CND RAFW 2011 Gail Sorronda inspired half moon manicure

Today's manicure is inspired by nails which featured at the Gail Sorronda 2011 show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) this year. Now you might already know from reading my blog that I don't tend to follow trends and fashion very closely. Sure I'll try to keep up to date with the latest trends but I dress the way I like and not according to what's "in" and the same goes for my nails. However, I loved the look of the beautiful nails created for the Stem the Flow collection and had to try the look out for myself. For the international ladies, Gail Sorronda is an Australian brand created by Brisbane based designer Gail Reid.

Photo courtesy of Pages Digitial

The collection:

"Stem the Flow is inspired by the bulbous shape of liquid and the flow of aqueous movement intercepted by time. It’s an exploration of fluidity and freedom versus restraint. Sometimes a trickle, sometimes an avalanche. Staying true to her signature black & white theme which is all the better to showcase her intricate tailoring. Gail Sorronda’s collection combined sheer, pleating, blousing and fine knits, with striking mini hemlines."

The nails:

Six6Photography, courtesy of Pacific Nail & Beauty

CND created the look by keeping nails short and rounded and used CND Putty for a demure nude base and CND Brilliant White for the moons to highlight. Below is my (not very good!) recreation of the look!! Don't laugh ok x) I took these pics right after a long day of work so I look very tired!


I was very kindly sent a bottle of CND Putty to try. I've never tried out CND colours so I was super excited as I've only tried their Stickey base coat. Putty is a soft beige-y nude and is described as a "warm semi-sheer". It's not TOO sheer but you'll still need 3 thick coats for opacity which is pictured below. This would be a great shade for "mannequin hands" for some girls but unfortunately not for me, I'm still yet to find the perfect shade for me! Putty leans somewhat orangey (?) on me and gives me lobster hands in some light but I LOVE the colour anyway. There's something about it I just really like!

Putty applied well and had minimal dragging which is great as it's a common problem I find with sheer polishes. It dried quickly to a glossy finish and I was impressed with the wear. Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of the CND brushes at all. I find the brush quite stiff and the end is shaped very straight making it difficult to apply polish without having to do cuticle cleanup. Not a huge deal as practice makes perfect when it comes to application with different brands!

CND Putty

I then freehanded white moons on the base of my nails using OPI Alpine Snow. I then topped it off with a coat of Poshe topcoat. Not my neatest application as you can see as the moons are far too big but oh well! Just don't look too closely ;)



For Australian ladies, CND nail polishes are $19.95 and can be purchased from and SA Hair, Nail & Beauty Supplies.
For International ladies, CND nail polishes are $9 and can be purchased from
A big thank you to Ellie for sending me the above product to sample! I was sent the above product for my consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

What do you think of this look? Would you try it yourself?

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. That's a neat idea. I always do my moons the other way around though. I paint the moon color first then put a reinforcement on my nail then I would paint the base color.

  2. Aww you are too cute in that picture!! Your nails are a great shape too.

  3. @Poetic Realist: I usually do that too however Putty is such a sheer shade it needs at least 3 coats for opacity. It was easier to paint the white moons on after ;)

  4. @Julie: LOL thanks Julie! I felt so silly taking the pic but the model pulls it off so well!

  5. I love this combination, it is not agresive as red/white and your nails looks as good as professional


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