Swap with Jess from polish insomniac

I completed another awesome swap this week! Swapping is so much fun – I love meeting fellow polish lovers and the process of shopping and choosing polishes is very enjoyable =) This time I swapped with the lovely Jess from polish insomniac. She answered my call for swap buddies a few months back but I couldn’t swap til a few weeks ago. She managed to cross a few things off my wishlist which I am SO grateful for! Here are the goodies she sent my way:


The colours are just so pretty and include some brands I haven't tried before!


From L – R:
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Hidden Treasure, Lagoon, Kook-A-Mango and Thinking of Blue. HIDDEN TREASURE!!! Need I say more? *dance* Lagoon is so so pretty, it reminds me of Gosh Ocean actually. I've very much wanted to try the Complete Manicure range however the prices down under are just ridiculous.


From L – R:
Wet n Wild Lust, Saved By The Blue and Orly Lollipop. My 1st Wet n Wild polishes and an Orly polish crossed off my wishlist - thanks Jess!


From L - R:
Jordana Mint Candy, Sinful Colors Mint Apple and China Glaze Metallic Muse. Some wonderful greens that I'm so excited to add to my collection! I've had Metallic Muse on my wishlist for aaaages now for konading so yay!

As soon as my exam is over next week I am going to have to polish my nails daily or at least 2nd daily! I have so many gorgeous polishes to try it's not funny. Thank you for these wonderful polishes Jess!

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  1. awesome swap :D The color's look so great
    And the Sally Hansen polishes.. wow :)

    Can't wait for the swatches :D

  2. Uwaaaaa that's an amazing swap dear! And hidden treasure uahsdfushudfudsf. Can't wait to see your manicures with these beauties :D

  3. i am glad i was able to send you stuff you liked! you definitely did the same for me, and I have the day off so i will be working on my swap pics!
    i forgot to tell you, the jordana is supposed to be a "perfect" dupe for Chanel Jade!

  4. Asdhfdjhsgasfjl I am SO jealous that you got Hidden Treasure! Lots of great polishes in here; I really like the look of Mint Candy and Lagoon.

  5. I can't find Hidden Treasure anywhere here! Sooo Lucky! Ahah so that China Glaze Metallic Muse can be used to stamp. Wishlist!

  6. Love the 2nd in the second photo - I'll have to find that here :)

  7. swaps are so fun! you'll really LOVE Hidden Treasure :D

    oh, and i tagged you for an award in my most recent post :)

  8. @Monika: I agree the colours Jess chose are great! The Sally Hansen bottles are so stylish =)

    @Christina: It was a lovely swap. I just go gaga over flakies!! I still haven't tried out the ones you gave me yet. I want to use them but then I don't because they are so special!

    @Jess: I absolutely love the polishes Jess! I can't thank you enough =D Can't wait to see your pics using the Aussie polishes!

    Oh that's awesome about the Jordana! I thought it was a beautiful green and now it's even better hehe.

    @Danielle: Awww sorry to make you jealous hun! I still can't believe I have my own bottle =p I used Mint Candy in my latest mani and it's gorgeous!

  9. @JQ: I didn't have any chance of owning Hidden Treasure but thanks to lovely Jess I now have my own bottle. I am indeed VERY very lucky! The whole Khrome collection from China Glaze is great for konading so put them on your wishlist!

    @tasha~: It was awesome loot yep!

    @Nadine2point0: It's a gorgeous colour. Definitely get it if you can!

    @Katrina: They are loads of fun I agree! And I don't have to feel guilty for buying polish either hehe.
    Thank you so much for the award Katrina! =D


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