Glitter Gal 15ml bottle launch - name that polish!

Hi ladies! Just a quick post tonday to let you all know about some very exciting news from awesome holo brand Glitter Gal plus an exciting competition.

Kerry and Anna are re-branding Glitter Gal and launching larger 15ml bottles!! This is seriously the best news I've heard all week! I'm always saying how teeny the bottles are and wishing they could be bigger x) To launch this exciting news, Kerry and Anna want YOU to help name some of the 3D holographic and Sparkle nail polishes! Best of all the winning entries each recieve a full range of 3D holographic and Sparkle nail polishes in their new larger bottles!

To enter, simply watch the video above for all competition details. Competition is open now and ends on November 11 2011. So what are you waiting for? GET NAMING!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend =) Thanks for looking as always!


  1. I just entered this...would be awesome to have my suggestion on my very own bottle. Bragging rights forever!

  2. awee I love their SPARKLE nail polishes~~~

  3. These are great news indeed! Thanks for the heads up dear ^_^

  4. @beastandbeauty: It would definitely be awesome! Fingers crossed they'll choose your entry =)

    @Rindodo ♥: I don't actually have any of the sparkle range unfortunately - I'm too obsessed with their holo range oops!

  5. @Suz: Me too Suz =)

    @Christina: No worries my dear!! Can you imagine how cool it would be to say you named a GG polish?? EEEEEEK!


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