A day in the mountains

No beauty post for you ladies today but instead I have some glorious food! D and I went for a drive to the mountains on Saturday to indulge in some yummy food and to take some time out. We haven't been for a drive in AGES and the weather happened to be beautiful on Saturday so it was perfect!! The photos in this post will be a mix of Instagram and camera pics ;)

First stop was Leura which is such a gorgeous little town! I love the Leura Candy Store (Shop 6 178 Leura Mall Leura, NSW) which is an old fashioned little candy store. Shelves upon shelves of CANDY!!!! Seriously heaven for this sweets guzzler. I bought a few things but unfortunately my family attacked the sweets before I could take pics!!

Then we headed over to Josophan's Fine Chocolates (132 The Mall Leura, NSW) for a chocolate hit. Oh my goodness this chocolate boutique is so calorie inducing! The award winning chocolates are handcrafted on site and the flavour combinations are quite unusual.

We picked up some choccies to take home but unfortunately I can't remember exactly what we purchased doh! I know the red one is a chilli chocolate, the pyramid is blueberry and the small round ones are lime and basil I think. Sorry for the crappy plating below - it was late when I got home and had to quickly snap a pic before I devoured them!

We had lunch at The Swiss Cottage Restaurant (132 Lurline Street, Katoomba NSW) which is a favourite restaurant of D's from his childhood. It was my first time going and Oh. My. God. It was one of the best meals I've had all year!! It comes second in my top dining experiences of the year after Tetsuya's. I didn't get a main as I'd been snacking all morning though xp

The decor of the restaurant is so quaint! Such old world charm and really puts you in the mood for Swiss/French food.

A dozen escargots ($26). So more-ish. So garlic-y. SO DAMN DELICIOUS.

One of the specials of the day French onion soup ($12). I love French onion soup and I'm hard pressed to find decent ones. This was absolutely delicious and definitely homemade.

Country rosti with grilled cheeses and sour cream ($15). Rosti is one of my favourite dishes and this didn't disappoint at all! Sour cream + cheese + potatoes = winner in my book. I must say D's version is slightly better though ;)

White Farm Rabbit cooked in a basil sauce ($28.50).

The bill is brought to your table in a cute little cow with a bell! So cute x)

Last stop was Bakery Patisserie Schwarz (Shops 1 & 2, 30 Station Street Wentworth Falls, NSW) for a slice of cake and coffee or in my case a hot chocolate. Schwarz Patisserie is a well known German bakery and we just had to make a stop to try out some of the delicious offerings. We ordered a slice of the black forest cake and we had to order another straight away!! D isn't much for sweets but he literally inhaled half the slice in 10 seconds. The cherries were the best bit - huge chunks and so tart and delicious - the best black forest I have ever tasted hands down!

I'll leave you with a pic of the Blue Mountains on Saturday. Could the weather have been any better??!

What did you get up to on the weekend? Did you have any food adventures?

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm quite jealous, especially of the nice food you've shown us. I will definitely try some if I ever come across these places. Lovely post :)

  2. omg. YUM the food looks amazing. DEFINITELY going there nxt time i'm up there!!!!

  3. The cake looks so delicious! Sadly, I didn't have any food adventures this weekend. The sky looks so pretty there!

  4. what a nice trip :) and the swiss rosti is so unlike the normal one xD

    the candy variety is pretty amazing!

    you ate bunny *__* >shock<

  5. Oh my gosh. All of that looks divine - and fun - but the restaurant and the patisserie sound like my favorite of all of it. I adore escargot and black forest cake...and french onion soup...and I'd love to try some rosti! *swoon* Your pictures are lovely, too. What beautiful mountains! Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. oh man i've heard so much about Josophan's! dying to head over there for the weekend now!

  7. ahhh the choccies looks yuummy! makes me want choccie now :O, the mountains looks amazing too :) what a nice view xxx

  8. oh god... the pics are amazing! could I have a piece of cake? :)

  9. The food is amazing! & omg you're making me crave for escargots! (as soon as I saw the word..I pictured it in my head)

  10. excuse me whilst I go fetch a tissue as I am droooooooling girl! I love the pics too, so pretty :) Haha we have an old fashioned sweetshop here as well called Mr Simms?? Lets just say I'm a regular lol! When you come to ye old england I'll take you ;) hehe!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  11. ah I miss the Blue Mountains... been years since I been there- live in England now.... sounds like food heaven too..;


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