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Hi ladies! I'm still pretty busy at the moment to work on proper posts and I am currently handicapped by a sprained ankle (which I have no idea how I managed to do!) so I thought I would do my very first Friday Link Love post! I always enjoy reading them but never got around to them as I am a very lazy blogger at the best of times haha. So better late than never that I get onto this great idea! I haven't been able to keep up with my favourite blogs lately unfortunately (I currently have 500+ unread posts in my Google Reader ahem) but here are just a few of the posts I've enjoyed in the last week or two. I hope you enjoy them too and maybe discover some new blogs along the way! =)

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My fellow nurse and food lover Mez got engaged this week! Her A Vue De Monde proposal post made me tear up ♥ HUGE congrats to you and Hamish lovely!!

My girl Tara recaps our awesome Bloggers Night Out! at the Hairspray Opening Show In Sydney last week. I love her coverage of events and she just sums up our fabulous night so much better than I ever can! It includes our fantastic makeovers at MAC and rejection on the pink carpet haha.

I love finding international nail polish in my own backyard and I've wanted to try Flormar nail polishes for the longest time. So imagine my absolute excitement when lovely Lilit posted that she had found a Flormar make up stall in Parramatta that sold the brand!! *happy dance* Sydney ladies be ready to drool!

I love discovering new places for cheap eats and Chocolatesuze has me craving $3 tacos at The Norfolk Hotel in Surry Hills! Oh so bad for ones arteries xp

My dear friend Christina shows us her latest manicure which is full of - Purple, glitter and duochrome!. Ahhh HECK YES!

China Glaze is my all time favourite nail polish brand and I nearly fell off my chair in excitement when Fashion Polish posted a preview of their upcoming Limited Edition Halloween and Holiday 2011 collections! Sooooo many lemmings created.

Ivana shows us her franken of Deborah Lippmann's stunning Candy Shop which I am DYING to get my hands on! Too bad I can't get my hands on either of the polishes she used for it easily doh!

Jette shows us a beautiful green layering combination with an Ozotic Pro. Enough said - check out her Mavala Bronze Green + Ozotic #503 manicure!

Angie's beautiful swatch of Nicole OPI One Less Lonely Glitter from the Beiber collection makes me regret not buying it when I was in HK. Why oh why do I not just buy every glitter I lay eyes on??

I'm going to be a social butterfly this weekend (HAHA!) so I'll see you all next week! Have an awesome Friday and a super weekend ladies!! =D


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww thank you so much for the link love!!!!!

    I've been looking at engagement rings online tonight!!! As much as I love the ring Hamish gave me - it has huge sentimental value, I can't wait to get my rock on.

    Have a lovely weekend sister hope your ankle sorts itself out toot sweet.

  2. Thanks for these reads. They were fun to check out and go through. :] Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Thanks for the link hun! xo

  4. Thank you for mentioning me :) Have a nice weekend!

  5. thanks for the links, have a wonderful fun filled weekend!


  6. Awwwww thank you dear for including me in your first friday link! :* Now I'm going to check others, yay. :)

  7. fabulous post,fabulous links...and fabulous blog!!!!

  8. @Mez: You are so welcome honey!! You definitely need to get your rock on lol. The bigger the better! =p Thanks heaps hun, it's nearly all sorted now yay!

  9. @tiffyama: I'm glad you enjoyed the posts I loved too! I hope you had a wonderful weekend too =)

    @Lilit: No worries hun! I got SO excited when I read your tweet and post about it!!

  10. @Jette: You are so welcome! Have a lovely weekend too =)

    @ChinaDoll: I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. Have a fantastic weekend yourself hun!

  11. @Ivana: Not a problem at all hun! I love your pink manis =D Definitely check out the links! That's what I love about link love posts - you get to hear about bloggers you haven't come across before!

    @lila Check: Thank you for your very sweet words lila!! Thank you for stopping by =)


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