OPI Show It and Glow It! NOTD

I'm feeling very unmotivated at the moment so it’s just a simple NOTD from me today. I'm just over everything at the moment so I thought some glitter would help lift my mood! I decided to use OPI Show It and Glow It! from the Burlesque collection for a full manicure. I used it in my NYE manicure for one nail but it's so gorgeous it definitely deserves a full mani!

I LOVE glitter and I’m sure a lot of you do too! OPI outdid themselves with these glitters I think – they are so beautiful and are soooooo glittery. Show It and Glow It! is a gorgeous fuchsia glitter packed with lots of different coloured glitters.


I was hoping to get away with fewer coats of Show It and Glow It! by using 1 coat of Misa High Waist Hue as a natural base but I still ended up using 3 coats for full coverage which is pictured. The glitter dries very quickly but to a slightly rough finish so I topped it with a coat of Poshe topcoat. The wear wasn't very good for me - it started to chip by day 2.


The below close up pic isn’t the best but it was the best macro shot I had of this polish. I took this quick pic when I did my NYE mani and it just shows the different coloured glitters so well!


What's your favourite glitter polish?

Thanks for looking!


  1. too. shiny. *shields self from reflecting light*

    every nail polish you blog about makes me want to get 'em all! ):

  2. Wow that's such a shiny, glittery and pretty nail polish! I absolutely adore it :) Just noticed that you now have exactly 800 followers, congrats :D

  3. your pics came out fab girl, you can really see all the shimmery pretty glitter :) hehe seeing this has made me wanna go grab that bottle of GOSH holographic & paint away for some sparkle! :)

    Aysh xoxo


  4. this looks sooo gorgeous!! I`m getting mine in 2 weeks I hope :) can`t wait

  5. It is an uplifting lacquer - but the fast chipping would be a bit of a downer. I hope you get back into a good groove soon! take care

  6. I love glittery nail polish! That color looks so good on you, great blog!!


  7. I love the burlesque polishes!wearing the blues one right now :D

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  8. Eeeeeeeek!
    This is such a happy glitter!!I love it.
    I can't pick a favourite glitter.Or holo.
    If it shines, it's a favourite!

  9. ooh, such a pretty color! i still dont know why i havent tried it yet.. :P

  10. I just love the Burlesque glitter collection! So pretty! :D

  11. OOOHLALA! I love glitter polishes but hate how hard they are to take off =(

  12. This is one of the most awesome glitter polishes I know!

  13. Oh
    I want that

  14. This is lovely! I need thisss!!

  15. I haven't got any of the Burlesque collection yet but this one is at the top of my list. So pretty!

  16. Such a pretty pretty glitter <<<<3
    I think all glitters are my favourites, the shinier the better XD
    I hope you cheer up soon my dear *huggles*

  17. love it!!!
    I don't have many glitter nail polishes, but sure I have to get some :)

  18. hi there i tagged you for the stylish blogger award.


    congrats greetings tsiisfamke

  19. I just gave you "the Stylish Blogger Award"
    on my blog!
    Please visit:
    to pass on the award!

    P.S If you haven't followed me already,
    it would be g8 if you could too! <3

  20. @meipinggg: LOL it is rather shiny isn't it? Ohhh I'm honoured I can create lemmings for you!

    @Jennifer: Thank you for pointing that out to me Jennifer!! I'm totally blown away by all the support. I can't believe I'm at 800!

    @Savannah: That's an excellent way of putting it Savannah. I think I fell in love with Show It and Glow It! from the 1st swatches I saw of it!

  21. @Aysh: Thanks Aysh! I loooove glitter. Hope you did a mani using the GOSH!

    @Martje: I am sure you will love it Martje! Have fun using it when it arrives =)

    @Chris: Thanks so much Chris =) I enjoyed the mani while it lasted!

  22. @Diary of a Short Girl: Thank you for stopping by =)

    @Charlie, Feminine Bravery: I have that one too! I must use it soon as well hehe.

    @Ria: LOL I totally agree Ria. Every glitter and holo polish is always so pretty!

  23. @Katrina: I think the removal process turns most people off from using glitters regularly. I know I don't wear glitters as often as I'd like because of this =p You must try it soon though!

    @Alice: I love these glitters too =) OPI did an awesome job on the Burlesque collection!

    @makeupbykatie: I hate the removal process also Katie. It's so time consuming and messy but oh so worth it I think =)

  24. @Sylvia: I couldn't agree with you more!

    @Mez: LOL I had a Veruca Salt moment when I 1st started seeing swatches of these. SO MUCH GLITTERY GOODNESS!

    @Jennifer Leigh: Yes you definitely do!!!! You won't regret getting this beautiful glitter polish Jennifer =)

  25. @Danielle: All the glitters from Burlesque are pretty but the pink in this just makes it oh so pretty. Hope you get your hands on it!

    @ohmerde!: Definitely!

    @Christina: I couldn't agree with you more =) Multicoloured glitter would have to be my favourite! Thank you =) I get into these moods sometimes x)

  26. @나니: Thanks hun!

    @Violet: I'm glad you like it Violet! Glitter polishes are great to have in your collection as they are just so much fun and very pretty too.

    @Tsiisfamke: Thank you for the award!

  27. @Jackie S: I wish I had done this mani for NYE. It definitely would have put me in a party mood!

    @Marika xoxo: Thank you for the award!


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