OPI Touring America launch and new collection previews *pic heavy*

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am playing catch up blogger again oops! About 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the OPI Touring America collection which was also a sneak peek of the upcoming OPI collections. Boy oh boy was it exciting!!! Prepare to drool at what OPI have in store for us ladies! Need I even mention Muppets??! (Cue squealing..) The release dates for the collections I list will be for Aussie ladies only. For my international readers please contact your friendly OPI stockist for dates ;) WARNING: this post is DROOL PIC HEAVY.

Here we go!

OPI Touring America collection - 12 lacquers inspired by iconic locations across North America such as Hollywood, Memphis, Milwaukee and NYC. The Touring America collection is available now at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

OPI Lemon Tonic Manicure/Pedicure range and Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion in Hibiscus Blossom. The Lemon Tonic range features three treatment products - Lemon Tonic Scrub & Mask $29.95; Lemon Tonic Massage lotion $23.95 and Lemon Tonic Mask. Each product features the aroma of sparkling lemon and Yuzu and is available now.
Hibiscus Blossom is the newest scent in the Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion range and is a yummy blend of hibiscus blossom and tropical fruit. They will be available for purchase from September 2011 at selected beauty salons and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

Miss Universe by OPI collection - a limited edition range featuring four shimmering and sparkling colours fit for a beauty queen! I really want to get my hands on this collection, I am a sucker for beauty pageants lol! These are available now at selected beauty salons and spas only for $19.95.

OPI Pink Ribbon Shatter - Each year, OPI joins forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to release a new pink polish for breast cancer awareness month. This year, they celebrate their partnership with the limited edition Pink Ribbon Shatter. PINK!!! Most importantly 100% of the profits from the sale of Pink Ribbon Shatter will be donated to the NBCF. It will be available from September through October 2011 at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

OPI Nice Stems - four fun and flirty pink shades based on floral inspirations. Nice Stems will be available from September 2011 at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

OPI Glam Slam! U.S - the final duo polish set in the collaboration between OPI and tennis superstar Serena Williams. This set features Pros & Bronze and Love is a Racket and will be available from August 2011 at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

The Muppets collection - I very nearly hyperventilated when I saw this collection in person! THE GLITTER. THE SPARKLE. *faints* The Muppets collection is obviously a collaboration for the upcoming The Muppets Movie and features 12 stunning polishes consisting of 6 amazing glitters, four metallics and two beautiful reds. Keep reading for a peek of the awesome multi-coloured glitter Rainbow Connection in action! The Muppets collection will be available from October 2011 at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95.

Shatter by OPI collection - 6 new Shatter shades! These are available now at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones stores nationally for $19.95. You can check out my swatches and review of Blue and Navy Shatter here!

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor - 14 shades inspired and chosen by the Kardashian family to best reflect their personalities. I don't watch the Kardashian's so I won't say too much. Kardashian Kolor will be available from December 2011 at selected pharmacies and Terry White Chemists nationally for $14.95.

Nicole by OPI Texture Coat - a line of graffiti-style nail art polishes inspired by the very popular OPI Shatter. This collection consists of 6 shades for easy nail art! Texture coat will be available from October 2011 at selected pharmacies and Terry White Chemists nationally for $14.95.

Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Girl collection - a collaboration with none other than teen idol Justin Beiber. Yes I know what you must be thinking but the polishes are really cute! I actually bought My Lifesaver and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart when I was in HK xp One Less Lonely Girl is available at selected pharmacies and Terry White Chemists for $14.95.

The lovely OPI ladies were doing manicures all night and I succumbed and booked myself in for one! I chose the too awesome for words Rainbow Connection from The Muppets collection. Glitter bomb much?!! Pictured is 2 coats over a clear base coat so the glitter is quite sparse. When I get my hands on my own bottle I'll be using 3 coats with a silver base I think ;)

I have a feeling these new glitters may very well trump my love for the Burlesque glitters..

Bottle pic (apologies for the quality is from my phone!):

Phew so that was a super long post! Thanks to those who stuck til the end ;) What collection are you most excited about? I personally cannot wait for The Muppets to be released!

Thanks for looking as always!

* I attended the event as a guest of the PR company.


  1. omg, rainbow connection looks awesome!!! I picked up Road House Blues yesterday and I love it!

  2. thanks for the head up :D the collections look lovely! the miss universe ones are very nice. Also I'm craving for the muppets polishes haha!!

    Also the yuzu&lemon care range caught my attention.
    Since I LOVE anything lemon a(and yuzu) this is such a must by for me :)!

    the rainbow polish is such a sweet glitter to :)

    thanks for the lovely pics!

  3. @Veronica: I didn't want to take Rainbow Connection off my nails and I change my nails every 2nd day so it was definitely awesome! Oh great choice Veronica, Road House Blues is gorgeous =D

    @Monika: No probs Moni! I just cannot wait for the Muppets collection, I'll be like a kid at Xmas when I get them. I just can't say no to glitter!

    I totally forgot to smell the Lemon Tonic range but I bet they will be really nice. I hope you get some of the products!!

  4. Love rainbow connection! I need it when it comes out!

  5. Eeeeep eeeeep I think I will faint!!!! So many beauties all in one post! Thank you so much for this preview dear, and I totally second what you said about the Muppet glitters. Totally looking forward to these <3

  6. I'll haul as much as my wallet allows xD! especially the whole muppets collection. seriously :D

  7. I was uninspired by the Touring America collection - the only colour I've bought is Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window (khaki creme) - so thank goodness for Nice Stems and yay for the Muppets!

  8. So excited for these new collections, they all look amazing! I bet you were in Polish Heaven at this event!! x

  9. @Katie: You definitely need it!! And the other glitters in the collection too hehe ;)

    @Floor Daasvand: Glad you like it!

  10. @Christina: I nearly fainted seeing so many pretty collections in the one room!!! I'm glad you agree with me on the Muppet glitters!! Aren't they just spectacular?

    @Moni: I'm thinking I'll have to get the whole collection too =S Our wallets are going to cry!!! x(

  11. @Vita: I think Touring America had some good basic colours but yeah kinda uninspiring colour wise. You will love the pretty pinks in Nice Stems!

    @Beauty Soiree: OPI have really got some great collections lined up for us ladies this year! Lol yes I was most definitely in polish heaven that night lol xD

  12. I can't wait for the Muppets. I'm seriously thinking of getting the whole collection. The red and green glitters have also caught my eye. I love OPI glitters!

  13. I love the touring america collection! I'm so tempted to buy all of the colors for fall!

  14. @Stephanye: OPI do some of the best glitters!! I use my Burlesque glitters ALL the time hehe. I'm going to need the whole Muppets collection too!

    @Carly*: The Touring America collection is just perfect for fall. Definitely pick some colours up =)


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