Review: Color Club Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener

I am forever on the hunt for the perfect treatments - especially those to help my at times prone to breaking and peeling nails. I have tried and tested out many that claim to strengthen and harden but have had mixed reults so far. I was stoked when I was given the opportunity recently to try Color Club Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener. I have always been very impressed with my Color Club polishes - the colours are fantastic, apply smoothly and wear very well. My only complaint is that they aren't readily available in Australia! =( I've never come across any of their treatments so I looked forward to using it. Here is my experience with it!


What they say:

"A unique protein complex that promotes healthy, strong nail growth, and makes nails more resistant to breakage. After only two weeks of use, nails will be noticeably stronger, longer and healthier. The advanced acrylic formula creates extra adhesion between the natural nail and individual manicure layers, for a longer-lasting manicure."


Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener comes in the signature Color Club shape however the bottle is matte! I love matte =p The polish is slightly yellow in colour and most importantly it's Big 3 free.

After I returned home from HK about a month ago, I had a number of broken and peeling nails I had to fix. I decided to use Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener for all my manicures in the hopes of getting them healthy again. They recommend applying one coat 3 times a week on clean bare nails before using your usual polish. I've done this for the last 4 weeks and have continued to do so at the moment.


Overall: I noticed results about a week into using Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener which I was amazed at! One of my nails was torn right down to the quick from my handling of suitcases and it grew out to a small free edge in a week and to my normal length (which is short for most people) by just under 2 weeks. Normally my nails grow quite slowly and I have to file about once a week when the length of my nails starts to annoy me. Since using Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener, I've had to file my nails twice a week which is a good and bad thing - I hate having to file my nails but then again I want stronger and healthier nails. I've noticed a lot less peeling since using Vitabase Nutrient Nail Strengthener but it hasn't eliminated the problem though.

Would I repurchase?: Most probably. It's not the perfect product as I'm still getting peeling on 2 persistent nails but it ticks most of the other boxes. To date, it's the most effective strengthening treatment I've tried. Hopefully with continued use I'll see more improvements!

A big thank you to Rob from Color Club NZ for providing me with this product! I was sent the above product to sample but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

What's your favourite basecoat/nail strenghthener? Have you found your HG (holy grail) product yet?


  1. This sounds like a really good product!! My nails are weak and TERRIBLE because of washing them all the time plus the stupid Microshield wash we use. I may try this product and see if it helps! Sounds like it could be hard to find though :/

  2. Ooooh that's a very interesting review. I have the same problem during the winter when my nails seem to be getting weaker for some reason. I will definitely give this a go.

  3. Hello!!!! You have received the Stylish Blogger Award!!
    I hope you like it, and I`ll be looking
    forward reading your 7 shares!!

    xoxo Martje

  4. It's always good to read good reviews about products. Ive had great experiences with my cheap Catrice nail treatment products myself.

  5. @Mez: Ai washing your hands so many times a day is so bad on the hands and nails! I'm in an outpatient clinic so I don't even wash as frequently as on the wards and my nails are still pretty weak.

    I found it online from Transdesign! I haven't seen it around Sydney and it'll probably be the same in Melbourne unfortunately. I'd definitely recommend trying it!

    @Christina: Mine are much worse in Winter too. It must be the cold!

  6. @Martje: Thank you so much for the award! =)

    @Thifa: Great to hear you've had good experience with Catrice treatments! I would love to try their nail treatments as their polishes are awesome. Unfortunately we don't have Catrice in Australia though =(


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