm sure a lot of people suddenly came out of the woodwork just for the giveaway! ;) Please don't let it get you down and I can't wait to keep reading your posts!

  28. Congratulations! would of loved to win but its alright! there's a next time! why would people ask for who the winner is? Shouldn't they realize doing a giveaway takes a lot of work and patience! don't worry about them your amazing! don't let people messaging you the winner is let you down! your amazing :)

  29. Congratulations to Akuma Kanji, she has well deserved to win these beauties!!
    But I am really sorry to hear that there are people who are pestering you in such a dumb way, 'chelle, and as a fellow blogger I do understand your feelings!.. I wish in the future they just disappear!

  30. here here 'Chelle - So with you on blogging being an under recognised (not to mentioned unpaid) jobs that we all take up because of our love and passion for the subject we blog on.

    There will be inconsiderate people out there and we need to bandy together to support each other in times like this that makes us so mad so its good to just have a vent sometime.

    I hope all the positive outweighs the negative though and this hasn't put you off doing giveaways - perhaps just add in more rules next time.


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