Accessorize Pink Spice

Hi ladies! Just a very quick post for you today featuring a new favourite polish of mine. I was sent this beauty (along with so many others!!) by dear Christina and man oh man it is a WINNER!! This is Accessorize Pink Spice which is a dupe of MAC Bad Fairy. I completely missed the boat with Bad Fairy so I'm over the moon to have own Pink Spice!

Pink Spice is a stunning pinky orange duochrome foil. It applied very smoothly and 3 coats is pictured. You can get away with less but I felt there were some teeny bald spots. Picture spam below!!

It was kind of hard to capture the polish in it's different forms at night but believe me it is just stunning the way it looks in different lighting!! Thank you so much Christina for sending it my way ♥

Thanks for looking as always!!


  1. So pretty! It definitely looks like a dupe of MAC's Bad Fairy :) I wonder if one like this can be purchased in Aus

  2. Pity these are not available in all Accesorize stores.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the foil finish!

  4. Ooo this is lovely! You did a great job photographing it :) I have Bad Fairy and struggled with taking a good pic of it lol

  5. That is stunning! Thanks for showing it all different angles, made it easier to imagine it on my own fingers=)

  6. wow!!! This is so gorgeous!!!!

  7. ahh the glittery shade is so nice :D love it !

    What a nice choice of hers!

  8. its really gorgeous, straight on my wishlist lol!

    shel xx

  9. You're an artist painting your nails!
    A beautiful color


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