My October and early November hauls

This post is a little late but better late than never I say! I did quite a bit of hauling as the exchange rate is just too awesome not to take advantage of at the moment. I consider it saving money in the long run by buying now because I'll purchase them anyway so I may as well do it now!


I did a small haul from Transdesign in early October and a bigger haul from 8ty8beauty towards the end of October. It was my 1st time ordering from both and customer service was mixed but in the end my polishes arrived in good condition which is the main thing!

From L-R: China Glaze Party Hearty set, Frosty and Merry Mint set

As soon I saw the 1st pics of the China Glaze 2010 Holiday collection I knew I had to add some to my collection. I wanted every polish but I'm trying to limit myself on the polishes I get so I just picked up the ones I most wanted. I also picked up the Fight like a Woman collection too which I featured in my pinktacular mani here.


My 1st Misa polish Dirty, Sexy, Money and China Glaze Millenium. Two polishes I have been wanting for AGES!

From L-R: Color Club polishes in Fashion Addict, Revvvolution and Wild at Heart

I've been lemming these for ages too and finally have them in my hot little hands! Color Club polishes ROCK.

From L-R: OPI Glitzerland and Diva of Geneva

I wanted a lot more from the Swiss collection but I limited myself to the ones I really wanted and to the colours I didn't have many of in my collection.

From L-R: OPI Extra-va-vaganza, Bring on the Bling, Show it and Glow it!, Sparkle-icious and Shimmer & Shimmer

I'm not sure I'll watch the movie but the polishes from the OPI Burlesque collection just looked divine. I looooove glitter and the swatches I saw of these looked amazing. Of course I couldn't resist and ended up with 5 from the collection. It would have been more but my self control won!


I also managed to purchase a GHD IV hair straightener from Catch Of The Day for an absolute steal! For international ladies, Catch Of The Day is an Aussie site that has a great deal every day available only for 24hrs. Every so often they do Catchathons where they do amazing deals on PS3s, PSPs, iPod touches etc. which are released every hour. Basically for these days you have to be waiting there on the hour every hour to see what is released and then snap it up right away. The site often crashes on these days due to the number of people trying to get a bargain. My sister - who mind you was supposed to be studying for exams - spent practically the whole day waiting around for the straightener to be released and managed to score one for me! I saved more than $80 so I am very happy indeed =D

What have you hauled recently? Thanks for looking!


  1. wow, score!! catch of the day is the best isn't it haha

  2. That gold OPI polish is gorgeous!! Does it stay metallic and shiny like in the bottle?? I didn't see it at David Jones the other day :( Now I wantwantwaaaaaaaaaaant!!!

  3. hey! everything looks great! :) the new china glaze collection is simply awesome ♥

    It would be so nice if you could tell me what 8ty8beauty's shipping costs are since they are only applied after buying (I'd like to know in advance and I've heard their email responses are VERY bad)

  4. Wow...!!! You're really addicted to nail- stuff!! :)) wahahha love everything though!!! <3

    Much love,
    enchi :3

  5. amazing stuff!!I have to wait till my brother comes home from his trip to USA cause he`d bring me some CG and OPI as well...but ooeehhh I wanna order at TD again!!

  6. Nice haul 'chelle! Love the nail polish colors! :)


  7. lovely hauls!!! I like that China Glaze Millenium!!! *tries not to get tempted too much by this post*

  8. hey chelle! :) the colors you got are really awesome! :)

  9. What a very nice color and very nice haul

  10. Wow what a haul! I love Burlesque glitters, they're just stunning! And also ChG Fight like a woman collection is just beautiful! <3

  11. Well poop, I got you Party Hearty for our swap, do you want a backup bottle or something else?

  12. Whoa awesome TD and 8ty8 haul chelle!! I received my TD purchases too and have change my nails three times over the last week hahaha!! I wore OPI Sparkle-licious and got compliments from friends and strangers XD Cannot wait to try out the rest of the glitters in the Burlesque collection!!

    Also my Glitter Gal polishes finally arrived too :):) Cannot wait to try those holos too :) Thanks so much for your help with those Chelle!!

  13. the middle polish in the party hearty set is so pretty!

  14. Nice sparkly polish haul! Well done on the GHD's as well - can't believe you got one off that website!! I have a GHD but can not figure out how to curl my hair with it....I know there's a technique to it, but I just fail every time - sigh. Have fun playing around with it!

  15. I actually managed to turn down the Holiday collections last time I was in the beauty supply near me.. but now I am kicking myself for it. The one I am truly dreaming about is the China Glaze, with the holiday glittery polish in the center.
    Now that I have visions of glittery holiday nails on Christmas morning I can't deprive myself of the pleasure.

  16. Great Haul! "Diva of Geneva" is so rich on the nails, so pretty! :)

  17. @ohmerde!: It's an awesome site! I've bought so much stuff from there =p

    @Mez: Glitzerland is very pretty and shiny! Glad you bought it yourself, hope it arrives soon hun!

    @Toesthattwinkle!: Thanks! I've done waaay too much hauling lately.

  18. @Beeyond: The holiday collection is just so awesome!

    Yeah it's a little annoying that you have to email them for prices. The customer service is mediocre, I'd suggest calling them to get a direct answer. Shipping costs as follows (from their email) for international shipping:

    Effective Jan 2010.

    Minimum shipping cost is $16.00 for up to 6 polishes – USPS Global Priority.

    Shipping cost is $32.00 if you order 7 to 12 polishes.
    NO tracking and NO insurance coverage for above.

    If you order up to 24 polishes – shipping cost is $50.00 – USPS Global Priority.

    If you order up to 50 polishes – shipping cost is $88.00 – USPS Express with tracking & insurance coverage.

    If you order up to 100 polishes – shipping costs is $150.00 – USPS Express with tracking & insurance coverage.

    I hope that helps you! Happy hauling =)

  19. @enchi: Oh it's definitely an addiction =p I need to go to nail polish anonymous or something haha.

    @Martje: Lucky you! I'm so envious of your hand delivered nail polish goodies! The latest collections from ChG and OPI are simply divine.

    @Mia: Thanks Mia!

  20. @Mae: Thanks Mae =)

    @jellytelly_ri-chan: Millenium is great for konading! I've wanted it for sooooo long. Hope I didn't tempt you too much ;)

    @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!: Glad you like the colours.

  21. @Dhini: Thanks Dhini!

    @Ivana: I decided to take advantage of the good exchange rate! As soon as I saw the swatches of the collections I had to get them =)

    @Freshie: Emailed you =)

  22. @Donna: Hey no worries at all! Glad I could enable you to purchase some lovely polishes =p Ahhhhh that's awesome! Nail mail is always so exciting even though you know what you're getting haha.

    I can't wait to try out Sparkle-icious!

    @Chocolatesuze: The party hearty glitter is the stand out of the collection. It is absolutely bee-you-tiful!

    @Danielle: thanks Danielle!

  23. @Melbournite: I couldn't believe my sister managed to get it! I was at work and she emailed me about it and I could hardly contain my excitement lol.

    Maybe watch some youtube vids to get an idea on how to curl with a straightener? I watched my hairdresser do it ages ago! It just takes lots of practice =)

    @Michelle Xo: I was going to get the sets from Transdesign but they sold out before I could get it and nearly cried! Luckily it was still available on 8ty8. DEFINITELY try get your hands on Party Hearty! You won't be sorry!

    @Jackie S: It looks like such a beautiful colour in the bottle and also from the swatches I've seen. Fingers crossed it suits me!


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