My Big Birthday Giveaway Winner!

I finally have the winners of My Birthday Giveaway!!! Thank you all so much for all your support for my blog and to those who entered my giveaway. I had such an overwhelming and positive response!! I'm glad you all liked the prizes =D I had 614 people enter(!) which is why it took me so long to count. Do you know how long it took to validate entries??!! I should have counted as I went but didn't as always lol. I had to bribe my sis into helping me count entries! Unfortunately I couldn't count a number of entries as they didn't follow the rules so just make sure you follow them next time for a chance to win ;) Onto the winners!

1st prize winner is:

1st prize winner

Donna C!

2nd prize winner is:

2nd prize winner

Abby from Nothing Personail!

Congratulations ladies!!! I've just sent you both emails requesting your details. Please respond within 48hours! If I don't receive a response in that time period I will draw another winner.

A HUGE thank you and hugs to Christina for the beautiful handmade 2nd prize for my giveaway!!! You can purchase your very own piece of her gorgeous jewellery and deco items by checking out her Etsy store. Abby I am sure you will love the rings!

For those of you who didn't win this time - don't be disappointed! A new giveaway will be up in a few days!


  1. congrats to the winners!!

    i have a little suggestion to make for next time - why verify all the entries? pick a winner, verify THEIR entry, and if it wasn't good, pick a new winner!
    that's what i'll be doing when my giveaway closes!

  2. Ah i was sooo close! My name was right next to hers haha

  3. congratulations to the winners! xx

  4. Congrats ladies, this was a goodie!

  5. congrats girls!!!

  6. Cooooongrats girls! Abby you rock. :P

    Tnx 'chelle for doing this great giveaway**

  7. I'm a follower of Abby's Nothing Personail!!

  8. omg seriously excited!! *dances in excitement* Congrats to Abby as well =D And THANKS soooo much for this giveaway Chelle!!

  9. Congratulations to the winners! :D

  10. Congrats to the winners and Cel rocks!! :D x

  11. Congrats Girls!

  12. oh my goodness i was so close to winning 1st prize?!!

  13. Thank you to everyone who entered!!

    @Rebecca: Thank you for the suggestion! I personally don't think it fair to count entries that way as some (many) people may not have followed the rules and therefore it means less chance of winning for those that did properly. But yes it would definitely would be easier that way!

    @Donna: CONGRATS hun!


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