Hello from Hong Kong!

Greetings from HK ladies! Hope you're all well =) I wasn't expecting to be able to blog so soon but I've been kept inside most of the day because of my darned sickness. My nose is running like a tap and I'm coughing like mad so I played it safe today. I'm a terrible flyer (air sickness plus a mild fear of flying) so the 9hour flight didn't help make me feel any better. Lets just say I could not WAIT to land!

It's been wonderful seeing my family, even though I have to keep my distance so I don't infect them all haha. It's extra nice this year too because I came with my mum and sis too who haven't been to HK for 2 years AND the boy will be joining us later. Normally we go at different times - I go with the boy at the start of the year and mum and sis at the end of the year so it's nice to be all together even though it can be annoying too hehe. A year goes by so quickly in some ways yet so slowly in others. It's been a year since I last saw my beloved grandparents yet it felt like only yesterday I was having yumcha with them!

Even though I didn't go out today except to the local shopping centre for some snacks, I still have a mini haul to show you courtesy of my awesome aunty. My aunty is one of the best shoppers and she is always happy to hunt down limited edition stuff for me during the year. I only asked for 2 things and I got them today! Word of warning for posts while I'm in HK - my pics will be of substandard quality because I don't have proper lighting or photoshop for my pics.


As soon as I saw the press release for the Jill Stuart Sweet Bride Collection I was head over heels in love. I knew I HAD to get my hands on the Double Ring nail collection Diamond and Pearl - it is simply too beautiful for words! I really wanted the mirror too but it was completely sold out by the time my aunty got to the store which was only something like 5 hours after it was released! Insane I tell you.


My crappy pics don't do it justice - it is sooooo pretty! I am so happy to have this set =) It's so sweet and feminine and I can so see myself using these if/when I get married! The set includes 2 beautiful lacquers and 3D nail stickers contained in a ring pillow pouch. It's so nice I don't want to use it =p


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose - my 1st one yay! I think at the time this was released in Aus I had assessments so I didn't have a chance to check out Myer. Can't wait to try it out!


I normally go to HK during Chinese New Year but I didn't get to this year unfortunately. And it just happened to be my year too - Year of the Tiger!! Argh. I love everything about New Year in HK - the festivities, the food, the atmosphere and of course the red packets! One of the highlights is going to the Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park to browse and purchase the plushies and knick knacks. My cousin kindly bought these 2 cute tiger plushies for me early in the year!


My grandparents cooked dinner tonight and we had some of my favourite foods which included seafood, veges and quail eggs! I love it when my grandpa cooks =)


One of my uncles then stopped by with some yummy desserts. Sydney desperately needs an awesome dessert place - dessert places in HK are like no other! We have Meet Fresh but we need MORE! I couldn't have anything cold (darn being sick!) so I had glutinous rice balls with black sesame while my sis had strawberry shaved ice dessert with dragon fruit. Mmmmmmm!


Thanks for looking ladies!


  1. That last picture looks so cute :))))

  2. The shaved ice and dragon fruit dessert looks so good!

    The Jill Stuart Nail collection looks so pretty!

  3. So many goodies and yummy food!! I love the nail varnishes!! xX

  4. Glad you are having a wonderful time (despite being sick)

    Those nail polishes look beautiful and how cute are those bottles?

    come on over to

    i am hosting a giveaway ♥

  5. I love the nail varnishes and the bottles are so pretty X

  6. So jealous! I'm dying to go to Hong Kong, I haven't been there since Chinese New Yr '04 :*( I'd haul a crap load of beuaty products if I went! anyways, that Jill Stuart collection looks really pretty

  7. I'm definitely craving glutinous rice balls now! >< Hope you feel better soon, there's so much to do in HK that you can hardly afford to be sick, hehe.

  8. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick after the flight, but I'm sure the new goodies will help cure that! The Jill Stuart collection is so pretty and delicate and those desserts look amazing!

  9. god those jillstuart is so lovely!!!=)
    i did stopped by in HK when i was on the way back to Penang but i only have 6 hours there, and that's not enough time for me to go shop!!
    anyway, have fun there (i'm sure u will..=D)

  10. Yummm tong yoon! Enjoy your time in HK - I wish I got to go back as frequently as you! :) Looking forward to seeing your hauls from sasa etc.

  11. HOpe you are feeling better and having an awesome time. :) I forgot to send you polishes I'd want...I trust your judgement on brands I can't get ahold of and have a safe trip.

  12. AHHHH I'm going to HK at the end of the year, I can't wait, all your food pictures are making me so hungry! Man HK has the best food ever!

    Anyway get well soon, it sucks to be sick while travelling but it's definitely great to have a family get together! Have an awesome time there!

  13. Oh man so you are in HK! Looks like you are having a blast even though you are sick ^^

    I LOVE Jill Stuart! The packaging is so darn cute and pretty and you are super lucky you have shopaholic relatives to help you snag limited edition items haha!! I miss HK! I went there earlier in the year and on our way back to Australia we went over our luggage limit lol! But how can anyone not travel to HK and not do a whole heap of shopping?! I won't be going to HK again in awhile so am feeling envious of all your shopping experiences Chelle!! =PP hahaha~

    Oh and I completely agree that Sydney needs more dessert places!! While Meet Fresh is awesome, they definitely need more competition to dissolve those night time queues haha! Anyway have loads of fun in HK, get well soon and keep us posted on your shopping adventures =)

  14. @Just cake girl: Hehe it is isn't it?!! It's the pink with the dots!

    @Penelope: It is a very delicious dessert. I was envious when my sis was eating it and I couldn't!
    I think every Jill Stuart item is prety ;)

    @Rachel Marie: HK food is the best but I'm biased =p

    @PinkOrchids: I'm trying not to buy too much or eat too much but it's hard!

  15. @Bev: Thanks hun! I'm nearly all recovered now phew. The Jill Stuart packaging is just stunning - it's so feminine and delicate.

    @little rambling rose: I think they are the prettiest nail bottles on the market!

    @FashionableAsians: Oh that is such a shame! I didn't go for a long time too but the last few years I've gone back yearly.
    Hopefully you'll come back soon and haul lots of beauty stuff too!

    @Sharon: Thanks Sharon =) I agree - it's such a waste when you aren't doing stuff over here!

  16. @YoannitaL: Thanks hun!

    @Danielle: Thanks Danielle =) they definitely helped me feel better! Jill Stuart items are just so stunning. I wish I had more time and room in my stomach for everything haha.

    @yokeMun: They are aren't they? They are just so so pretty! Maybe next time you can stop over in HK for some shopping ;)

    @Fred: It was pretty delicious =p I only started going back so frequently since I started working fulltime, before that only every couple of years hehe.

  17. @Chris: Cheers Chris! I've got a few awesome Aussie lacquers I'm going to be sending your way too so I might concentrate more on those depending on what I find!

    @Cheryl: I'm sure you'll have a great time! I totally agree that HK has awesome food. I think I gain about 5kgs every time I come here haha.

    @Donna: I am SUPER lucky my aunty is willing to find things for me! Jill Stuart packaging is just too pretty for words - so delicate and girly = LOVE.

    LOL I totally agree! There is just way too much to buy and since it's all like half the price of back home you just can't help but buy everything in sight. Sorry to make you envious! =p


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