Halloween manicure 2011

Happy Halloween ladies!! Here is my Halloween mani for 2011. Halloween is definitely getting a lot more popular here in Aus. The stores are filled with costumes, props etc and most importantly there's heaps of limited edition Halloween food products available eeeeeeeek! I'm such a sucker haha. Now I only started my mani at like 10:30pm last night so my mani was a very last minute job but I think it turned out ok! I hadn't really thought out my mani properly (usually I plan a day or 2 before!) so I sort of just hoped for the best x) Frankenstein looks a little angry and cross-eyed but oh well haha!

Here's what I used:

Pinky: I used 2 coats of Color Club Wild at Heart and added Pa pumpkin Halloween sticker and silver Essence nail art glitter mix star dazzling gifted to me by my dear Christina.

Ring finger: Frankenstein nail! I used 3 coats of Sinful Colors Mint Apple and used Kiss nail art striper in black and a small nail art brush for Frankenstein's hair and mouth. For the eyes I used 2 different sized dotting tools* from Born Pretty Store and OPI Alpine Snow and Ulta 3 Black Satin.

Middle finger: Spider nail! I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Cloud 9 as a base. I then freehanded the spider web using Kiss nail art striper in white and konaded spider design from Bundle Monster plate BM13 using Konad Special polish in black. Topped it off with a coat of my favourite China Glaze Fairy Dust!

Index finger: I used 2 coats of Ulta 3 Black Satin as a base and added a line of gold glitter down the middle using Art Deco striper in gold glitter. I then added Pa evil pumpkin and red ghost nail sticker and Essence nail art glitter mix silver star dazzling from Christina.

Thumb: Mummy nail! I used 3 coats of Color Club Who are you Wearing? as a base. I then used a small nail art brush to draw an oval using Kiss nail art striper in black and then used the striper to draw the lines. For the eyes I used 2 different sized dotting tools* from Born Pretty Store and OPI Alpine Snow and China Glaze Phat Santa.

How cute is this pumpkin lollipop! It was sent as part of a PR pack hehe

What do you think? What will you be rocking on your nails? If you're celebrating I hope you have a fabulous time!!

Thanks for looking as always! =)

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  1. Oh your nails look really cute! :)
    I wish I could do something like this.


  2. I already told you I love it, but I'll say it again - awesome! Frankenstein is my man! :P

  3. woaaah this is really cute,and I love your beautifullong nails ^^

  4. Perfect! Lovin' your nails as always! :')

    I hope all has been well. xxxxx

  5. Wow, your nails never fail to amaze me. This is so cute! I wish you could do my nails for me, because I suck at it 0_0

  6. Amazing desing!! My favourite is the mummy :D

  7. These are too adorable, I love them all - but I have to say my favorite is the mummy. :D

  8. i like the one on your index finger xD

  9. So cute! And for the record I love the look on the Frankenstein's face, it's adorable xD

  10. Wauw, love it! Geweldig gedaan! Het ziet er ook echt mooi uit.
    Mag ik vragen via welke site je jouw blog hebt opgebouwd?

  11. super lovely!!
    Great job hun~as always!

  12. This is sooo cute, I love your nail looks :)

  13. Do you only do one hand and paint the other in a coordinating colour? I'd love to do stuff like this, but would never be able to do my right hand...

  14. this is really cute! I love the little pumpkin :)

  15. @Eve Sophie: Thanks!!

    @Pat: Thank you Pat! It's all just practise! And patience x)

  16. @Ashlynn: You are so kind Ashlynn! LOL Frankenstein is cool xp

    @rock-or-not: I'm so glad you like it!

  17. @Rindodo ♥: Thank you! I actually file my nails quite short because I can't stand them long. It really annoys me if they grow too long!

    @Ailing: All is well thanks lovely, thank you so much for asking <3 I hope you've been well too!

  18. @Rin: *blush* Thanks Rin!! I would LOVE to do your nails hun! Anytime you're in Sydney let me know ;)

    @istarh: The mummy turned out way better than I expected! As I was drawing it it didn't look too good AT ALL but the end result wasn't half bad so I'm happy ^_^

  19. @Nicole: Thanks Nicole!! For a rush job I'm happy it turned out half ok haha. The mummy is my favourite too! And people actually recognise it as a mummy at least phew xp

    @Elisa: Glad you like it Elisa!

  20. @Tammie: Awwww thanks Tammie =D I like the Frankenstein I did last year better but I'm glad you like it!!

    @Heather: Thanks so much Heather!

  21. @stylewithlove: Thanks for your sweet comment =) I blog via blogspot!

    @Diane: Thanks Diane!

  22. @Christine: I'm so happy to hear you like it Christine! It took me ages to do this mani so it's worth it when I get lovely comments from my readers =)

    @Shannara: Thanks!

  23. @Angela: I actually do both hands exactly the same! I'm OCD so they usually have to match EXACTLY unless I'm purposely doing different nail art on both hands haha. Here's a full mani pic of this manicure ;) here

    @Catherine: The Halloween stickers are so awesome!!

  24. I love all of them, they're so cute Chelle :) x

  25. the pumpking in your index is super cute!!


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