Essence High Waist Pink NOTD

Hi ladies! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I am completely knackered at the moment after having just worked 9 days in a row x) It was mostly self inflicted of course but I have so much blog reading, blogging and housekeeping to do before it all starts again!!

I have a NOTD for you that I did a few days ago to help lift my mood. I used Essence High Waist Pink from the Denim Wanted! collection that Christina sent me for my birthday! This lovely bright polish was perfect to see in the end of Summer.

Essence High Waist Pink

High Waist Pink is a lovely creme polish that's more coral than bright pink on the nail. In real life the colour is lighter than in my pictures, it's another hard polish to capture! High Waist Pink is the perfect colour for Summer/Spring and I think I'll use it as a pedicure colour soon. It was a bit streaky to apply so I used 3 coats and a coat of Color Club Vivid Color Intensifying topcoat to even it out. I then applied some Essence nail stickers Christina also included in my birthday package on my accent fingers. A quick and simple NOTD!


A quick reminder that My Big Birthday Giveaway ends in just under 24hours!! If you haven't entered already make sure you do!

Thanks for looking as always =)


  1. that's such a pretty color ! I love me a good coral ;)

  2. Muito lindo...
    E a nail ficou um charme!!!!

  3. I love this collection from Essence. Especially that pink! <3

  4. I like it ! it's great for summer/spring =D

  5. @Honey_lili: I love corals too! Especially when it comes to blush, lipstick and nail polish =p

    @BellasUnhaseCia: Thank you so much!

  6. @serena_nuvola: It's perfect for the warmer weather! Too bad it's getting into Winter here in Sydney boo.

    @Miss Starshiny: Thanks!

  7. @Pammy: Thanks Pammy!

    @Rachel Marie: This is the only colour I have from the collection and I wish I had the others. Essence polishes are so awesome!

    @Elisa ♥: That's why I had to wear it while it was still Summer here! It's just so bright and lovely =)

  8. I'm in love with the color ! Very great ^^ !

  9. Hmm why is this still an untried for me, it looks so happy! Cute with the accent stickers as well :)
    Hope you feel more rested soon!

  10. Love with the nail sticker
    I have this too

  11. Very pretty coral. I tried coral once but it was too orange and didn't look right on my skin. I really like this shade.=]

  12. Awesome color! It almost looks like a jelly from your pics~

  13. Gorgeous, I love colours like that! Even in winter, I'm a sucker for a coral/red polish :) :) :)

  14. This is such a pretty color! I need a polish color like this for summer! :D

  15. I love this coral colour! I keep meaning to pick up some nail polish in this colour, but I keep going for blues and teals. I swear half of my collection is blue, ahaha :)

  16. Hi! I just discovered your amazing blog, and I fell in love with it...:) I recently experimented a lot with nail polishes and nail art, and this blog is sooooo inspiring! I will absolutely follow you from now on :)
    Have a lovely day,

  17. @Shiny!: You definitely have to get it out of your untrieds! It's such a cute colour that's sure to brighten your day =D

    @Dhini: Thanks Dhini.

    @Fannie: It's annoying when certain shades don't suit your skintone. Perhaps try a different tone of coral?

    @toader: Glad you like it!

  18. @Freshie: OH I wish it was a jelly! I <3 jelly polishes hehe.

    @Tara: I really like it too =)

    @Mez: Me too!!! I don't care about the season honestly and just wear whatever colour suits my fancy!

  19. @Alice: I love corals and they are definitely perfect for summer. See if you can get this Alice!

    @Alex: LOL nothing wrong with lots of blues and teals in your collection! I wish I had more actually. I hoard pinks and purples hehe.

    @Elsa P: Thank you so much for your sweet words Elsa and for following also! I'm so glad I can inspire you to experiment with nail art =D It's so much fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy it heaps!

  20. @Oreleona: Thanks hun! Nail stickers are so simple but sooooo pretty.

    @1940house: Glad you like it!

    @Ashley Borysewich: Thank you for following Ashley =)


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