Tetsuya's Sydney (VERY PIC HEAVY)

Yesterday was my beloved boyfriends 30th birthday and we celebrated it in style by enjoying lunch at top Sydney restaurant Tetsuya's. The poor timing of our lunch did not escape me at all – while his family and I were sitting down to a wonderful Japanese meal, Japan is reeling from the devastation caused by the worst earthquake and tsunami in their history. Tens of thousands of people are missing, families and homes torn apart and the looming possibility of a nuclear accident. All my petty life issues pale in comparison to the scale of this disaster. It really makes you re-evaluate what is important in life and to value your family, friends and your health as you never know what mother nature will throw at you. Still, a celebration was in order as my boyfriend only turns 30 once =) This is going to be one heck of a post so read if you dare!!

Tetsuya's is the world renowned restaurant of chef Tetsuya Wakuda and is famous for his 11 course degustation. The cuisine is "based on the Japanese philosophy of natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by classic French technique" and is just simply in a class of its own. The degustation is currently priced at $210 per head (not including drinks) and it's literally 11 courses and 4 hours of PURE FOOD HEAVEN! My boyfriend didn't want a party or big celebration so I booked a good 5-6months ahead of time to ensure we could celebrate his 30th at his favourite restaurant. I was just as excited as him to experience Tetsuya's again!


The restaurant is right in the city but you wouldn't know it at all. The restaurant overlooks a beautiful Japanese garden and you just feel so peaceful and serene as soon as you step into the restaurant.


The service and attention to detail at Tetsuya's is absolutely impeccable and just plain fantastic. The waiters are of course wonderfully professional and knowledgeable but still super friendly. Dining at Tetsuya's is one of those food experiences you never forget - I still remember in great detail everything I ate and drank plus the excellent service and ambience from the 1st time I went.


I thought as it's my boyfriend's birthday that he should make his debut on my blog! Say hello to "D" as he shall be known on my blog instead of the boy or my boyfriend =D


We started off with a round of mocktails - A Hunter Berry cocktail full of lovely berries and Almondy sour for a bit of a kick:

Sourdough roll with Truffle and Parmigiano-Reggiano butter:
The truffle butter is absolutely to die for. This time the butter was whipped which was different to my previous visit but every bit as delicious.

Chilled cucumber soup with sheep yoghurt ice cream:
Chilled cucumber soup with sheep yoghurt ice cream
You can see one of my D's sisters in the background of this pic hehe. The flavours of this soup worked so well together and there were hidden chunks of crunchy apple to accompany the smooth ice cream and soup.

Pacific oysters with rice vinegar & ginger:
Pacific oysters with rice vinegar & ginger
These were an additional item and damn they were good!! We all love oysters but the love for these was just insane. They were demolished in about 10seconds flat!!

Sashimi of kingfish with blackbean & orange:
mer pudding
Kingfish is my one of favourite fishes and this was no exception. The dressing was superb and accompanied the fresh sashimi perfectly.

Marinated NZ scampi with avocado soup & avruga:
Marinated NZ scampi with avocado soup & avruga
I'm not a huge fan of scampi but that didn't matter one bit as I wanted more of this dish! The avocado soup was so creamy and yummy.

Tetsuya's signature dish - Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with konbu, celery & apple:
Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with konbu, celery & apple
This was what we were all hanging out for and it tasted even better than what I remembered. This melt in your mouth piece of ocean trout was the absolute highlight of the meal. The salty crust, soft trout and crunchy apple are the perfect combination and just work so well together in your mouth.

Fillet of Mulloway with onion petals & pil pil:
Fillet of Mulloway with onion petals & pil pil
The least favourite of the meal unfortunately. While tasty, this lightly grilled Mulloway with tangy onion petals was a bit of a let down in comparison to the previous dish.

Braised ox tail with sea cucumber & yuzu:
Braised ox tail with sea cucumber & yuzu
I'm not a huge fan of either components of this dish but I ate my words quickly! The ox tail was so unbelievably tender and delicious.

Pancetta wrapped quail breast with fresh sprouts and onion:
Pancetta wrapped quail breast with fresh sprouts and onion
D's sister has a morbid fear of worms and the sprouts reminded her of them. It was hilarious! She eventually ate them lol.

Beef short rib with beetroot jus & wasabi mustard:
Beef short rib with beetroot jus & wasabi mustard
I was starting to get quite full by this stage and this short rib didn't help! It was wonderfully moist and the wasabi mustard went perfectly with it.

Sorbet of Pione grapes with summer pudding:
Everyone agreed that the sorbet tasted a little like Hubba Bubba! My favourite was the summer pudding filled with yummy berries and cream.

Mabuchi farm musk melon with sauternes:
Mabuchi farm musk melon with sauternes
The melon was so juicy and sweet! There was lots of discussion at the table on how it could be this juicy haha.

Chocolate pave with cream cheese ice cream & cinnamon twigs:
Chocolate pave with cream cheese ice cream & cinnamon twigs
I was near bursting by now and just managed to finish my dessert with help from D. I wish there had been more ice cream!

The birthday boy got his own special dessert! He had a chocolate fondant with hazelnut & praline with extra candle:
Chocolate fondant with hazelnut & praline
I was SUPER envious of his dessert! I didn't include a pic here but the innards shot is just food porn OMG!

You have a choice of tea or coffee at the end of the meal. I chose peppermint tea:

Chocolate macarons to go with our tea and coffee:
Chocolate macrons

They also printed out specialised menus for us to remember this special occasion which they presented to us at the end of the meal. A very thoughtful touch!


I know the thought of growing old scares you but I hope you had a wonderful birthday my D!

If you got to the end of this post thank you for reading!! I haven't done a foodie post in a while so I hope you enjoyed seeing my food adventure. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend =)


  1. The presentation of the food looks super yummy!
    I always walk by Tetsuya and it always looks so prestigious and exclusive!

  2. wow wow wow!!! What a pleasant feeling just by looking at all the beautiful dishes :)

    I hope "D" had a marvelous day, and I hope you`ll spend many many more together!!!

    I will be having by big 30 this year as well, I might not celebrate it in such exquisite style ;) but to me every bday is a little festive day. I take the day of from work, make cakes/happy snacks for later on when visitors will apear.

  3. It all looks so yummy! I wish I could go there, it would be amazing and a great experience :D xxx

  4. You're such a cute couple! The food looks great, BTW :)

  5. All that food looks SO yummy. I hope one day I can get my BF to bring me to such a place, but he is so scared that he will not get full with such small portions :P

    And I agree with Hantta - You two look so cute together :)

    Happy Birthday to the both of you.

  6. aww you guys are so cute!
    and WOW what a huge meal haha :D looks delicious! and glad to hear you had a good time! x

  7. I'm getting so hunnnnggggryyyyy! You guys look adorable, by the way!

  8. I'm getting so hunnnnggggryyyyy! You guys look adorable, by the way!

  9. The food looks really good. It's so great that they printed a menu for you guys. I've never had a macaroon before but they seem to be every where lately.

  10. The food looks lovely, looks like you had a great day!
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  11. chelle you look very pretty :)

    that looks like guacamole to me, never heard before about avocado soup xD

  12. omg YUM! I've wanted to go to Tetsuyas for ages

  13. Everything looks fabulous. The two of you look adorable together and a big happy birthday to him! Take care

  14. you make me hungryyyy xD with these pictures ! haha

  15. This looks DIVINE! Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures. I'm drooling now. <3

  16. OMG I am hungry now!!! looks like you had a great day :)


    I am DYING!!!

    Love these photos!!!

    We are booked for August, I am SO excited!!! I think we've discussed this on Twitter. Looking at your photos are reading your blog has made me want to be there NOW.

    I'm SO excited to go there!!!!!!!!

  18. Japanese cuisine is one of my favourites. I'm hoping to get to Tetsuyas one day :)

  19. Great post and love all the pics! How long were you there? Were you insanely full?

    I love Tetsuyas but I made the mistake of going on a Saturday night. We started a 13 course meal at 7pm .... 5 hrs later we couldn't even move off our chairs. I always said the next time will be lunch and I won't eat for a week before hand!

  20. Happy belated birthday to you and also to your lovely 'D'.The bday celebrations at Tetsuyas look absolutely amazing! Btw I'm still an avid follower of your blog although don't comment as regularly anymore but I'm so pleased that all your hard work over the past year and a bit has paid off and that you're getting sent some wonderful products for review! congratulations! :)

  21. Oh this place looks so incredible sweety! And oh my gosh how cute are you and your boy together?! Such a lovely couple :) Hope you both had wonderful celebrations honey

    Lotsa love, Aysh xoxo

  22. all this food is making me xtra xtra hungry!

  23. Happy Birthday to your Boyfriend! Congratulations to both of you! I would love to try that restaurant since I love Japan and Japanese food! Be strong Japan!

  24. @thilytran: It was so super yummy! It's like another world of dining when you go in, you definitely know that's it's exclusive!

    @Martje: Awwww thank you so much for your sweet comment Martje! I'm sure however you celebrate it will be in exquisite style ;) That is a wonderful way of thinking! I would love to try your cakes!

    @Whimsical Wolf: It is such a wonderful experience dining at Tetsuya's. If you love food and ever come to Sydney, you MUST go there!

    @Hantta: Awww you are very sweet! Thanks =D

  25. @Litzy: I hope you can convince him too! With degustations it may not seem like a lot of food but you will definitely be full and happy by the end of the meal x) Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes Litzy!

    @Christine: Awwww thanks Christine! Obviously I am the better looking one though hahaha. The meal was absolutely delicious!

    @Minty: The food was absolutely beautiful =)

  26. @Rachel Marie: LOL I get hungry just looking at my pics again haha. Hehe thanks hun!

    @Fannie: It was such a special touch and really rounded off a beautiful dining experience. It also saved me having to recall each dish too which was nice!

    @LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS!: It was a wonderful day thank you =) Thank you for your support! Your blog is great hun =)

  27. @†any: Ohhhh you are too kind! It took me forever to get ready that morning hehe. A lot of the dishes served are often very unique =)

    @Jen: Get yourself there STAT!!! It is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime!

    @Chris: Thank you so much Chris!!

  28. @Elisa: Ooops sorry to make you hungry Elisa! If it's any consolation they make me hungry too haha.

    @JQ: No worries hun! I love to share my food piccies hehe.

    @Amy: I definitely did have a lovely day, thanks Amy!

  29. @Mez: You and Hamish will just LOVE IT there!!!! Lol I only just went and I want to go back, the experience and food is just that freaking amazing.

    @Vita: I hope so too Vita! It is just amazing there and is one dining experience I recommend everyone have at least once =)

    @Kimmi: LOL! We were there for 4hours and we left with a food coma haha. I've never been there for dinner for that very reason, I don't fancy eating that close to midnight!

  30. @prettymom: LOL *wipes up your drool*

    @*misskitty*: Awww thank you so much hun for your birthday wishes and for your sweet words <3

    You are one of my earliest followers and I so very much appreciate that you've stuck with me and my blog for so long! =) My blog has certainly been a labour of love and having the opportunity to review products is just so mind blowing for little old nursey me. I feel so unbelievably lucky and humble.

    It's so lovely to hear from you again!!! Don't be a stranger Miss ;)

  31. @Aysh: When (not if!) you come to Sydney you must dine at Tetsuyas! Everything about it is so incredible. Awwww you're such a sweetie Aysh! =)

    @Oreleona: LOL sorry to make you hungry!

    @Akuma Kanji: Thank you for the birthday wishes!


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