Rose manicure

My rose manicure today is inspired by this gorgeous rose mani by Christina. As soon as I saw the mani she did for her friend I knew I would have to try it for myself! Roses are one of my favourite flowers (orchids are my favourite) and in combination with the glitter and red is just so so pretty.


I decided to use Korres Watermelon which Christina sent me in our latest swap. I’ve never tried Korres polishes so I was very excited when Christina told me she was sending me some my way. We can purchase some Korres products Down Under but they are pretty exxy (what isn’t beauty wise??) and I’ve never seen the polishes before online or in store.

Watermelon is a watermelon red crème. It is a beautiful pinkish red polish and I love it =) It is super pigmented and only 1 coat is needed for complete opacity!! The brush was very easy to use too – a little short but not difficult at all to handle. It applied very smoothly and I would have had no cleanup at all except I painted 2 fingers wonky. It dried very quickly and to a glossy finish. I love the shape of these bottles too! It was hard to capture the proper colour of Watermelon - it’s a little darker in real life than what’s pictured below.


As I don’t have the wonderful 3D rose stickers Christina used for her mani, I substituted by konading roses from Konad plate m13 using Konad Special polish in white on accent and middle fingers. I then used China Glaze Fairy Dust to add a diagonal strip of glitter on accent and middle fingers above the roses and painted remaining fingers with Fairy Dust. Topped it all off with a coat of Poshe Fast drying topcoat! Looking back I wish I had used a more dense glitter (like the Kate glitter Christina sent me!) but oh well.


Hope you like it! Enter my Polished Pink for October Giveaway here.


  1. I'm in love, the colors, roses and glitter mesh fantastic together!!

  2. its a lovely red and the rose just fits in nicely... this is pretty!!! :) I'm learning how to use Konad plates.... :( still yet to master the part of scraping off the nail polish *sob sob*

  3. Thats a gorgeous mani ^^
    I love orchids and cherry blossoms *-*
    Roses are puurtay as well though >o<

  4. Well obviously I'm going to need that stamping plate. :-D

  5. So stunning combination!! :) Love it! And watermelon looks so like watermelon, I would love to eat some now! :(

  6. beautiful chelle! you're very creative with your designs!

  7. Ooooh so pretty ^_____^
    The roses look fabulous <3

  8. That colour is delicious! I'm not usually that keen on pinks but there's something about this shade that I really love. The glitter topcoat and Konading suit so well.

  9. Hi! I tagged you :-)

    Btw I love your nailart :)

  10. Such a pretty mani and I am in love with that Watermelon red! Roses are one of my favorite flowers as well! And the sparkle really finishes it off!

  11. ah sorry it's been soo long 〜〜

    Love the combination of the light glitter with the red.

    Beautiful Nails as always chelle! <3

  12. so prettyyy!
    When will the giveaway winner be announced?

  13. @Enamel girl: Thanks hun!

    @Freshie: I'm glad you like it! Red and glitter are always a great combo in my book.

    @jellytelly_ri-chan: Thankyou! Awww konading just takes lots of practice. I was a total noob when I started and I still have lots of fails! It's tricky getting the right pressure to scrape the polish off.

  14. @Annkiins: Thanks hun! Ooooh yes cherry blossoms are so very pretty and I'd love to see some for myself one day. I love the smell of roses the most!

    @Asami: LOL sorry to create the lemming for you! You know you create soooo many for me ;)

    @Hanna: Thank you for your sweet comment Hanna =)

  15. @Ivana: Thanks Ivana! I felt like watermelon too when I was wearing the mani =p I think it's so funny when a polish reminds me of food and it's all I think about eating!

    @ipehishere: Thanks hun!

    @Tara: I've had a lack of inspiration with my manis lately unfortunately so haven't been able to come up with creative manis myself. But thanks to Christina for this gorgeous design!

  16. @Cel: I don't think mine is anywhere near as pretty as the mani you did. The darker red you used was so pretty!

    @Danielle: It really does remind you of watermelong and makes you want to nom nom on your fingers! Yeah I know a lot of people don't like reds or pinks but I'm a sucker for them =p

    @Dashulka: Thank you for tagging me!

  17. @JQ: Thank you for your sweet comment JQ! Roses are just divine - I love the smell of them and they make such pretty manis too =)

    @Monika: Hi!! Yes it has been a long time so welcome back! Awww thank you for your kind comments as always =) You flatter me!

    @Audrey: The giveaway winner will be announced after the giveaway finishes. The giveaway finishes on October 30th 2010 so some time after this date.

  18. lush colour =D check out my blog & follow me =) xx


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