Isadora Graffiti nails Masterpiece Pink NOTD

I decided to add a coat of Isadora Graffiti nails in Masterpiece Pink to BYS Mirror Disco Ball that I showed you yesterday. I received this awesome polish from Christina in my Xmas swap package!


Crack polishes are VERY very cool in my book. It's such a quick and easy method for doing nail art that looks fantastic but with minimal effort. Gotta love that as most of us are pretty time poor! Masterpiece Pink is a little darker than is shown in my pictures and I think it looks great paired with the silver =)


Isadora Graffiti nails is somewhat different to the BYS crack polishes I've shown you before here in black. The effect is more of a shatter compared to the "crack" of BYS cracking polishes. It looks so artsy and fun! I found I had to work very quickly with the polish as it dries VERY quickly and starts to shatter after a matter of seconds. I really like the tall handle of the bottle - it's very easy to use.

Close up:


How cool is the effect??!! The pics don't do it justice at all. It's best to wait at least 5mins before applying the top coat as it can drag your base colour. For best results, I applied one coat that wasn't too thick or too thin. I applied it a little thin on my ring finger and the effect wasn't as pronounced. The other fingers came out a lot better with a slightly thicker coat. I then applied a coat of Color Club Vivid Intensifying topcoat to protect it. It lasted a good 3 days with no chips or tipwear!


I'm so lucky you discovered these Isadora polishes Christina!! =D Thank you for sending one my way.

Do you like the crack/shatter nail polish trend? Will you purchase any of these polishes for example from the new China Glaze and OPI ranges that contain these?

Thanks for looking as always!


  1. haai,
    like your blog the name is so awesome,
    wow where did you buy this nailpolish
    I LOVE CRACKLE but haven't found it yet,
    I'm have been looking everywhere but in holland they don't sell them yet,
    so hope I will find them soon,!! :)
    btw love this post is amazing,

    xoxo joelle

  2. I wuld love 2 have one of them :D amazing colour :D

  3. Very beautiful nails!
    I love this nail polish!

  4. Does OPI have a crack polish?? Are they releasing one?? Telllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it's a fantastic, different look.

  5. That is such a pretty color! You're so lucky to have gotten your hands on a bottle of that! :) I definitely love the cracked polish look! I also saw that OPI come out with their own, but didn't know that China glaze came out with some too!

    I will definitely try it though!

  6. That looks great, I wasn't overly impressed with the BYS cracking one, its seemed to crack off my nails, even with a few top coats :(
    Quick question... I want to get myself a holo nail polish, like a fully proper holo, not a crappy glitter one... what do you recommend that is easy to buy here in Aus?
    Ang xxx

  7. hey pretty :) the coral-colored cracked nails look fun!

  8. it looks awesome! a pink crackle <3 too bad I can't find any in my country :/

  9. @나니: Glad you like it! I think it looks really cool hehe.

    @Joelle: Thank you for your kind words Joelle and for stopping by and commenting =) My boyfriend actually came up with the name of my blog, can you believe it??
    I was given this polish my one of my dear friends so unfortunately I'm not sure where you can purchase it as it's not available in Australia either.

    OPI has a Black Shatter polish that is party of the new Katy Perry and Glam Slam collections. China Glaze will also be releasing a crackle collection later too so hopefully you'll be able to find some!

  10. @SuGaR: It's such an amazing product! I would love more colours myself =)

    @Rosalina: I love this polish too! Thank you for your sweet compliment!

  11. @Camy: Thanks Camy!

    @Mez: LOL yep! The effect is just so cool. Let me know how you go finding them ;)

  12. @Alice: Things in pink just look so much better I think! The China Glaze crackle collection is coming out at the end of January with lots of cool colours =)

    @Ang: It sucks living in Aus as we don't get access to SO much stuff! For Aussie holos, the easiest to get hold of would be Glitter Gal - They do linear holos and you can buy directly from their site! The only downside is that the bottles are teeny tiny for the price. But they are fab!

    I would REALLY recommend however checking out the online etailers such as Transdesign and 8ty8beauty or eBay for holos from Color Club and China Glaze.

    I hope that helps Ang!

  13. @Jennifer: Crack polish is a LOT of fun!

    @RinaB: That is very disappointing to here. Hopefully some will be available to you soon!

  14. @mélia: Thank you mélia! Thanks for stopping by and commenting also =)

    @Anonymous: Thanks!


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