My ABBW manicure!

I'm currently still compiling my ABBW post for you which is going to take a while so I thought I'd show you the mani I rocked for the weekend first =) My blogging backlog is CRAZY at the moment due to my darn flu so please bear with me!

I didn't know what I wanted so I actually brainstormed mani ideas a few nights before - something I never get around to doing! My sis always tells me to trial manis first on a nail wheel or paper because she's the one who has to help me remove polish if a design goes pear shaped haha! Pic below is what I instagram-ed during my brainstorming ;) (I LURVE instagram so if you have it please let me know! You can follow me too - cosmeticcupcake).

Here's what I used for my mani:

Thumb: I used 2 coats of China Glaze Empowerment as a base and added vertical stripes using Kiss nail art striper in white.

Index finger: I used 2 coats of American Apparel Office and stamped full dot design from Konad plate m79 using Konad Special polish in white.

Middle finger: I used 3 coats of Ulta 3 lily white and stamped full roses design from Konad plate m65 (one of my favourites!) using China Glaze Admire. This colour combo is one of my absolutel favourites. It works EVERY time!

Ring finger: My cupcake! I used 1 coat of Butter London Pink Ribbon for a sheer base. For the cupcake liner, I used China Glaze Empowerment to freehand a thick french tip and added white lines using Kiss nail art striper in white. For the cupcake, I used Ulta 3 chocolate cake and added red bullions for the sprinkles and a pink half pearl as the cherry. Unfortunately the bullions bled!

Pinky: I used 2 coats of OPI Glitzerland and a few coats of Milani Jewel FX in Gold for some bling.

I LOVED how this mani turned out but it didn't last very long due to the excitement of ABBW! I had to do quite a few dodgy touch-up jobs unfortunately and I also broke 2 nails wrestling with suitcases and gift bags xp

What do you think? Thanks for looking as always ladies!


  1. Beautiful and so clean! I love it.

  2. I absolutely love it! So bright and cheerful. I wish I could do it as well as you :)

  3. Those are the cutest nails ever!

  4. I really like it! I love all these classic looks in one place like that :)

  5. It's so adorable! Like I tweeted you, it's very YOU! I think these are one of my favourites out of all the ones you have done. Love the cupcake wink to your logo (:

  6. This is so cute 0.0
    I love every single nail!!

  7. Loooooove it my darlin! And hey hey.....guess who's a brand new owner of Milani Jewel Fx Gold?!?! :D Woo!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. Absolutely loved your mani :)

  9. I ove your manicures and how they are so INTERESTING. They are never the same and you pay such close attention to detail. Your nails are always inspiring.

  10. Very cute mani! I love it :D Very creative~ I have instagram.. i think im already following you ^^ Follow me back if you haven't already! @NYNB

  11. I love the colors you used! And the cupcake is adorable! :-)
    Instagram is so so addicting, I'm on there by the name of SilkeV if you'd like :-)

  12. This is so cute!
    I love the cupcake!

  13. LOVE your mani to death.

  14. this is sooo adorable!! <3 <3 I love your manicures!

  15. @With love, Ana.: Thank you!

    @Minty: Glad you like it Minty! I can't help make my manis neat and tidy. If not I have to start over again!

    @Rin: Awwww that's so nice to hear Rin!! =) Pastels always make me smile hehe. It's all just practice Rin ;)

  16. @Saumya: Thank you Saumya!

    @l y n: Lol thanks Lyn.

    @Floor: I'm so glad you like it!! I love doing manis like this.

  17. @thenailaholic: I love doing different designs for each nail. It makes it interesting and fun!

    @Very Emily: Thank you Emily! You are always so kind =) Lol yeah I think these types of manis are my signature now! I just had to do the cupcake ;)

    @Jane: Thank you Jane!!

  18. @rock-or-not: Happy to hear you like it!

    @Aysh: Eeeeeek yay you finally got it!! You are going to love it =DD

    @Shannara: Thanks =)

  19. @Mandy: Oh you make me blush Mandy!! Thank you for your kind words ^_^ I get bored easily so having different designs on my nails keeps me occupied!

    @Jen: Yes I'm following you already on Instagram!! =D

    @Silke V: Glad you like this colour combo too! Pink, white and green just go so nicely together. I'll make sure to look you up!

  20. @Julia: Oh thank you Julia! It was so lovely to meet you at ABBW by the way!! =)

    @MSodapop: The cupcake smudged unfortunately but I think it turned out ok!

    @Val: Awwwwww thanks Val!! It was so awesome to meet you - you are such a wealth of knowledge!

    @Alice: Thank you Alice!

  21. oh my goodness, those are the most awesome nails EVER!! They are so cute! totally wish I could do that with my nails but I'm so incompetent with nail art!


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