Essence Choose Me! NOTD and a tag

HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year and had loads of fun on NYE =) Essence Choose Me! has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I was so happy to receive it in my Xmas package from Christina! It's a dupe for the more expensive OPI Catch Me in Your Net and Zoya Charla which I didn't pick up last year.

Choose Me! is an awesome blue/teal polish with green and gold shimmer. It's a stunning colour and can look more blue or more green depending on the lighting. As with other Essence Colour & Go polishes, it applied smoothly and the brush was easy to use. Below is 2 coats without topcoat.

Choose Me!

Close up:


I then added some dazzlings from the Essence wheel I received from Christina in our last swap and also some blue and silver rhinestones.


It's a gorgeous polish but I had some issues with removal - it stained my fingers blue!! Did anyone else have this issue? I was in flap about it and soaking my fingers in acetone didn't work and neither did soap. In between laughing at me, my sister suggested I try toothpaste and thankfully it worked a treat. I used a pea sized amount of toothpaste and scrubbed my fingers for a good couple of minutes and my fingers returned to normal colouring. Thanks to my sis for this great solution!

Christina also tagged me so I thought it would be appropriate to do it in this post since she sent me this lovely polish =) Some random facts about me:

*7 things I have to do before I die:
- get married
- travel
- own my own home
- have a family
- try as many different foods as possible
- own a yellow or green Volkswagen Beetle
- climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

*7 things I say all the time:
- WTF?
- Seriously?
- Ooooooh!
- OMG!
- Ahhh that's too bad
Can't think of anything else at the moment!

*7 things I am good at:
- time management
- helping others
- organising
- multitasking
- problem solving
- snacking(haha)
- picking up a plot halfway through a movie or tv show

*7 flaws:
- quick to anger
- moody
- unable to cook
- stubborn
- I take things too seriously
- inflexible
- very antisocial (at times)
- indecisive

*7 qualities:
- compassionate
- attentive to detail
- generous
- punctual
- determined
- dependable
- sensitive

Instead of choosing 7 people to tag, I tag EVERYONE! Let me know if you do the tag too so I can have a read =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. That is GORGEOUS!! I may have to snatch that one up. Is it still available at Ulta (or wherever Essence polishes are sold)? I seriously love Essence polishes.

  2. Teehee! Done the tag. ;) And you made Essence Choose Me go on to my wishlist!

  3. Happy New Year!
    I love that nail polish colour u have there! I think both of us have the same flaw of being quick to anger, but yet cuz we both are quick to anger, we might have the same positivity as to being more caring and considerate to people

  4. Looks great on your nails, I actually didnt liked this polish because I had visible nail line after 4 coats so I gave up on it. :(
    Happy new year,btw :)

  5. happy new year to you michelle :) hope you've had a wonderful Xmas! how's work going <?

  6. I have this nail polish too but I haven't tried it yet. Gladly I read this blogpost on Gilded Nails and the blogmistress said that this polish stains our nails :( I'll use it with a base coat (I usually don't use base coat). By the way, that tip of the toothpaste looks cool. The blog Aurora's Nails is having posts about tips, why don't you stop by and leave yours? I think there is a lot of problems with stained nails (by nail polishes) and everyone don't know what to do to take it out! ;)

  7. I love Choose me!!! <3

    Happy New Year! *kiss*

  8. OMG!
    your nails are amaziing!

  9. Happy new year !
    I love this color, it's really stunning. I didn't have that staining issue, I used Catrice base coat. But I couldn't take pics, it appears quite opaque in real life but all my pics showed the VNL ><

  10. SUCH a gorgeous shade! This and all the dupes were everywhere for awhile but I'm still not tired of seeing its beauty. I need to pick one up one, probably of the Zoya because I have a thing for their bottles.

  11. BEAUTIFUL color! I love the little added details, so cute!

  12. This polish is a little wonder, and those decorations you added are so cute! :)

  13. @Laynie: You need to get this polish! Unfortunately I can't help you with that as I live in Sydney =( Maybe one of the US ladies can help you?

    @meipinggg: Thanks for doing the tag!

    @Anita: Thanks Anita! =)

  14. @Ronnie: Happy New Year to you too Ronnie! I totally agree with what you say. We get angry quickly because we're passionate in our beliefs and things we care about!

    @Blanka: Oh that's disappointing to hear. I must have lucked out with only having to do 2 coats. 4 coats is always a pain!! Happy New Year to you too!

    @Jennifer: Thanks Jennifer! Work is being a pain as usual =p

  15. @Akuma Kanji: Thank you for the links! Choose Me actually didn't stain my nails but the skin on my fingers =S My fingertips were all BLUE! I almost always use a basecoat so it didn't stain my nails luckily. To prevent staining for reds and greens, I sometimes use a coat of a nude polish 1st and then the colour =)

    @Tassa: I can see why you love it, it's soooo gorgeous. Happy New Year too!

    @glamit: Thank you for your compliment!

  16. @Gwenn: Happy New Year too Gwenn! Hope it's been a good start to the year =) My nails were ok but my fingers got turned blue when I removed it. I must have lucked out that I didn't get VNL!

    @Danielle: I'm a big fan of Zoya bottles too. I love the shape of them!

    @Jennifer Leigh: I'm glad you like it Jennifer! I can never resist doing nail art these days hehe. If I don't do nail art I feel like my mani is incomplete x)

    @Lolaa: It's such a wonderful colour. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lolaa!

  17. It looks fabulous!!! Such a shame about the staining issue :( I always use basecoat so I seldom have such issues. Thank goodness the toothpaste worked!

    Thanks for doing the tag too ^_^
    I enjoyed reading your answers. Come by here too as part of your travels ;)

  18. Woo, I have this as well :D
    Innit gorgeous? It looks stunning on you ^^
    Ah, I didn't have a problem with removal :O

  19. @Christina: I nearly died because I was going shopping soon after I removed it!! I was very lucky it worked.

    Oh I definitely will stop by Greece don't worry! Even just for a quick stopover to meet you and hubby =D

    @Annkiins: Oh yay! It's a gorgeous polish I totally agree.

    @Akuma Kanji: No problems at all! I learnt the trick from another blog hehe.

  20. Just to tell you that Choose me stained both my nails and fingertips but I used the toothpaste and it came out from both :D Thanks a bunch! By the way, can I use the tip of the toothpaste on my blog? Credits given to you, of cours.

  21. @Akuma Kanji: I'm so glad it worked for you!! YAY to no stained fingers =D Of course you can use the tip! It's not an original idea per se as others suggest it too but for Choose Me I know it works ;)

  22. This one is looking so good on your nails! I had the same problem with this polish, it stained my nails too :(..


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