Ulta 3 Pink Supreme floral NOTD

It’s been requested I feature more Aussie polishes on my blog so I have for you today a floral manicure using a pretty pink polish from great Aussie brand Ulta 3. I actually have quite a few Aussie polishes and they are fantastic so I have no idea why I don’t use them more! I will try to use them more often so international ladies can see what we have on offer Down Under.


I used Ulta 3 Pink Supreme which is a frosty light pink polish with pink and gold shimmer through it. It's soooooo pretty!! It’s very work appropriate and is lovely and shimmery. It applied a little thick but it wasn't difficult to work with - it's probably best to do 3 coats for full coverage. Below is 2 coats with some VNL but I was planning to konad on top so I left it. Don't take any notice of the bald patch on my pinky!

Ulta 3 Pink Supreme

Close up:

I then kondaded floral full nail design from Konad plate m73 using China Glaze Passion. I then added a fimo clay flower on accent fingers and thumbs and topped it all off with a coat of Poshe topcoat. I hauled Poshe topcoat recently in my first order from Transdesign!


You can win your own bottle of Ulta 3 Pink Supreme in my Polished Pink for October giveaway here!

Thanks for looking =D


  1. this is so girly and fun! what a nice simple color

  2. i love the color. what kind of camera do you use for your photos? they're so clear. :D

  3. This color is so pretty! And I love the konad and the fimo as well, it really goes with the color. :D

  4. Such a pretty colour! I love the cute fimo slices you added. They look so pretty along with the konading :D

  5. This looks really nice, it's subtle n yet quite elegant in the pattern! I also have linked this entry into my facebook page too!

  6. Thats so pretty & cute~
    I heard of this brand before, looks lovely with the Konad :3

  7. this is so cute! the fimos really brightens it up.

  8. Hey this color looks sooo pretty!!! Love it...Great blog honey. Try checking out mine.

  9. @toesthattwinkle!: This is a must have pink! It's girly without being over the top I think =)

    @Msodapop: Glad you like it! I'm flattered you like my pictures considering my camera is a few years old and is just a point and shoot =) I use a Canon Ixus 70. I love Canon cameras!

    @Nikki: Thanks Nikki! Stamping and fimo just go so well together hehe.

  10. @Christina: It's a wonderful pink polish! I don't have any other like it so I'm happy it's in my collection =) So glad you like it!

    @Ronnie: Thank you for your sweet comment Ronnie =) I was aiming for an elegant mani!

    @AnnKiins: Ulta 3 is a great Aussie brand so you've probably seen it on Aussie blogs. They have some great polishes for a cheap price!

  11. @Enamel Girl: Thanks hun! I love how adding fimo can just make a mani just that more special =)

    @Minolah: I'm so happy you like it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    @Rakhshanda: Thank you for your kind words =)

  12. This colour actually looks surprisingly "pink" in your swatch =))
    I've seen it floating around in the Ulta3 bins, picked it up then placed it back thinking it looked to similar to "other" pinks. I've picked up quite a few Ulta3 pinks but they weren't very exciting (more on the sheer pinks side) so I've set them aside for work/professional days lol. Might go swimming for it tonight - thursday night shopping yay!!! =D

    Thanks for doing this aussie polish post Chelle ^^

  13. love the pink supreme, reminds me on my candyfloss haha!
    the gold konad is great, have you thought about a violet konad? I'm not sure but I kind of see it fit on the polish.

    Also love all the ulta polishes from you <3
    aussie brands rule :D

  14. @Donna: I totally agree that the Ulta 3 pinks aren't very exciting but Pink Supreme caught my eye with the gold shimmer. I'm glad I got it! It's perfect for days when you have to be a bit be more conservative.

    I actually picked up a bright pink called "party shoes" from their new range and it looks very promising. Great for summer!

    Yay for Ulta 3 bin swimming! Especially on Thursday night =) Hope you find it!

    @Monika: Oh yeah it does look like the Nivea candyfloss you featured!! Oooh great idea with the violet konad. Must try it next time I wear it =)

    Lol I'm so glad you like the Ulta 3 polishes! We must do another swap next year and I will send you their new ones =D

  15. can't wait to see it !


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