Christmas pressies, Boxing Day mini haul and Charlie & Co. burgers

Hello ladies! For those of you celebrating Christmas, how was your day? I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed being in the company of family and friends. I had a very quiet Christmas Day. Since it's Summer here we have a cold lunch of seafood, salad, cold meats and dessert of pavlova (except I totally forgot this year so we didn't have it BOO) and then I usually visit the boy's family for dinner. This year however most of his family is overseas so we didn't do too much. I received some wonderful gifts from the boy and my family. We don't usually do big gifts as that's saved for birthdays and anniversaries ;) I also received 3 wonderful swap packages on Christmas Eve which I'll post about later!


My parents gave me a Country Road voucher as the tote bag I had my eye on was out of stock so this way I have a year to choose a style I like yay. You'll notice an I.O.U from my mum for a bottle of nail polish LOL. She rocks! My sister's present isn't pictured because it's being shipped to me from JB Hifi - Criminal Minds Season 4! Woot. The boy was very naughty and gave me the newest Maroon 5 album as well as the Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art edition EdP!

Daisy is one of my favourite perfumes and how cool is this red and black bottle! It came in a really cute clear bag and had a small sample bottle of Vera Wang perfume too.


The boy and I went to check out the Boxing Day sales early in the city as he wanted to purchase a few things. So many people! I only picked up 2 things as I bought too much stuff in HK and I also didn't find the savings to be that much. I guess I expect dirt cheap prices haha. I did pick up a pair of black Miss Shop heels for half price which was nice. I wasn't even in the market for these as I need a pair of nude heels but these looked great on and I do need to replace my pair of black dress heels so it was perfect timing!


I also got these cute pair of bow studs from Sportsgirl with an extra 30% off. I have a thing for bows =p


I've been wanting to go to the much hyped about Charlie & Co. burgers at Westfield Sydney and finally got the chance to try it out for lunch. I got the Wagyu & Co. burger - which comes with beetroot relish, pickled gherkin and aged cheddar on a sesame bun:


Also the parmesan and truffle fries:


I was underwhelmed by the food. Maybe I chose the wrong burger but it definitely didn't live up to the hype or the price for me. In all honesty my local seafood shop does MUCH tastier burgers! The bun wasn't soft and the patty wasn't very flavoursome. The pickled gherkin and beetroot relish just didn't really blend together well for me either. The parmesan and truffle chips were delicious but not worth the $8 price tag. Rather disappointing as I was really looking forward to it.

What did you do on Christmas Day? Did you check out the sales too? What did you buy?


  1. Aw wow you got such lovely gifts this Christmas! That Marc Jacobs perfume edition looks great, love the red and black :) Nice how you got those Miss Shop black heels for half price, they are so cute! I also have a thing for bows, hehe <3

  2. Wowww! That Daisy bottle looks so snazzy :) Lucky you!! Merry belated xmas, and have a happy new year!!

  3. awwn great Christmas gifts!!! merry Chritsmas!!

  4. What a gorgeous lot of Christmas presents, I love the Marc Jacobs perfume bottle. Merry Christmas chicken!!!!

  5. Such pretty gifts!!! And those shoes are gorg!!
    Hope you had a wonderful christmas lovely :)

  6. Wah I love Daisy!! The pop art bottle is seriously so cute XD
    Your pair of Miss Shop heels are gorgeous and I'm glad you didn't over indulge on the sales hhahaha!! I went to check out the sales today briefly but nothing really caught my eye.

    I'm not much of a burger girl myself which was why I probably wasn't too excited by Charlie & Co too. But I would still love to go there again and try other things on their menus like the hotdog XD

  7. @Jennifer: I was very spoiled! I actually didn't even know this edition had come out =p I have all the perfumes I need so it was a lovely surprise. You just can't go wrong with black heels and bows!

    @Steph: Thank you Steph! Hope you had a great Christmas and have some fab New Years plans lined up =D The bottle looks so cool on my dresser lol.

    @Oreleona: Merry Christmas to you too hun!

    @Gaby: The are even prettier when work!

  8. @Mez: Merry Christmas to you too hun! Hope you had a good one =) The perfume is now sitting proudly on my dresser hehe.

    @Sarah: I was very spoiled, I guess I've been good this year lol. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too Sarah!

    @Donna: I love my original Daisy bottle but the pop art edition is just in a class of it's own!
    LOL I'm glad I didn't over indulge at the sales either! To be honest I was very unimpressed with the sales. I expect HUGE savings! Not just 30-40% like during the year.

    I love burgers myself but Charlie & Co just didn't live up to my expectation. I wouldn't mind trying out the hotdog either! A lady sitting across from me had it and it looked alright.


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