Glitter Gal 3D holographic Ballerina NOTD

This will only be a short post as I am officially moving back to my new (old) house in 2 days and there is so much to do! I managed to finish my paper earlier today and now my time is devoted to packing up my room and helping the parentals finish the rest of the house. My room currently looks like a tornado hit it!

I will be featuring a lot of pink polishes this month in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have Glitter Gal 3D holographic polish in Ballerina for you today that I showed you in my previous September hauls post.

Glitter Gal is an Aussie company that are well known for their holo polishes. Ballerina is a baby pink holo from their 3D holographic collection. It's a cute pink but I had some difficulty with application. Maybe because I used base coat..? Or possibly because baby pink polishes always give me problems even though they're my favourite! I got a few bald spots so I used 3 coats which is shown below with a coat of Seche Vite as the colour dried unevenly.


Unfortunately the holo is very very subtle which I was a quite disappointed about. I like my holo polishes to be BAM! in your face, especially in the sun. Alas the holo in Ballerina is more visible in the bottle than on the actual nail. In the weak sunlight yesterday when I was at work I could barely see any holo effect at all.


The brush is tiny as the bottles are teeny tiny (9mls only) and it isn't the best to use. You can see in the pic below that my rude finger isn't very neat at all but I couldn't be bothered to clean it up very well.


Ballerina would be great if you're after a subtle, work appropriate holo polish. My Nurse Manager however allows me to wear any old colour I like so it's not necessary for me! I've swatched the other 2 I purchased - Purple and Not Another Red - on a nail wheel and they look more promising holo wise. You can purchase Glitter Gal polishes from their website and they do send internationally!

I won't be able to post for the next few days but I'll be back later next week with some skincare reviews and nail posts! Thanks for looking as always and don't forget to enter my Polished Pink for October giveaway here!


  1. Well, you can always add some clear-based holo dense topcoat/polish like OPI Standing Room Only (I don't own one but I guess I got the idea)
    BAM'ging pink holo would be coooool!

  2. What a gorgeous and cute pink :)

  3. Perfect with your skin tone! Really really nice! :)

  4. This colour is soo PRETTY!! =D
    Chelle, know of any shops in Sydney that stock Glitter Gal? or can I only purchase online?
    Never heard of this brand before but would so love to try holo polish!! :):)

  5. The color is cute~
    Same, I like my holographics to be BAM! as well.

    God bless those who have past on from Breast Cancer and those who are still fighting.

  6. This is by far my favorite. I am going to hunt for it. Thanks for the review!

  7. I'm not a big fan of pinks but this is a great looking color on you. I like the subtleness of it.

  8. i like the subtle holo. very work appropriate!

  9. Wow, that's gorgeous!
    It's already on my wishlist!!

  10. Really cute! Very discreet holo effect. I like it :)

  11. Wow this is really pretty. Love the effect!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. This one is really beautiful, so soft and also a little holo. :)

  13. I still like that colour. And hey! You're moving back! Mel wasn't sure when they'd get to move back. And I know I'm not supposed to be on right now, I'm supposed to be studying my ass off. That also kinda sucks that you guys are moving back especially in the middle of study.

  14. The colour is so pretty! (that's actually quite huge coming from a person who doesn't own any subtle/work appropriate shades of polish - lol) Good luck with all the packing/unpacking - u must be so excited about moving back into a newly renovated house and being back 'home'!

  15. This nailpolish is sooo beautiful! Love it!

  16. @Daria: I don't own one either but lovely idea! I was hoping the polish on it's own would be BAMing but oh well!

    @Shiny!: It's a very girly pink which makes up for the lack of holo I think hehe.

    @mia.e: Thank you for your kind comment! I thought it was a little light for my skin tone but your sweet comment makes me feel better about wearing it again =)

    @Donna: I just emailed you Donna!

  17. AnnKiins: Glad I'm not the only one who likes my holos in your face! Breast cancer is a huge battle for the women suffering from it and also their families. Here's hoping that by raising awareness people will donate to fund more research and eventually a cure will be found.

    @PetiteLittleGirl: Definitely try and purchase it! It is a cute pink!

    @Chris: Thanks Chris! Since it's Spring though at the moment(doesn't feel like it though!) I want to rock brighter manis so I think I'll be wearing this again later =)

    @Enamel Girl: I'm glad you like it! I'll be wearing this to meetings definitely.

  18. @Sarah B: Thanks hun! I hope you get to cross it off your wishlist soon!

    @Thifa and The Little Dust Princess: I'm so glad you like it ladies! =)

    @Ivana: Thanks Ivana!

    @Joan: Yeah it totally sucks! I'm lucky I just handed in my assignment the day before we moved but the sis is not so lucky =( Study hard Joan and stop reading blogs until exams are over!!

  19. @misskitty: Thanks misskitty! I'm so glad the moving part is over now it's unpacking everything >.<
    Yeah I love baby pinks but since getting into nail polish I've been really into brights so I know what you mean!

    @Oreleona and sanmec: Glad you like it ladies!

    @Dhini: I agree =)

  20. I love how you called it your "rude finger" - I do that too! I wonder if it's an Australian thing though. Hehehe very funny :)


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