OPI Merry Midnight's younger sister - Sasatinnie FCGL002

Hi ladies!! Today I have another gem of a polish I picked up from HK!! Sasatinnie FCGL002 is a very similar to OPI Merry Midnight but not a dupe which is why I'm calling it Merry Midnight's younger sister as it has one of those stupid Asian number names. I discovered this polish when awesome Abby (aka the blog ninja!! xp) from Nothing Personail did a great comparison of the two polishes which you can check out here. After reading her post I knew I had to hunt for it when I went to HK this year!

My swatch pics are a bit below standard from my usual I'm afraid as I did these very late at night x( FCGL002 is a blue/purple based polish with red flakies and blue and silver glitter. The polish is quite sheer so three coats was needed for opacity which is pictured here. It applied reasonably well however the brush is ridiculously short which took a second to get used to!

Close up:

OPI Merry Midnight is one of those polishes I wish I owned that wouldn't set me back some ridiculous $30+ on eBay. There's the new Orly Fowl Play which is touted as a dupe but I've yet to get my hands on it. So does FCGL002 satisfy my lemming for Merry Midnight? Yes pretty much seeing as I'm sure I won't get my hands on an elusive bottle anytime soon. And it was only a fraction of the price too!

Have you tried any or know of any Merry Midnight dupes? Let me know!! I also may have purchased one or two bottles to give away to some loyal readers too in the future.. ;)

Thanks for looking as always =)


  1. I picked up this polish in Malaysia this year as a back up for Merry Midnight.
    I would say this is an exact dupe! :-)

  2. Oooh!! I love it! It's a great dupe!


  3. I have Fowl Play and love it... although I've never seen the original Merry Midnight in person. I think I like yours just as well. The blue-er color is nice.

  4. It's so pretty. I can't wait for orly's version of merry midnight to come out :)

  5. Oh my god that is amazing!!! Totally a look I would rook, it looks gorgeous on you.


  6. Beautiful colour and also, beautiful shimmer, so fine...


  7. HI! :D Thank you for linking to me (: Your swatches are gorgeous! I hope you find Fowl Play! <3

    *ninja ducks out*


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