Vernis á ongles eclair 18 holo and a feature!

Today's swatch is a holo that I bought last year in HK which I actually swatched a while ago but didn't get around to posting oops! It's a Japanese brand that seems to be called Vernis á ongles eclair which translates literally to "nail polish eclair". They also have the typical Asian naming system which is just a number much to my dislike. Why can't they give them a name??! I can't seem to find any info on this brand either but we'll make do ;) I have 18 for you today.

Vernis á ongles eclair in 18 is a light dusty pink holo that has a somewhat scattered effect. Unfortunately I couldn't get a sunlight shot! It's a very work appropriate holo and it was easy to apply - no balding at all. I used 2 coats and some VNL (visible nail line) is there but I liked it at 2 coats. It dried super quickly too which was great!

I'm pretty excited today as I'm being featured on as the lucky last beauty blogger as part of the Dove Diaries campaign. 2threads is an Australian fashion and lifestyle site with great fashion tips, runway coverage, how-to's and competitions.

This week I'm providing a few posts including a nail tutorial! It kicks off today with a profile of me which you can check out here. I hope you head on over there to have a read =)

Thanks for looking! Aussie ladies, don't forget to enter my Scunci hair giveaway here!


  1. I bought a few of these in HK too! They are great! I haven't seen much mention of them on the internet, which surprised me because they are lovely holos!

  2. Lovely pinky colour, i like i like!

  3. OMG I absolute love this holo polish :O It's so subtle and nice. very nice swatch! can't believe there is no webinformation for this :( so sad.

    and congrats on the featuring ^__^!

  4. i love the color its like a natural but fun holo perfect!

  5. Great!!! Congratulations! The holo nail polish is really beautiful but then again I haven't met yet the holo nail polish that it isn't :P

  6. Aww, this is lovely! Love sparkly pinkk Xx

  7. OMG I love holo polish! So wonderful!

  8. congrats on the feature Michelle! <3

    your nails look immaculate as always, this holo looks really pretty on you!

  9. @Jennifer: I think they're great too! Any holo polish gets my interest lol.

    @alicee: Glad you like it Alice!! I wish I had bought more of these holos now.

  10. @lady_flower123: It's pretty isn't it?

    @Moni: It's terrible they have no info on this brand!! What do polish addicts do eh?? LOL.

    Awww thank you so much!! I was so honoured to be asked ^_^

  11. @Mandy: It's a very subtle holo but it just looks great on the nail. I wish I had bought more now!

    @Oreleona: That's why I like it too! Safe for work but definitely fun =D

  12. @Akuma Kanji: Thank you!! LOL that is so true. More brands need to make holo polishes!

    @Amy: Me too Amy, I'm suck a sucker for pink.

  13. @karo: I adore holo polishes too. They are just so awesome!

    @Georgina: Awwww thank you so much Georgina!! I was honored to be asked to provide posts. I think holos look fantastic on everyone so it's not just my nails!! xp

  14. Holo's are sooo awesome! Beautiful


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