Hema One Coat longlasting polish in 205 NOTD

I have a super quick NOTD for you today using Hema One Coat longlasting in 205 in keeping with the pink theme for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I got this pretty pink polish in my swap with Inge from PolishSis.

205 is a beautiful bright pink with gold shimmer through it. This pink reminds of China Glaze Strawberry Fields but with gold shimmer instead of glass flecks through it. The bottle says 205 is one coat and it actually is! OMG! It applied like butter and I needed no cleanup - it can't get any better than this when I'm so time poor at the moment! I think Hema polishes are fantastic and this one was no exception. I'm still so happy to have received these for my collection =) How I would love some more of these beautiful good quality polishes!

Below is one coat without topcoat and as you can see it dried very glossy. Please excuse my dry hands and cuticles - moving a million and one boxes really dries out your hands!

Hema 205

Close up of the gorgeous shimmer:

I'm have no idea why when photographed it seems like I have VNL and tip wear but I can asssure you in real life this is definitely not the case - one coat is enough for opacity and i just applied the polish so I couldn't have tipwear! I then added a nail sticker which I received in one of my swaps on my accent finger. Colour wise my pics will be a little off at the moment as I'm working with lighting in my new room so please bear with me =)


Thanks for looking! Enter my Polished Pink for October giveaway here!


  1. Awwh. Thats an adorable color.
    Yay for pinks. The gems puurtay as well :D

  2. Cute! I think that the nail sticker brings it to an upper level!

  3. @Annkiins: It's a gorgeous bright pink! I love the shimmer through it the most hehe.

    @Biba: Thank you Biba!

    @Alice: Thanks Alice! I love how adding something as simple as a nail sticker can just make a mani that much more special and interesting =D

  4. Lovely color
    I have one from Hema :D

  5. I apparently skipped that one at the stores but I'm surprised by how beautiful it looks!

  6. @Dhini: Hema is such a great brand! You are so lucky to have it in the Netherlands!

    @Thifa: Yes it's lovely on the nail! Don't skip it next time you see it ;)

  7. Nice pink reminds me of strawberry fields too.
    Next time I will search for it at HEMA, I didn't notice this nail polish ^^


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